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Description 1980 PORSCHE 911 3.0 SC COUPE 74000 MILES



1980 PORSCHE 911 3.0 SC COUPE
Clean Cut Non Sport Look
Engine Rebuild By OPC
Genuine 74000 Miles
Show Porsche
This is as beautiful a 911 as one could ever hope to own, there is a massive bridge
between this car and one less loved and there is no substitute for condition and
originality with any deviation destroying the purity of these machines. Good solid
cars are rare birds now with this model being a true classic, a term too loosely
applied these days though in this case quite apt.
From the drivers perspective the perfect sense of occasion, totally captivating
and a vehicle that looks very special indeed. Moreover this low mileage superb
example for the purist driver remains a sensation almost unequalled in any other
Sports car. From the paint to the cabin to the underside this is an A1 classic
the likes of which is now becoming impossible to find in this country, many
other examples will present well though will lack that essential something that
the very best cars posses.
Chassis : WPOZZZ91ZBS100178
Engine : 6310253
Colour : Schwartz Black
Cabin : Black and White Pascha Tombstone Sports seats
A C16 Uk car first registered and pre delivery inspected by Charles Follet
Porsche in London on 06 10 1980. The history is impressive, not just a
stamped booklet which in itself is full some years ago, the file is thick
containing receipts and documentation dating back to 1984. Included in this
is incredibly correspondence in late 79 to the first owner pre delivery.
It is clear it has been loved all its life with a service history portfolio
to prove it. As mentioned it is unusual to find A 37 year old Porsche with
such a comprehensive file of receipts dating back to 1984 trailing all
the way forward, the MOT history is complete from 1983 on. It has had 8
owners in total though of note in long term ownership from 97 to 2017 with
the most recent keeper.
The engine was stripped and rebuilt just 3000 miles ago by JCT 600 Official
Porsche Centre. During this overhaul all the oil cooler pipes were replaced
at considerable cost and the rear crank seal being rebuilt. Aside routine
maintenance other recent costs have included a new windscreen washer pump,
new bonnet struts and a new battery. Brand new windscreen just fitted also
due to factory screen having some chips. A new fuel tank was fitted a few
years ago.
A UK car that is unmolested and unmodified, this is a matching numbers
car as it left the factory. The history is right back to day one inclusive of
full MOT history dating right back to the first one in 1983.
It was available at launch in both standard and sport variants, the sport
featured front and rear spoilers which tended to dominate the car, whilst
the non - sport carried over the more delicate appearance of earlier variants
with no spoilers.
At the time the Sport was visually more dramatic and was far more successful in
terms of sales, today it is the early " non - sport" look that is in vogue.
Evidence of this is the number of sport models, particularly later cars that
have had their spoilers removed to achieve the simple lines of the early cars.
The free revving nature of the 3.0 engine is a welcome friend and it sounds
wonderful. The car feels very tight to drive and with considerable power
from the motor and an easy 915 gearbox that has served the model so well.
The age of this car can largely be ignored, the condition is that strong.
On the road the suspension and brakes are sharp, the engine runs like a
sewing machine.
Optional Equipment
- Recoil Bumpers
- Head lamp washers
- Electric Ariel
- Tinted glass
- Momo Steering wheel
Well preserved Inner wings, sills and door shuts. Rarely seen in such a
beautiful condition as this. Glossy flat Black coach work retaining a high
standard of finish & presentation with a tangible depth to the paint and zero
corrosion evident. Straight non dented original factory panels with the
underside of the vehicle being in excellent order, all under arches and oil
return pipes are superb. Take some time to pour over the many detailed images
of all the areas other sellers may be keen to hide, it answers a multitude of
questions. No evidence of welding, all original.
The entire interior has been left untouched as it left the factory displaying
a fantastically honest patina which remains in great condition. Equally
the dash and extended trim is also in a fine state of preservation managing
to smell exactly as it should, all part of the occasion.
A beautiful appreciating classic. With a degree of confidence I can state this
is one of the best air cooled cars we have had in a long time, rock solid
with everything working just as it should. This is a car that can be driven
with total confidence on cross continent journey’s or simply taken to your
local Porsche meet where it will stand proud with best examples of the breed.
Prices haven't yet reached levels that the pre-74 cars have, making this still
a very decent value classic value 911. Such fine examples are very few and far
between and as time passes these cars ought to continue to steadily appreciate.
We welcome any independent inspection.
Other Information
Totally HPi clear
MOT expires May 2018
All handbooks & wallet
Foxguard remote alarm/immobilizer with fitting certificate
Spare wheel
Contact Stephen 01360 850198



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