1973 Chevy Blazer 4X4 Rare Arizona Full Convertible For Sale

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Pacific, Missouri, United States
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4-Wheel Drive, Convertible
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Private Seller

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Description 1973 Chevy Blazer 4X4 Rare Arizona Full Convertible

Last chance at this unbelievable survivor!

Rare Original FULL Convertible Blazer 4X4 from Arizona and still has
it's 2015 Az. plate on it! It's been there all of it's life before I
got it no doubt but I’ve run out of space & time to mess with
it anymore, interests moved on so has to go regrettably! I bought it
to use it to pick up cars & parts with but turned out way too
nice to do that to it! It’s got to be put out in the weather again
soon possibly so it needs a nice new dry home to keep it rust free as
I think it never was until I got it and was out for a little while at
first and started getting like rusty water run off in a couple
places? Plainly never knew water before? Looks like previous owner
didn't have it long according to title record and he said he
got it from the original owner. Plainly was well taken care of &
built up probably before he got it! No rust holes anywhere that I know of but one rust hole in
bed door & that's it! It had a bubble in the paint that when
scraped off turned into a nice hole! Underneath truck is remarkable, well
the whole thing is and very strait!!
Only made the
first two years of model run! 350 four bolt main 40 over I was told?
Has the whole bit I'm told & seen the roller rockers so probably
is nicely built up? Seems to be turning out that way so far as it runs and especially sounds like a Beast!? I don’t
have a clue how many miles on it, Speedometer says 62k but could be 162k?? Runs great now so don’t know
how long ago it was rebuilt. Doesn't smoke are anything. Needs new paint but almost no body work needed at all on this very strait
truck! Has a little ding on top rear quarter panel, rt side &
rust hole in bed door but that’s about it? Original color of truck
is a light blue and I think had white stripes down the sides with
chrome trim around that that I have all of, missing peaces is brand
new in box. Been kept mostly original besides the beefed up motor,
billet grill & brand new cowl induction hood! Needs drivers seat
recovered, back drivers side panel is not that great at back edge so needs attention, the rest is good and should just need a good cleaning and
should look good like the dash pad did after cleaning that that now
looks like new almost. Gas gauge wasn’t working so got new sending
unit, not in it yet, was trying that for a fix as it kept showing way full when on? U joints in front axles at wheels seem like there
loose/floppy?? but the rest looks really good and tight!? Has Chrome tow hooks on front. New Front
drive shaft is not in until U joints are looked at! Rear drive shaft looks newer? Has a Tow hitch!
Speedometer isn't working now but did so I guess I didn't get it pushed in all the way and seated back
in right after putting LEDs in dash so need to try pushing that in
again and then put screws back in dash pad and wood grain peace back on that goes over instrument panel is still off also so it waits for that to be done.
Has AC, just checked it and didn't start turning when I turned it on! It's all there I think and hooked up,
haven't checked really it other than turn the lever to be on but nothing at compressor? I got a new heater core but might not need
one as it was disconnected, bypassed but heard people do that to keep the heat
out in hot climates so don’t know now if really is bad or not now? You
Can't Find ANY truck this rust free I bet and if you do they had tons
of replacement panels cobbling it back together, this is mostly all
original and super strait & mostly rust free Truck saving Thousands of Dollars and tons of
time! This could look fantastic in no time? Don't look like it ever had any bad wrecks of any kind! Seems to run good
now since getting rid of quadrajunk, drove it five miles and was ok
but don't know how road worthy it is but I think might be good to go for a driver if you want now?
Exhaust & headers are starting to get tiny pin holes in them! Has
a Chrome ball breaker saver thing for front axle that goes from hud to hub that I took off
because it had a worn tire on inside edge so thought it might be because of
that so took it off & to have front end aligned but didn't get it
done but does come with it, it should clean up nice as everything else does and this is chromed, super easy to clean! Top has broken off piece on
the fiberglass window gutter lip over passenger door and rest of it’s
pretty nice fiberglass top with no spreading cracks. 

that need looked at?

joints or seal or something in front hubs are bad? Seem Loose? I bought the socket to take
off the hub but never got to see what the deal is?

end alignment?

panel wood grain isn’t so hot, fading?

door pocket lost it’s elasticity.

systems has pin holes.

Windshield has a tiny chip, need that junk squeezed in it. Windshield doctor! 

be leaking at master cylinder??

metal at door lock post.

needs a good cleaning as everything has a thick like dust/dirt layer
on everything but the dash pad I cleaned it up and is looking really good, almost new looking and sure most will do the same!?



tank sending unit, in box.

tires! Other two are like new!

induction Hood. I painted underneath it but not top and primer is


Two trim strips that goes behind driver’s door & wraps around to back bed door with clips.

trim strips that go above & below back trim panel with clips.

Carb. a Year old.

Windshield washer fluid bottle. Needs windshield squirters for new hood now to hook line to.

Two Front
Arm Rests

Seals, 2 that go around side windows & back window, still in box.

& outer weather strips for back window.

Outer weather strips for doors

Bed door access door seal, in box. 

Weather strip that goes around the inside of bed door. 

It looks like I also have the door rubber that goes around inside of it.

Two bumpers to bottom out back window on. In box

New window runners for back window sides in bed door.

Rear window frame & parts to it.

Head light buckets, just put on, not pictured.

Wiper blades

window crank handle mech with lock on bed door.

light lenses.

light housings.

Two Top Dome light lens. 

Emergency brake cables coming out of
back hubs.

Emergency brake cable that goes from
back hub to front then back to other hub.

Front Disc brakes

Back brakes

New power booster.

LED dash lights.

Two 31X10.50R15 LT 109S Fualkand

Chrome tyranny dust cover, not on it.

Front drive shaft. 

Not All new is on it yet!

Probably forgetting who knows how much & still adding to this!

It is what it is and think I covered at least the important stuff I know about?

As is where is! No warranty of any
kind! I can assist a shipper!

$500 pay pal deposit with in 48 hours
after action end!

Full payment due & cleared with in seven days and truck
will not be released until all funds fully clear! Cash or electronic transfer!

Clean title in my name!

It can sit here if needed for a little while, might have to sit outside soon, will keep covered if so.

Any question, want a viewing or need
more pictures just give me call and I’ll do my best!

Only Very Serious buyers can call Rob
at 636-373-4381 to set up viewings for you or your agent!

Thanks and Good luck bidders who’s
getting this rare chance at such a rust free truck! 

Runs good and sounds like a Beast!!! It's a Beasty boy truck!

Updated 1/09/17

UTUBE of it running but doesn't sound right on film at all? My first YouTube video. I guess I should have done a tour of it also, oh well you can listen but doesn't sound nothing like it does in person. It sounds super bad in person as exhaust is loud!! https://youtu.be/x-6Nm24f3X0  

No Reserve!

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