1967 Vw Beetle 1300 UK RHD **2 Owner Garage Find** For Sale

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Description 1967 Vw Beetle 1300 UK RHD **2 Owner Garage Find**

1967 Vw Beetle 1300 UK RHD In L620 Savannah Beige (2 Owner Garage Find)

I am helping to sell this car for a friend (who is less knowledgable about Beetles than I) but he will be there to complete the sale and logbook is in hand. He has known about this 1967 'One Year Only' Beetle (named Jeggie) for many years and has been trying to buy it for most of the time he has known about it, persistently posting notes and chatting with the 2nd owner of the car. In early January 2017 his persistence paid off and the owner finally contacted him to make a deal. Unfortunately, whilst the car is mostly good, I advised him that it needed more work than he'd anticipated and it is now regretfully for sale.

I shall give a rundown of the car's condition but it is only my opinion so please arrange to view the car to satisfy yourself that it is the car for you.

Let's Start With The Headlines:

1967 Vw Beetle 1300 UK RHD One Year Only Model (The holy grail to some!)
2 Real Owners From New (My friend's name is now on the logbook so appears as 3 owners sadly)
1st Owner For 12 Years, 2nd Owner For 38!
Dry Stored Since The Year 2000
Savannah Beige (L620)
121,000 Miles From New (Not guaranteed but MOTs and receipts seem to back it up)
Over 20 Old MOTs, Original Instruction Booklet, Some Receipts, Tax Discs & Bill Of Sale From 1st To 2nd Owner In 1979
Complete And Fairly Original With Its '67 Only Parts
Still Running Its Original 6 Volt Electrics.

The Good:

Doors, bonnet, boot, gutters, wings, rear quarters, front quarters, under boot, under bonnet and front & rear valences all appear to be in excellent condition as does the interior which is in very nice order and a period radio finishes things off nicely.

The Mechanicals:

The engine appears complete & original but doesn't run, however, I see no reason why it won't with a charged battery, fresh fuel and perhaps some service items. It turns freely by hand and the second owner said that he regularly went out to the garage to turn it over so that it wouldn't seize.

Despite all things appearing well in the engine department, it is worth mentioning that the car has had a small engine fire at some point. However, it must've been caught quickly as the only evidence now is slight charring to the air filter and upper region inside of the bonnet lid.

As far as the rest of the mechanicals go, it's hard to say with a car that is neither running nor road legal BUT it does steer, stop on the pedal and the handbrake works. As with any car that has been stood for this length of time I would suggest a throrough run through of the brakes, steering and suspension to make sure all is well before taking to Her Majesty's highways again.


As mentioned previously Jeggie's interior is in nice condition appearing very tidy with fitted under-dash parcel shelf and period radio amongst some of the nicer extras to have. The seats, again, are in good condition but as they are cloth and not the more traditional vinyl I would suggest they have been retrimmed at some point. The carpet set too, is in nice condition but again, not original to the car. 

All in all, it's a nice place to sit and with such fripperies as a fuel gauge and a full width headliner, you won't want to leave!

Now, The Not So Good:

As mentioned this car has been in possession of the second owner since 1979 and during that time they became quite attached, using the car as their daily transport (the 3 fitted rear seat belts are a testament to this!). As is often the case with Beetles, time took its toll and at some point in the late '80s / early '90s the car was treated to some remedial welding and a repaint in what I assume is the original hue of L620 Savannah Beige. Sadly some of this work was not of a good standard and the lower door posts, whilst solid, ideally need redoing (See pics on this ad).

Despite this work & tlc, the car fell foul of the evil tinworm in the year 2000 and was parked in a dry garage awaiting more tlc that never came (I bet you're all crying now aren't you?). The tinworm in particular has affected the heater channels at the front end on both sides (See pics on this ad). In addition to this, the heater channel closing plate on the passenger side rear has rotted and needs attention. Furthermore, the floors under the rear seats have seen better days. Despite the obvious cancer at the ends of the channels, the heater channels do 'seem' to be reasonable along a fair length of the car but having said that, despite the good sections of channel I think Jeggie deserves new, full channels both sides to ensure the tinworm does not return. In addition to the above there are also some crispy areas in the spare wheel well too.

Obviously work is required to the heater channels, closing plate, wheel well and rear floors but the car is most definitely not a basket case and will be a fantastic project for the lucky new owner. Please be aware that this list of required welding is a guide based only on my inspection of the car. Please arrange a viewing to make up your own mind. 

Important: It's very hard to get over in words the good (which Jeggie is for the most part) and bad aspects of this vehicle and the amount of pictures permitted on eBay is limited. For this reason I have taken over 60 pictures of the car which can be found here:


I would urge any prospective purchaser to take a good look at these photos, or better still, come and view the car to make up your own mind. If you don't know about Beetles, please bring someone with you who does, I have nothing to hide and you can inspect the car for as long as you like. I might even make you a cup of tea.

And Finally:

So there you have it, Jeggie as I see it, but, as mentioned, I would urge anybody seriously interested to view and make up their own minds. It is what it is; a rare and desirable model with a hell of a lot going for it but now in need of some work to make it right once more. I'm sorely tempted to buy it from my friend for myself as I've become quite attached, but it just isn't the right time for me and I already have my own bug!

It's a very tough car to price and currently there aren't really any direct comparisons on offer, so I've called on people more knowledgeable on the model for advice on pricing. I personally, as an enthusiast, would like to see the car go to someone who will sympathetically repair the car to a high standard and return it to the road in their own time, rather than a quick bodge, but hey, that's me, a misty eyed fool.

If you need to know more, or have any questions, feel free to message me. I'll try to answer any queries on the owner's behalf and it's currently stored at my home (my own Bug is out in the cold!) so I can grab any extra pics that you might need too. My name is Andy and the car is located near Warrington close to the M56 / M6 / M62 and A580 road network, so a breeze to reach from most places.

I think that's everything. I'll assist you in any way that I can and you are welcome to view by appointment BEFORE the auction ends. If you bid, you bid to buy; not to view and haggle or kick tyres. To this end a £250 deposit will be required at auction end and firm arrangements made asap to collect the car. Non payers will be reported to eBay.

Happy Bidding!



NOTE: The Car Is Advertised Elsewhere SO I Reserve The Right To End The Auction At Anytime. Use The 'Buy It Now' Button To Avoid Disappointment.

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