Convertible Corvette Stingray- 35’000 mls first owned by Mana Saeed Al Otaiba For Sale

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Description Convertible Corvette Stingray- 35’000 mls first owned by Mana Saeed Al Otaiba

Corvette Stingray with only 35’000 miles & first owned by His Excellency
Mana Saeed Al Otaiba in 1970 and time of birth of his son Yousef Al Otaiba the current UAE Ambassador
to the USA.

normal;background:white">This is an all but  unrepeatable opportunity for any serious owner or collector??

normal;background:white">After years of ‘cost no object’ restorations the pool of original,
unmolested classic vehicles out there has unfortunately shrunk dramatically.
While we are all able to admire a perfect ‘100 point’ restoration as much as
the next OCD sufferer, there is much to be said for a good, honest, well used
and well loved car that has for some unexpected reason not had as many miles
piled onto it over the years. Nowadays a 46 year old American car with less
than 36,000 miles on the clock is pretty unheard of. That’s an astounding average
of just 782.61 miles per year........2.1 miles per day.......

normal;background:white">This matching number, C3 350/300 Corvette Stingray Convertible has a compelling
back-story of power, oil, politics and Arabian Royalty,  involving just three registered owners since
new and only two long term keepers.... the last change was to remove a highly
prized registration number.

normal;background:white"> The mileage is warranted and is
reflected in its condition today, which scores very highly for originality with
nearly every component and tangible item the self-same it left the factory and
only one major diversion from it’s original specification – the car was originally
painted Cortez Silver as evidenced by the identification plate found inside the
N/S door opening. About 37 years ago, when the car was first imported into the
UK by Mr Bell, (a prolific oil engineer of his time) it was blessed with a
respray into its current Classic White, due to the dulling of the paint from
the Arabian heat. Other than that, trim, carpeting, hood, hardtop and all the
major mechanical items are those that were applied or fitted in the St Louis,
Missouri factory nearly forty-seven years ago.

normal;background:white">How this machine came to survive the best part of half a century largely
unmolested is a story in itself, and is one that is fully documented in the
car’s extensive and fascinating history file.

normal;background:white">The Corvette’s first owner was, First Minister of Petroleum and Mineral
Resources of the United Arab Emirates, a true global political heavyweight who
has not only been Personal and Private advisor to successive Sheikhs but also
President of OPEC a record six times from 1971 to 1983 – coincidentally pretty
much the same period of time that he owned this car. Well, you do ideally
require access to a fair amount of ‘gas’ when you run one of these things, and
who better for the job than the UEA’s ‘Minister for Petroleum’?

normal;background:white">His Excellency has always maintained strong links and a good
relationship with the USA and indeed his son, Yousef Al Otaiba, is the
incumbent UAE Ambassador to the USA in Washington, who was born whilst His
Excellency owned this vehicle. It seems not inconceivable that Mana Saeed Al
Otaib might have received this Corvette as some form of gift from United States
diplomats, grateful to have a good friend in this globally key economic region.

normal;background:white">Manufactured in February of 1970 to Convertible 350/300, four speed
manual gearbox specification with an impressive list of options such as power
steering, brakes and windows plus desirable hardtop, the Corvette was shipped
immediately to the UAE where, so the story goes, His Excellency tended to have
the car flown to wherever he required it, so it was always ready for him to
enjoy as soon as he landed, wherever he landed. As the vendor says only
slightly tongue in cheek, during this time the car probably accrued more air
miles than road miles..

normal;background:white">In mid-1979 the Corvette was purchased by the highly regarded UK oil
engineer working in the Middle East, he shipped the car back to the UK,
commissioned the re-spray and kept it right up until a few months ago when it
was purchased and had the cherished plate removed. During its stay in the UK
the car has always been safely garaged in rural Norfolk and by all accounts has
never been driven in the rain.

normal;background:white">The paintwork is free of major crazing or any micro-blistering but it
does not of course have the gloss or shine of a freshly applied finish, and
there are a number of blotches and dull patches where it has been touched in
over the years. Any new owner can obviously choose the best appropriate course
of action here for themselves – either to use and enjoy the car exactly as it
is cosmetically, or perhaps look at returning it to it’s original and highly
attractive Cortez Silver. Perhaps in todays 'preservation' orientated world the
ultimate course of action would be to carefully remove the white 'top coat' to
reveal the original silver underneath, perfectly protected from the elements
for the last 37 years! Either way it’s not a job that needs attending to
immediately (or that you should attempt on a Sunday). Under the paint the body
itself is outstanding with great alignment and all round, even panel gaps.

normal;background:white">As you would expect from such a lightly used and cherished machine, the
chassis itself appears to be totally solid and looks to have never required any

normal;background:white">The chrome finish on the bumpers, guards and grills is good in all areas
with many of the minor details such as sill trims having been renewed. The
original slotted steel wheels have recently been correct-silver powder coated
and fitted with new oh-so appropriate Goodyear Eagle tyres.

normal;background:white">The interior has aged nicely with the only slight wear being to the
leather seat facings and door cards. The original radio is in place – by now we
are sure that will not surprise you – as are the seat belts while the dashboard
and other various consoles and surrounds are all in good condition. The draft
excluders and seals seem to be the original items and are in more than useable
order. This does not have the appearance of a car that has been left out in the
blazing sun and while that may not be so unusual for a Norfolk domiciled
machine, we should still be thankful for the care that was lavished upon it in
the UAE. Both hard and soft tops are in almost ‘factory’ condition in terms of
both fit and finish.

normal;background:white">The Corvette starts on the first turn of the key (two sets supplied) and
runs with the correct manufacturer’s oil pressure whilst also sounding
wonderful absolutely no evidence of any squeaks or rattles. This car feels as
tight and fresh as a 36,000 mile car should do.

normal;background:white">A recent full service and specific attention to components such as brake
pipes, hoses, discs and calipers has just been completed by Paul Allen of
Marque Experts Lincolnshire Corvettes. Surprisingly the renownly tenacious
headlamps and wiper panel pop up and down as they should. The heater blower
motor works, with vents needing TLC, and I am in the throes of fixing the rev
counter. The cars dash clock has stopped and we are looking at that also.

normal;background:white">A large history file is present containing all the relevant
documentation along with a current MOT certificate valid until 2017.


normal;background:white">All in all a car that’s clearly not perfect, but then neither it is
presented, priced or relevant as such. What you have here is an extremely
original and rare, very low mileage car with a fascinating history - just
waiting for the next chapter of its extraordinary life to begin with its lucky
new owner. You certainly will not find another example like it.

normal;background:white">If exported the lucky new owner will be responsible for shipping and taxes


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