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Super Hawk
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Spring Valley, California, United States
Sport Bike
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Description 1962 Honda CB

The bike was stored in a steel container for over 20 years, close to the ocean in LA county. See "before" photos when it was received at my shop on Halloween, 2014. Wheels were disassembled for rebuilding, which never happened. The drive chain became a solid art form and had to be cut to remove it from the chassis. All chrome and alloy surfaces were badly pitted and the engine was seized from sitting in that moist environment for so long.
The bike was completely disassembled and all rust treated with EvapoRust, wire brushes and whatever would remove the corrosion. Rear steel upper shock covers were replaced with color matched plastic OEM covers, which I happened to have in the shop. Originals are included and just need to be refinished. The fuel tank was amazingly clean inside, despite years of storage. It still retains the early small lever petcock, typical of 1961 models.
The frame and fuel were sandblasted and epoxy primered at RW Little in San Diego. The seat pan and centerstand were powdercoated black. 
Retrobikes repro flat bars and a new dimmer switch installed. Right side starter switch was reused, along with both original "diamond" grips, which are very rare. 
Two cans of color-matched paint were purchased to re-coat the frame, swing arm, tool box (NOS part) steering stem and fuel tank. Paint tended to clog in the nozzle, so paint quality is rather poor. 
Shocks were disassembled, cleaned of rust and reassembled with fresh plastic OEM Royal Blue shock covers. One front fork seal holder had peeling chrome so was replaced with a used part and new seal.
Rims are OEM stock and in amazing condition, considering their history. A set of zinc plated OEM spokes were used to rebuild the wheels and then the original tires were reinstalled.
The engine was rebuilt after a 2-hour disassembly, just to remove the pistons. A NOS Std. bore piston was sourced ($100) and installed with a spare, same-style Std. piston and new rings with 3 piece oil ring sets. Engine cases were hot-tanked at an automotive engine repair shop, then washed with phosphoric acid to remove excess corrosion from the alloy crankcases, cylinder block and cylinder head.
All new seals and gaskets were used, along with freshening up of the primary chain, oil filter chain, camchain, low gear bushing, kickstarter pawl and offset cotters in the transmission. A replacement clutch hub was used, which featured machining for the retainer wires, not used in the original hub design. There is no primary chain tensioner used on these early model bikes.
A new correct 12N9-3A battery is installed with new battery hold-down hardware and a battery cushion from Clauss Design Studios. New a/m air tubes and air filters were installed, along with a correct length throttle cable and a/m clutch cable from Japan.
A fresh 530 drive chain was installed. The original swing arm had damaged chain guard mounts in the front, so a 1965-on unit was painted and installed with new dust seals. The original swing arm is available and included in the auction. Brake plates were disassembled for cleaning and lubrication of the brake cams. As mentioned previously a 1962 flanged speedo drive was installed in place of the missing 1961 style unit.
Fuel tank side covers, tank badges and knee pads are all original parts. There were no signs of any kind of crash damage on the bike, other than possibly a tip-over that slightly bent the rear footpeg bracket. The early- style CB92-type shift linkage pieces are all retained, but need plating, as does all of the chromed parts of the bike.
All of the electrical parts are original and working. This bike has the original hi-output stator system still in place. A NOS rear tail light mount plate was purchased to install the correct rear light assembly. The original wiring harness was reused and is in good condition.
The bike electric starts and runs well, having been driven about 40 miles thus far.  have a very rare 1959 yellow license plate on the bike now with a 1962 tag and new additional tag holders to place current year/month tags when issued. If the bike is sold outside of CA, a $50 credit will be issued towards the sale and the plate retained for future use at the time of the sale. DMV is currently processing the title transfer to my name and the YOM license plate application. 
Seat was done at an auto upholstery shop, using an eBay sourced cover and they didn't quite get it right. The seat pan was powdercoated and new foam installed. The chrome trim that was on the seat was totally wasted, so could not be repaired or reinstalled.
The bike is a great running Super Hawk time capsule that needs a full cosmetic restoration, if you want to make it as it was from the factory. Otherwise, ride it and enjoy it as it is... although you might want to replace the OEM original tires.
This bike DOES have the 1961 style alloy front fender which is nearly perfect. That part alone is worth over $1,000 to collectors/restorers. Most likely this bike was built in the first hour of the 1962 designated production and is an extremely rare find.
The mufflers are OEM 1-piece units, which were probably brand new when the bike went into storage. They are absolutely sound and work fine, however, like all the other chrome on the bike, the surfaces are pitted in places.
Please ask any and all questions, other than those "What is the reserve? questions. Consider all the facts and bid accordingly. 
The bike comes with the original factory riders tool kit wrapped up in a yellow-ish canvas HM logo bag, which I have never seen before. The correct 10mm spark plug socket is included. Tools have since been de-rusted from when the original photo was taken.  
No time-wasters, please! Don't let your kids access your eBay account and bid a million dollars for it. 

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