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 I bought the car as a project car with the end goal of racing but when I saw the state of neglect that she was in I felt that just getting it back into drivable condition would be great. Once it started to come back to life i was rather impressed with what it can do. The mods that I did were purely to restore the car back to a solid working condition. After 24 years the car needed some real love. I started by FULLY rebuilding the breaks, disassembled and acid bathed the calipers, reassembled them with a new rebuild kit using the Nissan parts to be sure the rubber seals were the proper size. I rebuilt the brake system with the addition braided cables with a PVC coating on them so they won't start to wear after 5 years like the older crap does. still needs some good rotors and pads three’s just off the shelf in there for now. Then I turned my attention to the front bushings (all of them) replaced them all and added some adjustable uppers to allow for some movement within 3 degrees in either direction. Since the original car didn't have this I felt it necessary for future use and longevity of the life of the suspension.
The motor had been chipped and pulls real hard all the way through the power ban, I was thinking about a new Twin Turbo upgrade, but Ive found the power to be enough for what I was going to do with it. I did a tune up just before the fall, added a high performance cartridge feed oil filter and all the basics like plugs ect. When I got it and the guy told me that the timing belt was done around 100K. Ive had a peek and it looks OK, but some people I talked to said that its best to do it anyway just in case so that your call.

The interior was in crazy bad shape when I got it, but I hunted down all the broken pieces on the interwebs and was able to get lots of pieces to reassembled it putting in center dash components was crazy hard to find so we stuck with the original pieces where we could. Most of the vinyl was torn off and we had to either re-glue it or replace the vinyl altogether, lucky we found a roll of stuff that so close you can't tell the difference. So I put the wife to work on bring the interior back to life. its in great shape now.

I wanted to drive it for a bit before I put it away for the winter so currently the condition of the car is great, its all reassembled and ready for sale. Which was lucky for me cuz now that the theres a baby on the way in May… You know the drill, my loss is your gain as they say in the parenting/car world. for more pics or questions please feel free to text or email me.

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