Citroën AK400 2CV Van plus a couple of AK350's For Sale

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Lonsdale, SA, Australia
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Left-Hand Drive
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Description Citroën AK400 2CV Van plus a couple of AK350's

It always seems incongruous to me that a motor car could be so blatantly ludicrous and yet quite practical at the same time. I often use this because I've got stuff to carry around or I have a need for extreme ventilation. These mad machines are an antidote to the accelating vortex of mordern life for both the driver and other road users who can't manage to muster road rage so they settle for laughing at you. The 600cc AK400 is fast enough to use in modern traffic although hill-climbing is a little more relaxed. LHD cars are fun to drive as well. Many people look surprise when it appears a 9 year old is driving. Safety isn't an issue with these either because you don't do a lot of highway overtaking and the thing is that skinny you can lean over to see from the other side!  

I have a genuine reason for selling this one as you can see; I have 2 more. The plan is to sell this one and one of the others and keep the 3rd. This one is a little too fast for me so I'm keen to get a small block version going...

I bought these in France and Italy when I was there on holiday a year or 2 ago. The plan was that 3 would fit in a container and that I could offset the high price of importation while making Austalian roads a better place to be. I got a bit carried away with this one so I've kept it for a year or so to amortise the losses from over-capitalising it.

I welded in new floors (they all need that) fixed the brakes, exhaust, fitted new guards, repaired various rust and dents, waxed the cavities, painted most of it including underneath and sorted the electrics. Next I got it engineered for seats and seat belts and LHD issues to get it ready for rego. Next, after getting it on the road, I realised the geatbox was worn so I fitted a good one. It's now going like a train and ready for anything. My plan was to take it on the RAID last year in the Northern Territory but various events conspired against that. It's not a perfect resto but it's nice and tidy for events or daily use. I don't think anything needs doing. Bring your swag and make a road trip out of taking it home

As for the other 2, they are both 1960's AK350s. More French charm but slower 435cc engines. 
The original paint one came from a farm in Southern Italy and is in excellent "as loved" condition. It has little rust except the floors and [I think] it should be preserved and driven like it is. I've done the brakes, wheel bearings, exhaust etc to get it going. It comes with the new panels to repair the rust. 
The lighter blue one has had a coat of jam and has more rust than the others. I have the same floor sections and all the mechanical parts (not fitted). All the external panels are available for reasonable money and this one would Reser to a. Better than new finish. Both engines and gearboxes seem fine and everything seems to be there. As I said, I want to keep one but I don't really mind which. So if you're interested get in touch of course. Always happy to assist with shipping logistics too.

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