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Description Norton Commando Interstate Mk2 920 Special 1974

1974 Norton Commando 920 Interstate Special, Electric Start.

Very unhappily, I am offering my beautiful and special Norton Commando for sale. It is not a machine for those who prefer total originality, but a Commando that retains the character of the standard bike, with the addition of carefully considered modifications, that address many of the limitations of the original, together with significant improvements to performance, braking and handling.


Cycle Parts and Electrics

Frame powder coated by Triple S - one of the best in the business. Tank, side panels and mudguards painted and lacquered to a high standard, by a race bike preparation specialist. 
New single seat is currently fitted and a new double seat will also come with the bike.
CNW fork yokes - CNC milled from aluminium billet. Simply gorgeous. CNW headlamp ears - similarly gorgeous.
CNW front mudguard and chain guard.
Tagasako Excel flanged alloy 18 inch wheel rims and stainless spokes, all put together by Central Wheel. Avon Roadmaster tyres. Sealed wheel bearings all round.
Front and rear suspension by Maxton - their own rear shocks and modern internals for the original front forks. An expensive but stunning modification; the handling is a huge improvement in a bike that already handled very well.
Dave Taylor head steady and new vernier isolastics.
CNW Brembo single front disc and master cylinder - I have experienced nothing better on a Commando and perfectly capable of locking the front wheel in the dry. Standard rear drum.
Custom wiring harness - maybe not the most efficient use of materials, but great care has been taken to ensure effective earthing and power supply throughout the system. Screwlock connectors used extensively. The original wiring colour scheme has been used and a diagram will be supplied.
CNW centre console, CNC milled from aluminium billet and containing ignition switch, warning lights and voltmeter - what the Mk III console should have been. Original green spot dials - a non-standard kilometre speedo is included.
Honda switchgear, CNW indicators, Bulbsthatlast4ever LED rear light, LH and RH H4 headlights, Shorai LFX battery and dedicated charger.
Sparx three phase charging system, high output dual coil and Pazon electronic ignition.
The blueing on the exhaust is because, I assume, of the higher than typical temperature of the exhaust gases, due to more efficient combustion. However, it could be down to the exhaust header pipes being of low quality (I won't say where I bought them from!!!).


Steve Maney stage two cylinder head, gas-flowed, reconditioned and prepared by Steve, using his racing valves and springs. Aeroquip oil lines.
Maney race cam and Maney push rods - a very well behaved cam, that works beautifully in a road bike.
920 conversion, using Maney alloy barrels, original con rods (tested by Steve before using) and Norvil pistons.
Maney lightweight crankshaft - a beautiful piece of kit, that dramatically improves acceleration off the mark and contributes to the amazing smoothness (for a British twin) of this bike.
Maney race developed crankcases - same as the originals, but much thicker and stronger.
CNW crankcase breather reed valve - prevents positive pressure in crankcase and reduces the chance of oil leaks. Tacho drive O ring conversion.


Twin Keihin flat sided carbs - all the advantages of a modern carburettor, with a fixed linkage between the two. These work brilliantly as they are, but would benefit from being set-up on a dynamometer - I’ve not been able to find one here in rural France! K&N air filters.
CNW one piece alloy manifold. Again, CNC milled from an aluminium billet, specifically designed by CNW to mate these carbs to the Commando cylinder head and an absolute joy compared to the dreadful quality of the Norvil equivalents.

Gearbox and Clutch

Completely rebuilt gearbox, with virtually every component replaced with new. Oil seal conversion for gear change and kick start shafts in outer cover.
CNW hydraulic clutch conversion, with Brembo master cylinder to match the front brake, that gives a delightfully smooth and light action.
New Barnett clutch stack, with CNW oil seal.

Driveside and Starter

Old Britts electric starter system. his is based upon the design for the original 961 Commando, produced by Kenny Dreer in the USA, and consists of the following:

Harley Davidson Sportster starter motor, uprated and improved by ‘All Balls Racing Products’.
Bendix gear for starter engagement.
Fixed gearbox cradle, as found in the MkIII Commando, with MkIII spindle lubrication.
High quality belt drive system, with tension adjustment and outrigger support for the gearbox main shaft, to help protect the wear prone bearing.
New inner and outer chain cases.
The starter is tucked out of the way and could be easily missed at first glance.

This starter system turns the engine over as if the spark plugs have been removed and, since I badly damaged my right knee, has been a total godsend. It was therefore a forced purchase, but it has enabled me to at least do some riding, whereas otherwise, I would have been royally stuffed!

CNW O ring rear chain conversion - allows the use of a modern 520 X-ring chain, that is more durable, efficient and clean, requiring no additional lubrication. Double row sealed bearing on the stub axle / brake drum.

The bike is currently registered in France, but would be easy to register it again in the UK - I have just successfully gone through the same process with my wife's Z3M and I think it costs £55.00. 

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