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Road Runner
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 ONLY ENGINE  ON OFFER, NEVER INSTALLED. Mopar late production ported aluminum Stage VI head package, Eagle Kit (steel rods, Hemi 4340 steel crank, Ross pistons), competition balanced,  'early 400" block, .570" Solid Ultradyne cam/lifter 296 duration 256 lift, Ported/port matched  Mopar M1 single plane manifold, Fluidampr. 640hp/640torque when used with 2 7/8" headers and the right carb. No valve covers, no carb. From MM: 400 Block In my 29+ years experience, the 400 block is THE best wedge block for performance engine builds. There are number of factors that make me say this. 1) bore size: the 400 has the biggest starting bore @ 4.340. Bigger bores unshroud the valves and allows the cylinder head to flow more air. As we all learned in “engine building 101”: the more airflow you have, the more power you can make! 2) The short deck height makes the cylinders more stable, and the block itself fits better in tight fit applications. The shorter deck height also means a shorter/lighter piston. Factory blocks don’t really like a lot of stroke (two bolt mains) so we try to limit performance and race engine builds to a 4.25 stroke. Limiting stroke helps minimize main cap walk and improves block durability. Since we don’t run very large stroke, we can then use a 6.535 long rod and a 1.300ish compression height piston. This creates a combo with a good rod ratio, short/light piston without having the wrist pin intersect the oil ring and a piston that is still tall enough to accommodate any valve pocket depth and or ring package. 3) main size: the 2.625 size main bearing require less oil to maintain a hydrodynamic wedge (this is the “wedge” of oil that separates the crank from the bearings) and the smaller main size also leaves more material in the block around the main studs/saddles. This is important because the block is the weakest link when building a performance engine in a stock block. When we build a high performance 400 or 440 block, we will use a main stud girdle for power ranging from 650-750 HP. For power levels over 750 HP we will upgrade the main caps themselves as well as at least a partial filling of the water jacket with cement for bottom end stability. Other than a somewhat limited availability of good core blocks, the 400 is my favorite engine block to build.
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