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Hayling Island, United Kingdom
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Right-hand drive
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Alloy Wheels
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CD Player
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1798 cc
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Description 1981 MG B BRONZE

This MGB roadster has been in the same ownership for 22 years. Owned by an MG fan that has previously owned other MG sports car. This car has been cherished and maintained to the highest standard. It has a full service history (remarkable for for a car of this age). It still starts first time and drives like new. It goes through every MOT without any problems. In fact the MOT inspectors take photos on their phones to show family and friends what they have seen. Every where you will go in this MG you will have people wanting to talk to you about it as it still looks brand new. With the top down it is a pleasure to drive. It has a modern cd/radio and a modern electric fan to help cope with British summers. The electric fan is brand new. This an unmolested limited edition...the engine numbers match to the chasis numbers...the seats are original...but it has had a new engine head so as to be able to run on unleaded fuel...this conversion was done at it's last service 18 months ago. It has a lovely wooden steering wheel, but also comes with the original steering wheel to have as a spare. The spare wheel is new and unused. It also comes with an indoor bespoke cover to keep it dust free (this alone cost £200) There are also many spare parts included such as brand new MG/Triumph nuts and bolts...new mohair soft top...targa top...and so many new parts it would take a long time to list. When I bought this car it was well known in the MG owners club as it was a concours winner. I have maintained it as best I could and spent many hundreds of pounds on it. I had to store it for over 15 years as I suffered ill health and had to give up my MG interests. In the last 2 years I have employed a mechanic to replace all the braking system, full service, new engine head, new battery, new points, new fuel pump, new wheels, new tyres, overhaul of all the electrical system. This MGB comes with many brand new spare parts so you can enjoy an exciting hobby knowing that you have the spare parts to solve any problems that may arise. As an MG enthusiast over the years I collected parts as I could so that when problems arose I could just give the mechanic the parts and let him/her put s things right. All these new parts come with the car...including brand new heater box...brand new water pump.. brand new chrome parts.. seals... rubbers...the list goes on.. I even will give the buyer 100's of back copies of MG magazines if they wish them.... Unfortunately, due to health problems I can no longer enjoy my MG passion. All I ask, is that I want this lovely beautiful piece of British history go to a good home and be enjoyed by someone who loves and appreciates a British icon. Any questions are welcome and I will try to answer them promptly. ...About me...I know these auctions can be impersonal affairs..so here is an insight to me as a seller. When I was a schoolboy one of my chores was to walk the family dog. I would walk from my parents house to my grandmothers house...and halfway was a Henley's garage that sold brand new MG's. I fell in love with the MG Midgets and swore I would own one. Subsequently I spurted in height, and my lady driving instructor allowed me a drive in her Midget and sadly I no longer fitted being 6ft tall. So I set my sights on and MGB. The first MGB  I purchased was a rust bucket that was not fit for purpose. Learning from my bad mistake I decided to search out the best MGB money could buy, and I came across a Surrey man that owned 6 MG's and only sold one off when he wished to buy a new project. It was he that I bought this fine car off. That was over 22 years ago. Even now when mechanics work on it they are stunned by how clean the engine is. Please study the photos. I have had lots of fun with this car. It is lovely to drive it to the beach where I live, and to have strangers come up to me and ask about it. There are lots of MG's for sale, but as an experienced owner, I would advise you to take plenty of time to make a choice as many MG's suffer from corrosion and electrical problems. There are not many honest sellers about. I have owned MGB'S and an MGTF... I would never sell a car that I would not be happy to own myself. To be honest, I would not be selling this MG if my health had not let me down. I would gratefully ask any dealers to leave this sale alone as I only want to sell to someone who will cherish and look after my MGB LE. If any dealers approach me I will not sell to you so do not waste your time. I want this beloved car to go to someone who appreciates MG's as I have done in my life time. 

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