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Kawasaki 305 CSR in original condition with 18000 original kilometers.
The bike is in good mechanical order although it is not currently running because of a broken fuse.
Its an electrical fuse issue which can be solved by replacing 2 fuses. On ebay you can buy a new fuse box for about $15 which would restore the bike back to running condition which is does very well and I have ridden it with great pleasure the last couple of months. My mistake that I'm a learner and started the bike with the high beam on, this takes to much power from the battery to both the high beam and electrical start and caused the fuse to break.
It is insured until Dec 12 2014 after which I wanted to sell it, but because of the electrical issue I've decided to sell it now, as I can't drive it in the winter and for those 2 weeks its not really worth my time. However its a really nice bike, is in 95% original condition, has some cosmetic issues but is otherwise in perfect running order (apart from the electrical issue). Because it is an old bike it does have some carburetor problems and I would opt to rebuild the carburetor (this causes the bike to sometimes make high refs and it can stutter a little bit when going faster then 90 k's. However I've driven it with the carb as is and it does not really impede driving its just not very smooth when going very fast at first. (It does drive a lot better on a full tank).
On a full tank it goes about 135km before you hit the reserve (the remaining 25% of the gas tank) and like she likes it better when she has lots to drink.
A full tank cost's me about $10 so its cheaper then taking the bus :). Its drinks a little bit more when commuting, I drove it mostly on the highway and on the back roads for fun.
Its technically a street bike but it drives more like a chopper with lower handle bars, you can comfortably lean back and the seat supports you lower back as if you would be in a car seat, its very light and is easy to drive, it would be suited for a learners as it is relatively low CC's. I think its a fun to drive bike for the right person, it might be a bit heavy if you are very small and skinny, I'm 6.4 75 kilo's and have no trouble handling the bike. Although I did meet a woman with the same model only belt drive and she did not mention having any problems. she was 5 something and a little bit lighter then me, so it could be a girl bike to I guess.
It comes with one set of keys, I went to the key maker to get an extra set just in case but they where busy, they did point out that the type of key it comes with is generally easy to come by so its possible to get a spare set of keys if you so desire. It also comes with a helmet.
Because its an all original condition you can register it as an vintage (1982) collectors item which means you have cheap registration and collectors plates is cheap insurance.
The cosmetic problems are:
-Some rust on the left exhoust pipe, (Although according to the internet I can fix this with some baking soda and will update the post when I have done so).
-Light scrates on the fuel tank,
-The cover on the right side has a broken connector (the cap itself is fine) and this is fixed with a tairip, you could get a new on ebay for around $30 or less. (engine cover)
-The fuel cap does not close a 100% there is a special trick to it but I've only been able to do it a couple of times, it involves pushing down when closing while turing the key at exactly the right time. A replacement (new) on ebay is around $15.
- Seat has a small hole in it near the back where a passenger would sit.
Mechanical things:
-It takes more then 2 minutes sometimes to warm up properly (this might have to do with the carburetor and if its really cold outside if its stored outside) It does have a choke.
-I had two old harley guys look at it when I first bought it and was waiting for the ferry and they said that for its age its in very good condition, they said if you get a pair of trow on saddle bags and a clip on wind shield, this thing will take you around the world. (I made a bike rack myself which you can have for free with the bike, its made from metal and 3 platic crates, its attached with tairips as to not damage the original condition of the bike apart from 1 hole (invisible) under where the rear vender is attached.).
The worst thing about the bike is probably that I fell once while going trough a corner in the rain, I was entering a driveway and was going at about 20km an hour and the rain and some wet leaves along with me braking caused the bike to slide out from under me. Luckily the only thing damaged in the fall was the brake handle and luckily the rest of the bike fell on my big backpack. Otherwise to my knowledge its never been dropped and has no further damage indicating any crashes or drops. It was also not damaged in the crash apart from the scratch on the brake, and the mirrors have a safety feature that when that hit something they unscrew which means you can never break them unless your trying.So try not to, its a really nice bike.
If you are interested in buying the bike, additional pictures of specific parts or whatever or any questions please respond.
I've got owner papers for the bike and its insured in my name. I've owned it over the summer but I'm leaving the country so I want to sell it a.s.a.p. The person before me owned it for 1 year and from what I know the person before him owned it a lot longer (he bought it from a friend if I remember correctly) it has low mileage (18208km), is in overall good condition and a nice drive as a relatively small, cheap to ride, very cheap to insure laid back feisty motorcycle :). If you give it some TLC, rebuild the sprinkler system over the winter and shine it up a bit, you will have an amazing motorcycle and will have lots of fun driving this elegant machine.

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