1972 Ford Mustang pro street drag mach 1 show. v8 no swap or px. new everything! For Sale

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new cumnock Ayrshire, United Kingdom
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Description 1972 Ford Mustang pro street drag mach 1 show. v8 no swap or px. new everything!

Here is my 1972 ford mustang Mach 1. Converted around 3
years ago to pro street style drag car by Johny Z of Johny Z racing. Well known
for his ford pop drag cars. He started by replacing every single bit of rot
with new/used panels. He fitted a 5 link set up to the ford 8” rear axle. It
has 15.5” wide M/T tyres on the rear with 15” matching wheels. The coil overs
on the rear could do with being adjusted for road driving as they don’t help
with the handling . It could also do with the 4 wheel
tracking being done. The car has a 351 cleveland engine that has been bored to
400. I think this is around a 6.3 though im not 100% sure. Now, when I bought the
car, it was pink/purple and didn’t run well at all. It also had a few
electrical faults. Since then ive done A LOT of work and spent a fortune on the
car.  The rear tubs have been done very
very well as you would expect from such a good drag car builder. Ive since then
fitted a brand new holley 600 carb. Alloy air scoop. New re covered front and
rear seats, a phantom custom made grill, new Zoomies exhausts that sound
AMAZING!!! I have also stripped the full dash and replaced almost the full
front with carbon fibre (real) the dash is also now totally digital (based off
a sat nav). It has had almost all the wiring replaced in the last couple of
weeks. So its very reliable. The car has a half cage in the back that does not
restrict the space. Its also fitted with a racing fuel cell in the boot. The
steering wheel is billet alloy with a flame design cnc cut. It has a full new
front end suspension kit costing another £500 then importing. Though I havnt
fitted it as it doesn’t need it yet.  It
includes all bushes, arms, ball joints, steering links etc. The door cards have
been taken off and replaced with carbon fibre plate also. Though I still have
the original ones. I also have the original seats too. This car was totally new
when I got it with almost no miles on the clock. I have now done around 5000
miles in the car. So I believe the fully re built engine has done around 6000
miles at the most since its build. It runs strong with its new polished alloy
radiator and electric twin fans also. The car has massive tyres on the rear. So it does not handle  like a modern car. Im well
used to it and im happy to drive it to London and back though with no worries
at all. You just need to get used to it. You could lower the back end back
down  to a sensible level/angle and itd improve
the handling A LOT! Though I like the way it looks now and the handling doesn’t
bother me. The BHP currently is no where near what it should be as the carb is not perfectly set up though I have someone who will look at it before the
auction ends.(I have now fitted larger jets and it goes ALOT better, it ticks over all day with no bother at all too) (PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BRAND NEW HOLLEY 600 CARB CURRENTLY FITTED, I JUST HAVNT HAD IT SET UP PERFECTLY). This car will only be worth more and more money.
Personally I think the 72 mustangs are pretty horrid looking, but this one
really looks nothing like others as the angle it sits at is amazing ;-) Now the
car was painted about 4/5 months ago by a professional company in Galstone,
though they didn’t do a very good job and there are a couple of cracks. The worst
one on the rear ¼ panel. Though the satin yellow colour should be easy to
match. This car will be a show winner with the rite paint job done. Ive included a picture of the yellow paint job and have loads to show the buyer. Its now vinyl wrapped satin/matt black. there is a couple of air bubbles appearing in the vinyl as its just been done, but these can be pished back to the surface as i do.  Its
had over £40k spent on it in the last 3-4 years. So you know the car has been
done rite. Some fettling would make it perfect! It starts straight away and
never fails me (unless I run out of fuel!) Im not allowed to swap for anything
as ebay doesn’t allow this. Im also not allowed to px. But when I sell this,
ill be looking for another hotrod, or drift/drag car or something collectible
or American. Id also like some kind of exotic kit car. Or a txr, maserati,
aston martin, Ferrari, audi r8, m5, m6, rs4/6. I also have a fully re built r32
rb26 skyline there that’s done 50 miles since its re build I could include in
the rite deal ;-). I have plenty cash here for the rite deal. Though through
ebay rules. Email me on ross_macquarrie@yahoo.co.uk
or text 07572343863 (im out of the country till the 16th)
   The car is now vinyl wrapped matt black and looks great. It has carbon vinyl stripes on the bonnet. I have also fitted the 2 rear sub speakers. I did all this work for someone who paid a deposit for it. So now the car looks great Ive also made a new scoop riser and butterfly link. I am currently playing with the fueling to get it running perfect. 
I jacked the back end up around 6" when i got the car, this hasnt helped the handling, but it can be lowered again, I was going to fit a lower aspect ratio tyre and drop the car rite down LOW. 
THIS CAR STARTS, DRIVES AND STOPS GREAT, Id happily drive it to spain and back in a heart beat and i know i wouldnt have any problems at all. Like i said, you would get more power having the carb set up 100%, though ive been using the car (as a daily driver mostly) the way it is for the last year with no issues. As for the tracking. Itll take round about 5 mins to adjust the rear 5 link if you wish. Its never caused me an issue though, so ive used it like this for over a year also. You could buy this car and happily drive it anywhere as it is. Im just being very picky and honest in my listing. 
If i was allowed by ebay. there is nothing i wouldnt swap this car for. I like to fly paramotors , off road, basically anything interesting. 
 The car also had full
sat nav, kenwood dvd player/screen, FLY speakers in the front and rear. Also
has an amp and subs fitted behind the rear seats.
I also forgot to mention. the car also has a brand new gearbox and cooler. I will also require a £500 deposit at the end of the auction. If you have below 15 positive feedback. please contact me before bidding as ive been messed about ALOT on ebay with vehicles 
 I do know about the little bits on this car that some people may not be happy with. i.e. the paint.. thats why the car isnt £20k... so please dont try to use this as a bargening tool. Please dont offer me px's if you put the value of youre van, car, bike, camper etc as double its correct value. 07572343863 is my mobile number. or email me ross_macquarrie@yahoo.co.uk. (no Africans or people wanting me to ship to there uncles best friends brother. No people talking about dodgy shipping agents either.) im not a mug.. i work in africa and know how you guys like to try and scam people ;-) good luck. 
FINALLY! would all the scammers stop emailing me!!! thats more than a dozen since i started advertising this car! i dont car if you claim to have a seriously brittish name! no i wont send you my paypal address! i wont send via youre "shipping agent"!!!! if you have a serious genuine question, please email me. If youre a scammer, please dont! im not stupid! sorry to all the genuine ebayers. 
  I really cant understand why this hasnt sold yet... I first advertised it for £17000, thinking that was a seriously good cheap price to sell it at. Now its at £13k, Where will you get a better classic restored pro street car for this price? 

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