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Sierra 1500
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Airdrie, AB, Canada
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This truck is one of a kind and is in great shape...She is 35 years old so that has to speak for itself...I have no idea as to mileage, but after 35 years, who counts...  The first 25-ish years this truck "literally" was driven to church by a little old lady...I inherited it when she passed on.  There is minimal rusting on it as I do a "maintenance cleanup" on it every Spring and Fall (Sand, Prime, Paint, Clear Coat). It has the original STEEL body and Paint Job. I have extra OEM paint for those touchup areas that will require it...It has an 8 foot box with a GMC rubber mat in the back so protect it from damages...
She would be an excellent candidate for a complete repainting, but still looks amazing after I shine her up with very few flaws. If you want to keep the paint...a clear coat is all you need to apply...  Wherever I could, I have replaced rubber, vinyl etc. as needed inside and out...and there is an abundant supply of OEM replacement materials still available at LMC Trucks ( as well as other suppliers.  I have not been shy about replacing things as needed...NEW Tires with matching spare, Batteries, Radiator, Exhaust, Pieces and Parts etc...there are many new things so you will not have to concern yourself with numerous additional "after purchase costs".  Mechanically, this has been a dream for me...There are no electronics to worry about...definitely low tech!!! Mainly pumps and vacuums operate most things...She has power steering and power brakes with lots of brake left...And again, plenty of availability of parts...( "New Old Parts" and there is a world of stuff available if you need)  The engine is a 5.7 Liter Diesel (350CI)...It is an amazing engine with great fuel mileage (up to 24mpg highway) on a 75 litre tank (there is a second fuel tank underneath that can be reconnected if you choose to increase fuel capacity) The sweet spot is 72 miles per hour where it seems to "float" smoothly along. It has an amazingly smooth ride with a very pleasant "growl/purr" sound to her. This engine is the "2.0 version" that addressed the issues that plagued the earlier versions. I have torn the engine apart a couple of times to maintain it (gaskets, seals, glow plugs) and it is simple to work on with enough room under the hood to set up a campsite...VERY excess crap to work around... The only "ISSUE" is the head gasket did go just before I decided to sell, and that is relatively easy to fix if you have the know how, but will not break the bank if you have a good mechanic. No damage has occurred to the engine as I have parked it awaiting a new owner.  She has a 3 speed tranny (TH350) and will probably out last the truck...solid steel/iron made, and runs on a series of vacuum lines.   I have lots of extras for her that come along at no extra cost...  I have made several trips between Canada and the U.S. with her and she has been a joy to drive...She Looks Good...Sounds Good...and deserves a good new home to an appreciative owner!!! 

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