1973 Suzuki TS400 K Model Vintage Enduro "restored to original condition" For Sale

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TS400K Apache
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Jackson, Michigan, United States
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Coronado Blue
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No Warranty
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Description 1973 Suzuki TS400 K Model Vintage Enduro "restored to original condition"




Up for auction is this very desirable 1973 TS400 Apache Enduro. When was the last time you seen one this clean and this close to original? This is a newly completed frame up restoration done by me. My main goal with this bike was to bring it back to as close to original condition as possible. No "over" restoration, No "over" polishing the aluminum, No replacement of the stock items unless i felt it was ABSOLUTELY NESSESARY. 
"Wanted to leave as much of the stock patina as i could without it being a eye sore to the bikes appearance"

The bike is still wearing the original stock IRC trial tires, original seat, original hand grips, original front & rear foot peg rubber, original handlebars (re-chromed), original fuel petcock, original black wire ties on handlebars and frame, original horn, original front fork dust seals, original speedometer & tachometer, all cables are the originals except for a new Suzuki clutch cable. Of coarse all the body,wheels frame & engine are the original ones that the bike came new with. Even little things like the original extra fuse holder bag under the right side cover on still on the bike! All these items are usually long gone or worn out on these 40 + year old bikes or been replaced with aftermarket or reproduction parts! Not this one.

As you can see in the pictures this bike was completely taken down to the bare frame. The frame and all the other black items you see in one of the pictures was professionally powder coated a gloss black. The front forks were completely disassembled and cleaned, New seals were installed and the lower legs were finished in a stock brushed look and then powder coated clear. This process is the closes i could find in making the front fork finish look original. 

All the blue body parts were carefully stripped and refinished with the stock blue color. New tank graphics were installed along with the new paint done by a professional Vintage bike painter & fellow restorer in Oklahoma. Careful attention was done in keeping the fenders and side panel undersides black and not painted just as the bike came from the factory. The paint job on this bike is 2nd to none. Absolutely beautiful in the sun. The Suzuki emblems on the gas tank are original and were restored and the 400 emblems on the side panels are NOS Suzuki emblems. Not repo's!

Both front & rear wheels are original and still have the original patina to them. They are not perfect but are nice enough after clean up to leave them as is. Both wheels are nice and straight, spokes are tight, The original wheel bearings have no play in them and were cleaned and greased. Tires are the original IRC's and are in amazing condition. No cracks, no weather checking, minumin tire wear. Hard to believe really. I choose to leave them on. New rim bands and IRC tubes were installed as well as new brake shoes up front. I did install new brake shoes in the rear but was getting some noise from them.The originals look like new anyways so i installed the rears back on the bike. You can have the new shoes if you like.

The fuel tank is nice and clean inside. A new Suzuki gas cap was installed along with a new rubber rear hold down strap. The original fuel petcock was disassembled and all new Suzuki seals, o-rings and the in tank filter was replaced. The carburetor was completely disassembled, cleaned and new Suzuki jets, needle & seat, gaskets and the float assembly were replaced. No cheap aftermarket carb kit used here! I finished up the fuel system with new fuel line and new Suzuki fuel line clamps. The carb intake flange, gasket and rear carb boot were replaced as well as a new Suzuki air filter was installed.

The chrome parts on the bike were stripped and re-chromed by 2 shops. Most of the chrome parts was done here at my local shop and was finished as the original chrome was on these bikes back in the 70's. Other words not show chrome, just presentable. On the more pitted parts ( chain guard and front turn signals) i had to send those to Custom Plating Specialst in Brillion Wi for a 3 stage chrome finish which of coarse is much better then the stock pieces ever were. They are perfect and better then stock. Overall the chrome looks nice on the bike and fits in with the rest of the restoration great. 

The engine on this bike is 100% stock. The bike only has a little over 4500 original miles on it. After cleaning the fuel system, the engine started right up and ran great. No top end noise, No transmission noises, no oil leaks, clutch worked like it should. Still once out of the frame i decided to take the top end off to inspect for wear. I also decided to remove both engine side covers, flywheel, stator and clutch so i could inspect the crank, most of the transmission and internals for any wear or problems. I did measurements on the ring gaps, piston to cylinder clearance, Connecting rod side and up & down play, wrist pin clearance, clutch plate thickness, clutch plates for being warped, clutch spring length, clutch hub wear, CK transmission bearings for any sign of wear or roughness. I checked for any shifting problem or anything out of the ordinary. Nothing was found. This engine is a very good original engine and has very minimal wear showing. So i installed new suzuki gaskets, o-rings,seals and wrist pin clips and put it back together. A new NOS shift lever with the correct (S) rubber tip was installed along with a new correct NOS kick lever rubber tip. The kick lever itself is the original and has a few scuffs on it. Engine timing was checked and a new sparkplug was installed along with new 20w-50 JASO-MA approved transmission oil.  I have put about 5 miles on the bike after the restoration to make sure it starts and runs ok so there is 100% gas ( non ethenal) & oil in the bike at present time. I can drain the fuel system dry if requested before delivery.

