1955 Chevrolet 5100 LCF Cabover truck, UK registered For Sale

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5100 LCF
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Grangemouth, Stirling, United Kingdom
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Left-hand drive
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Description 1955 Chevrolet 5100 LCF Cabover truck, UK registered



I've tried to make this clear but keep getting asked. I'm sorry, but I will no longer answer questions about swaps or part ex. If your vehicle is sellable, just sell it and become a cash buyer.

Recently imported is this 1955 Chevrolet LCF cabover truck. The LCF stands for "low cab forward" which was the new designation for COE "cab over engine" for the new "Task Force" Chevy and GMC trucks from 1955 on. This came in as a non runner, but with a very small amount of fettling we now have it running from its own fuel tank and from the ignition key. It runs very very well and the engine revs as quickly as anything I've ever heard. It has the V8 engine from new and a 4 speed manual gearbox with floor shifter. The brakes were out and by bleeding them up we see that the left rear wheel cylinder was leaking so we blanked off the left rear brake so we could move it about the yard. So it will fire up from the key and will drive, steer and stop in the yard. I have actually driven this one up and down the docks roads and it all works quite well, but is very bouncy with its heavy springs and no body or load on the chassis. It is after all a full on project where the cab is more likely to end up on a modern chassis ;) maybe with a Cummins diesel or similar, but it would be a shame given how complete and original this one is, and it would be nice to see it restored to basically original spec. Chassis has been extended at some time in its life and is a neat enough job, and common on old lorries. I fitted a new battery to it and it can sit for long periods of time and not go flat. It always starts when we try it.

Rear glass and passenger door drop glass are good but the rest need replaced, but all are flat glass (except the windscreen) so easy to get cut and also exactly the same as a normal '55 to '59 Chevy pickup, so available off the shelf too. Windscreens are readily available in the UK. Seat is pretty good in this one. 

Cab rear corners will require work, one is better than the other but again, these panels are common to the half ton pickups and readily available. I've seen a lot worse on the corners and they would be okay if you prefer to leave the paintwork as it is, but would need replaced if painting it. There is a small hole on each side of the floor at the wheelarch humps, and some rust on the inside bottom of the driver's door (see pic) but that looks to be about it. There is damage to the trailing end of the left front fender as seen in the pics. It is solid though and with a bit of work will reshape.

Truck is UK registered, V5C in my name, and I can give you a contact number for transport if you like. I can't organise it for you though, but will take it to the carrier's yard to save you some money so all you do is ask them for a price ex their yard to your address. This truck is MOT exempt and although it is over 3500kgs gross weight, you can drive it on a modern car licence which may normally exclude over 3500 kgs. Any truck over 3500kgs can be driven on any car licence as long as it is pre 1960 MOT exempt. GVW of this one is 7150kgs.

Please phone Jim on 07593 187939. If you can't get me, I may be driving or making a noise in the workshop, maybe in the paint booth. Leave a text or e-mail me on horn.chevy@blueyonder.co.uk and I will get right back to you. Please use the mobile number, and I can phone you back if you like. The landline shown is my home number and I'm hardly ever in. More pics on my facebook page. Just scroll down the facebook page until you find the ad on there. https://www.facebook.com/Rock-n-Roll-Motors-549860981796410/

No part ex, no swap, payment by wire transfer or cash, no paypal. Truck/car must be paid in full before you collect or before delivery. I can give you a phone number for a carrier local to me who can deliver anywhere in the UK mainland. I can't organise the delivery for you, just give them a phone and I am happy to take the truck to their yard to save you a few quid, so you can ask for a price ex their yard to your door. You pay the transport company yourself for the delivery. Payment for the vehicle can be made by cash, bank transfer or a cheque which must clear before vehicle leaves me. If you cannot adhere to these conditions, please do not waste both yours and my time with endless e-mails, texts, etc only to end up with a failed deal as you don't have the bottle to pay for the vehicle. You always have the option to come and view it and meet me in person before buying. Viewing by appointment only as I'm not always at the yard, I could be out on a recovery job, delivering a truck locally or driving a tanker as I do relief driving for a fuel delivery company as well.

Sorry to do this, just a quick note to respectfully remind everybody that this is a classified sales advert to sell this and other vehicles. Please, only ask questions relating to the sale of this or another of my vehicles. No other questions will be answered. this includes asking for assistance with a truck you are buying/have bought elsewhere, registration issues with something you are not buying from me, sourcing spares etc. I do not source spares for anybody, I simply don't have time. Anything bought from me will either be registered already or, if you are registering it yourself, I will assist. I can also assist you in shipping spares for anything you buy from me, but I don't source them personally. Please respect the fact that I do this for a living and if you want to cut me out and import something yourself, that's no problem, but just cut me out altogether. I have been spending far too much time assisting people who have imported by themselves and got stuck, or from an unscrupulous importer who sells you something and leaves you out on a limb. So, please no ebay messages, texts or phone calls unless related to buying a vehicle from myself. Many thanks for your understanding.



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