1971 Honda CL 70 Barn Find - Never Registered! NO RESERVE! For Sale

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Royal, Arkansas, United States
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Description 1971 Honda CL 70 Barn Find - Never Registered! NO RESERVE!

This Honda CL70 Scrambler is an amazing barn find!  This was purchased new in 1971 by its previous owner who owned a small ranch.  His son told me that his late Father used it to travel the distance from his front door to his shop, a distance of about 70 yards.  ALL of the 1,295 miles on the speedometer were off road on the ranch!  When his Father died the bike was covered with a tarp and forgotten for 25 years...

I've included "nekkid" pictures so you can see that it's as clean where you can't see as it is where you can!  When I found it 4 years ago we cleaned it up and changed the oil.  The carb was cleaned and a new float bowl gasket was the only part needed.  ALL of the seals were leaking so ALL of them were replaced. The rubber was pretty dried out all the way around so it got new front and rear tires and tubes (tires still have casting nubs on them), new fork boots, new footpeg covers, and new fuel petcock seals and o-rings.  The gas tank had no leaks, but we sealed it with KBS sealer to insure no future problems.  It was a little rough so we had a couple of dents fixed and had it repainted.  The paint job is NOT perfect. I'm trying to be as honest as possible, but as you can see from the pictures it looks pretty good.  The engine got a new spark plug.  The original seat cover wasn't torn, but it had cracks around the edges so we replaced it as well, but the new cover does not have the "Honda" logo stenciled on the back as the original one did.  The electrics all function and the bike will come with a new serviced battery installed.  The original sprockets look like new and we installed a new drive chain.  The muffler is in super solid condition and all of the chrome on the bike is lightly pitted, but still looks very nice except for the rims...

BOTH front and rear rims show the evidence of this little bike sitting motionless for 25 years, waiting to be found.  Each rim (see pictures) has a 7-8 inch section of chrome that has rusted away. While it may have been stored under a tarp in a shop, the shop (heat only) was not climate controlled during the summers.  Moisture condensed on the rims at the bottom and during a quarter of a century of not being touched the chrome bubbled off of these two places on the rims.  When I've showed the bike I just rotate the rusted patches to the top and they aren't even noticed, but if you wanted this to be a real show winner you'd need to address the rims.  The rust causes NO structural problems with the rims and is cosmetic only.

This Honda comes with ONE key, but there's a number on the key and extras can be found at dealers or online.  This bike starts on the 2nd or 3rd kick, runs strong and doesn't smoke.  Remember, it still needs another 205 miles put on it before it's supposed to get its FIRST check-up!  I put about 10 miles on it and was constantly getting stopped by guys wanting to know all about it and reminisce about theirs!  

Got a question?  Ask me here.  I'll be glad to answer, but don't send me a post and ask for my home phone number...

The title is listed as "clear" because Ebay doesn't give us many choices.  There actually is NO TITLE with this bike and it is sold with a BILL OF SALE ONLY!  Check your state's regulations! Many states do not require a title for bikes over 25 years old.  If needed, a title can be obtained by filling out your states "Bonded Title" form and paying a fee.  The original owners son told me that because his Dad only used it on the ranch, he never registered the bike.  Without registering to license, no title was ever issued.  A look at the bikes left fork leg seems to confirm this.  In Arkansas, a Safety Inspection Sticker was required until the mid 1990's.  This CL70 has NO signs that it ever had an IMPOSSIBLE to remove inspection sticker applied to its painted fork leg.

THERE IS NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED!  Have I made that clear?  This is a slightly used 46 year old machine.  It's in the condition I've described, but you may have to repair something someday.  If you do, it's your problem, not mine!  

I will not ship this bike, but I will assist you or the company YOU send to pick it up in loading it.  I require that you pay a deposit of $500.00 via Pay Pal within 24 hours of purchase with the balance paid in cash, personal check, cashiers check or direct transfer to my bank account.  Full final payment must be made within 7 days of the end of the auction or I will cancel your bid, relist the bike and file a complaint against you for non-payment.  That final payment must CLEAR my bank BEFORE anyone will be allowed to pick up the bike.  If you're a scammer, it ain't happening.  And, for God's sake, if you don't intend to complete the deal, don't waste my time.  

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