All light bulbs have been replaced with new Suzuki bulbs including all small bulbs in both the speedo & tach, front & rear turn signals, tail light and the very rare hard to find (pricey) NOS front sealed beam headlight. The original horn and all handlebar controls work as they should. Both brake light switches work. Both levers have been replaced with NOS Suzuki levers. The turn signal relay has been replaced with the correct NOS relay flasher. Front turn signals are the originals and have been completely re-chromed, reconditioned and have new Suzuki lenses. The rear turn signals are new Suzuki short stem turn signals with the correct NOS stem mounts and new Suzuki RED lenses. Left hand mirror is a new Suzuki mirror and still has the blue film on the back side. Bike also has a brand new Yuasa YB5L-B battery in it. Not some cheap no name battery. There are many other little things like the steering stablizer boot, rubber groments, spacers, clips, bolts, nut that have been replace so i won't list every single part here.  

 All cables have been cleaned and lubed & adjusted properly including the decompression lever. Steering stem bearings, swingarm bushings and both axles were cleaned and greased properly. Bike has brand new steel sprockets and a new RK heavy duty 104 link 525 chain with master link. Both chain adjusters have been replaced with new Suzuki items. There is nothing loose on this bike. All pivots are tight and smooth and have no wear to them including the kick stand.

Take a good look at all the photos.There is no major rust, There is no oil or grease on the bike, There's not even any dirt on the bike. However, the bike still has some original Patina to it. Original wheels,spokes & hubs are not show perfect..There is some minor scuffs and marks on the original seat and hand grip ends, There is some minor marks and scuffs on the original foot peg rubbers, Some of the chrome is not Concours show quality and has small marks in it. But overall I think the bike came out nice and looks as close to original as one can be. A lot of hard work and money went into this restoration. 

There is only 2 minor modification done to the bike. The front fender has 2 small holes in the lower back side were the past owner had a mud flap mounted on the fender. I left the holes there and installed some neat little plastic plugs to cover the holes. You will receive the mud flap with the bike if you decide you want to mount it back on. The other mod is the tail pipe end. When i got the bike the end was all mangled. looked like someone tried to rip out the end cap in the pipe. I decided to cut it off clean at the tapered side and weld on a new stronger slightly larger diameter pipe. I made sure the weld looked factory and i choose not to install the restricted end cap on it. This end cap is replacable if you choose to find a good used one and slip it on. I personally like the one i fabercated on it now.

Personally i am going to have a hard time seeing this one go. I have had over 50 bikes and this is one of the top 2 if not the best i have owned. These big bore Enduro's' are getting harder and harder to find especially in this condition!  If anyone has one of these this nice please contact me. I would love to see it. Iv'e been restoring vintage bikes for 15 years and been to major shows all over and have yet to see one in this condition. This bike actually looks better in person then in the pictures.

As I mentioned earlier i did put gas and oil in the bike after the restoration and rode it 5 miles to make sure everything works on the bike. However this bike is a very good example of a 1973 TS400K. I am hoping the bike goes to a Vintage bike collector and showcased in Vintage shows or meets.  

I have over 400 pictures of the bike and restoration on file. If there is something you want to see let me know. 

If it doesn't make reserve and sell then it will be going to the Gilmore Vintage bike show coming up June 11th (weather permitting) and then maybe the grand daddy of them all, Mid-Ohio Vintage days this year.



Qualified and serious bidders only. Please look at all the pictures and read the decription about the bike. Ask all questions before entering a bid. This bike is a restored bike. It is a 40+ year old motorcycle. There is no warranty of any kind. All motorcycle sales are final. A $200.00 non refundable paypal deposit is due within 48 hours of auction end. Full payment of cash, Certified Bank check or wire transfer is due within 7 days of auction end. Full payment cleared before release of motorcycle.

If you have less then 10 positive e-bay feedbacks then you must contact me prior to bidding.

Bike is for sale locally and thru other venues. If reserve is not met the auction could end early.

Shipping is the sole responsibilty of winning bidder 

Hope you enjoy the bike and good luck bidding!

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