Norton Commando 850 MK 3 1975 Electric Start For Sale

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AU $35.000.00
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Four-speed manual
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Electric start
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Private seller

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Description Norton Commando 850 MK 3 1975 Electric Start

A rare opportunity exists for a serious collector to add a highly desirable machine to their collection, secure in the knowledge that no other collection in the world can ever have another one exactly the same. I do not mean look the same, I mean with the same significant place in motorcycling history.
Alternatively, an enthusiast could ride and show this wonderful motorcycle, as the condition throughout is superb, and the motorcycle runs and rides as well as it presents.
This fully restored Norton Commando 850 MK 3 is a Cover featured motorcycle,  has excellent provenance, and is truly a "one of one" as a result of the unique history associated with it.
Clymer publications, as many know, print repair manuals for many marques and models, including for Norton Commandos. The editor at the time of printing of the Norton Commando manual, Eric Jorgensen, supplied his own personal MK 3 JPS to be featured on the cover of the relevant edition that included the MK 3 model. He christened the motorcycle the "Clymer Cover Girl". Subsequently, Mr Jorgensen offered  his pride and joy for sale, and it was sold to a local enthusiast. The advertisement was entitled "Clymer Cover Girl", and a copy of that advert will accompany the motorcycle upon sale. The DMV document showing ownership in the name of Eric Jorgensen, and detailing the ID numbers of the motorcycle, will also be provided. Some years later the new owner determined to have the bike restored fully, and this work was done by Phil Radford of Fair Spares USA fame. The quality of work and finish is extremely high, and a sound testament to his abilities. The cost of this refurbishment was in excess of USD$22,000.00, and along with several other upgrades that were performed separately, the total amount expended on bringing the motorcycle to the show winning standard it is in today was just over USD$25,000.00. The motorcycle was displayed for only a couple of years, and not ridden a great deal, but it has achieved a break-in period of approx 300 miles, and re-torquing, valve adjustment, etc has all been done. The decision was made for the bike to be sold again, and I purchased it, with a view towards showing the motorcycle, as opposed to regular riding. I have now decided to offer the bike to any interested parties who would enjoy showing the motorcycle, riding it, or those who can see the value of such an investment. The potential for capital increase over time in the value of the motorcycle is clearly very high.
The motorcycle is a 1975 Norton Commando 850 MK 3, in very original presentation, but with numerous practical upgrades to enhance both the performance and riding experience for the owner. It is an all matching numbers original machine.
The restoration was a full nut and bolt affair. The frame was inspected, and every nick or blemish was filled, to give the perfect finish for the final coating.
Stainless fasteners have been used throughout, with each bolt head having the script turned off, and then a chamfered edge provided, for an outstandingly clean look. The time and effort for such a task is considerable, and the results speak for themselves.
The level of polishing is show level. Even the centre portion of the Z plates present as a mirror finish, as if it were indeed an actual mirror. Simply stunning, and far beyond what is typically found on a "refurbished" bike.
Chrome is beautiful, paint is perfect, redone in the original JPS scheme that the bike left the factory with.
The engine was rebuilt from the crankshaft up, with all new mains, regrind, rebore, etc, etc. The powder-coating finish on the barrels is top notch and absolutely beautiful. A NOS Cylinder Head was sourced, and kitted out with new parts, to solve a previous porosity issue.
The gearbox had replacement gears, etc, as required, and of course all new bearings and seals.
The primary drive was also completely redone.
A new wiring harness was installed (several, actually, as they come in sections), and the bike has the latest Tri Spark Digital ignition. Heavy battery leads compliment the upgraded 4 brush starter. A circuit breaker replaces the usual fuse, for extra reliability. Indicators are all genuine Lucas.
The carburettors are the latest Amal Premier 932's.
All cables are new.
Gauges are original Smiths, showing the correct and true mileage of the motorcycle.
Brakes are all stainless pistons, with everything rekitted, with a Miles Classic Brake front m/cyl upgrade, for a really excellent lever feel.
The front end was treated as you would expect, along with all other frame components. The top motor mount is the adjustable Iso type. Rear shocks are new Hagons.
Wheels rims are valanced alloy type, with Avon tyres and stainless spokes.
The motorcycle starts instantly and easily with either kick or electric, and runs perfectly. There are no oil or fuel leaks whatsoever. There are many more positives, with all aspects being addressed at the time of restoration. The advertised price reflects only the outright cost of the purchase, restoration, and other related outgoings. It makes no allowance in respect of the exceptionable heritage of the motorcycle.
Additional pictures can be viewed below.
If you are a genuine buyer, please feel free to make contact. I am happy to answer any questions, but like everyone I am a busy person, so genuine enquiries only please.

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