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Description 1968 Mustang Fastback

Classic American Car Sales bring you yet another stunning motor

1968 Mustang Fastback in glorious Alcapolco blue 

Car is at our shop near Braintree Essex. The weather did not allow us to take photos here yet and we are not taking this car into the wet and dirt :-)

Its crazy, nothing is ever as it seems, We here at Classic American Car sales purchase many cars each year. Most are long distance purchases. Owners say: "the car is mint, the engine sings, the body is completely rust free" We know better, we know to expect several hundred to several thousand worth of repairs needing to be done once the car is in the UK. Folks exaggerate and thats to be expected. We hear the white noise, make some sort of value judgement on the car in question and either buy it or don't and then have a realistic expectation of what the car will really look like once in our hands. As my mother used to say "expect to be disappointed and you won't be disappointed" 

With this 1968 Mustang Fastback we had over a hundred photos before purchase so we had a good feeling the car was as described. So in this particular case we had high expectations and when the car arrived they were actually exceeded. This was not a car built for resale by a flipper as so many of them are with corners cut and poor fit and finish. Real care and attention went into this build and you can tell it was someones keeper by the detail and quality. 

Firstly what is wrong: Every car has some booboos and this is what we see

We found a small chip as the leading edge of the drivers door right at the top, half a 5p coins worth, This will be repaired
A few of the door handles inside are missing their blue rubber knobs on the ends, We have ordered new handles
Someone had installed a power drivers window and we hated that, So it was removed and a correct window regulator was purchased and is now installed. We had to remove the door panel to do this and thus could see in the door shell. Awesome clean condiiton
The dash bezel (chrome surround) has black painted centres on the plastic see through parts, We have ordered new ones to replace. 
Rear quarters have had lower patch panels (Extremely common) and you cannot tell at all from the exterior 

Is the car Mustang Club of America concourse condition with paint daubs and grease pencil markings?? No, then it would be 70-80k
 Is it capable of winning nearly any show you attend? YES
It is the absolutely most requested body style of Mustang you get asked for? YES
Is the paint great, smooth, ripple free? YES
Is the underside clean, tidy and worth getting the knees of your trousers dirty kneel down to look? YES (although we have two lifts on site for any comfortable viewing) 
Is the interior neat, tidy and the seats well covered and in prime shape? YES
Do the doors close well? YES 
Are the body gaps nice? YES
Are the wheels nice? OH YES!!! 
Tyres good? YES
Disks? YES
Fold down rear seat? YES
How does the engine sound? Well you will need a ciggy after hearing it, Twin Flowmasters as always work their magic to your ears. Folks won't just look at you when you drive this, They will want to morph into you and take over your existence

A list of the cars features:

Rebuilt 5.0 litre/302 V8, to say it sounds "right" is the understatement of the year, If the sound of this car was perfume we would bathe in it

Four Barrel Edelbrock Carb

Edelbrock Alloy heads

Ford Racing engine dress up package 

MSD alloy distributor

New radiator 


Centre console

Newer Radio (not hooked up) 

Dual exhaust featuring Flowmaster mufflers, The sound you want, trust us on that

Fold down rear seat

Power Disk brakes

Power steering 

New 17 inch Shelby Cobra American Racing wheels with 235 45/17 tyres. We are not just calling them Shelby Wheels, See the centre cap ($2500 in wheels and tyres) If you did prefer other wheels we have Styled steel, Magnum 500s and Torque Thrust wheels 

All Chrome Excellent

Tons of chrome in the engine bay 

Super clean boot

I don't really know what else to say, 1968 Fastback, Alcapolco blue, V8, Disks, Killer stance and wheels......I really should keep this for myself :-) 

Car will be sold with full UK MOT from a reputable garage and with US style number plates as well as UK V5

Any question, Any photo requests, Video requests: Peter 07742 604906 or Pmustang@gmail.com 

Our last car in a similar condition lasted only a few days. We have four 67/68 Fastbacks in stock, Several 65/66 Fastbacks, A convertible, Several coupes, some light projects and several more cars on water arriving soon 

OKAY, so y0u want to hear it? Do ya? really? 



So you want the car and your going to make a cheeky offer? Please respect the fact this is as seriously nice car and would cost many tens of thousands more to build then the purchase price and the build would take 2-3 years of your life to do so. Best deals are in person over a coffee and sealed with a hand shake. Thanks for looking and reading our advert. We enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoyed reading it 

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