Auburn 125 Full CCCA Classic Original Survivor ACD Cord Vintage Antique Auto Car For Sale

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Auburn 125
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Mossleigh, Alberta, Canada
299 ci. Straight Eight
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Description Auburn 125 Full CCCA Classic Original Survivor ACD Cord Vintage Antique Auto Car

This is a very original, complete, extremely solid and unmolested 1930 Auburn Model 125 Sedan. This was Auburn’s top-of-line model of which 4,658 units were built in 4 different body styles.
It is a large American automobile that is in running driving condition showing only 68,586 original miles on the odometer.
It is quite evident by overall condition that this car was never abused and likely did not spend much time in outdoor conditions, and certainly did not see any winters.

It remains as originally equipped without any modifications and has original interior. The wood structure of the body and doors is very solid and sturdy. All metal body panels and sheet metal are very straight with never any rust issues, damage, or bodywork performed.
There was one respray of color done in the old lacquer of the 1960’s, with no damage or bodywork evident.

The Auburn 125’s rode on a 130” wheelbase and were powered by a 125 horsepower, 299 ci. Lycoming Straight-8 engine, hence the model 125 designation.
This Auburn carries Full Classic status with the Classic Car Club of America.
Truly an impressive car by any standards.

Built by the Auburn Automobile Company in Auburn, Indiana, Auburn automobiles were built from 1900 to 1936. It is one of the most famous of American automobiles, and in 1930 one of their advertising slogans was "Never Has An Automobile That Offered So Much Power, Size, Structural Strength And Distinction, Sold For So Little Money".

This car comes from the estate collection of an Alberta doctor who owned it for several years. Little of its history is known prior to his acquisition of it from Ontario, Canada in 2010. Illness prevented him from enjoying the car or doing much with it prior to his passing in 2013.
The car has recently had some servicing of the brake system but further attention is required to the master cylinder. It has a new custom built gas tank installed replicating the original, and a new battery.

This full classic Auburn is an excellent candidate for high caliber restoration given its originality, completeness, and solid structure throughout.
This listing provides many more details as you scroll thru, followed by a link to a photo album of 220 pics.

The engine is the correct original 299 ci. Lycoming Straight Eight. Matching engine number on both body and engine block tags indicate it is original to the car.
All other mechanical components are correct originals, and nothing is missing.
The engine bay is basically clean and tidy, but shows the grime of its miles.

The engine starts well, runs smooth, and the car has been recently driven. It has good oil pressure and at idle shows 38-40 lbs. pressure. There is no record of what work may have been performed on the engine, but it appears that it received attention to whatever was needed. There are no unusual noises or smoke, and the longer it runs the better it sounds.
Auburns used a mechanical fuel pump, no problematic vacuum tank as found on many other cars from this period.

The original ignition lead from the key is disconnected at the distributor, reason unknown, and a separate wire is run to a toggle under the left dash in its place.
The intake manifold shows a brazing repair, and a ‘too short’ throttle return spring is wired to the steering box, it should anchor to the clip on the block.
The modern hose clamps, fuel filter, and plastic ‘J’ hooks added at the firewall as hood supports are the only non-period items evident under the hood.

Original radiator core and tanks in very nice condition.
The stainless water jacket cover and pipe assembly is like new, likewise the chrome acorn nuts.
The original webbing material along the engine side pans is still strong and intact.

There is a crank handle included, and a new spare fan belt.
The rest of the drivetrain appears as all complete, intact, and original.

The chassis, including steering, suspension, and hydraulic brakes is all intact and as originally equipped, without modification. Overall it shows the road dirt and grime of its miles. The frame is very solid and straight.
This Auburn is equipped with its original Bijur chassis lubrication system totally intact, although it did leak at a front line when depressed. The Bijur company still exists today and most of the parts to fully restore these systems are still available from them.

There is no excessive free play in the steering, but there is some wear in the king pins.
All four shock absorbers are present and all links are intact.
Exhaust system is intact but muffler is rusted out. The only other item on the car with any rust out is the battery tray.

Recent servicing of the brake system revealed all linings have little to no wear and drums are in good condition. Wheel cylinders recently rebuilt, fronts like new, rears have some pitting but appear not to leak.
Master cylinder cleaned and honed, but pitted enough that it should be sleeved. Main threaded cap to body is leaking, likely need to replace internal gasket and seal threads. As a result pedal goes to floor, no brakes.
Handbrake on transmission shaft works and brings the car to a stop, although some oil on lining.

A new gas tank was recently fabricated and painted black, replicating the original in all respects. The intact original sending unit was refurbished, although gauge at dash requires attention.

These Auburns originally ran on 6.50 x 18 tires. These tires are a matched set of 6 Denman 7.00 x 18 wide whites. They are 6-ply heavy duty rated, mounted on 6 original 72-spoke knock-off wire wheels, all of which are in good condition.
The 2 side-mounted tires have no miles, and the running set have very little wear by comparison.
Original side mount brackets in place with period leather tie-down straps. Both original spare tire lock assemblies come with the car, but due to oversize tires don’t fit properly and as such are not on the spares, nor do we have the keys for those locks.
The left side mount only has a different center cap, not sure if this is a correct original, but there’s only the one.
There are also 2 spare knock-off center caps, both right and left thread. All 6 center caps still have their Auburn tags.

There is no evidence of this car ever having had any collision damage, rust issues or repairs, or bodywork performed.
The wood structure throughout is in very good solid condition, no weak areas or rot detected anywhere.
The doors fit well with no droop. Rocking the driver’s door, or any other, up and down any amount rocks the whole car, there is no looseness in any of the hinges or their mounting points to either the body or the doors.
All doors close and latch like a bank vault, no worn hardware.

The hood upper and side panels are extremely straight, as are the front and side aprons, all fenders, doors, and body panels.

The door skins and bottoms are totally rust free, as are the rockers, bottoms of the front cowl and rear body tub, and side aprons. Nor are there any blisters evident from rust or swelling of body filler.

There are no sheet metal dents or dings to be found, everything is very straight and rust free apart from minor surface rust where ever bare metal has been exposed.
The running boards and brackets are solid, as are the mud catch pans beneath the boot scrapers. Rubber mats on the top side are also in good condition and intact.
The spare tire wells in both front fenders are very solid with no rust out.

The exterior was repainted many years ago in old lacquer, which has since become heavily checked, cracked and flaking in areas.
Much original paint is still evident on body and door jambs, as well as on the undersides of the fenders, side aprons, and frame.

Overall an extremely solid, straight, and original car with one older repaint.
The only damage noted is the rear luggage rack rearmost bar, easily repaired.

The top fabric is original and intact. There were 3 spots across one of the top bows which had worn thin and slightly thru, black tape patches were applied to prevent further fraying or moisture entry.

The car retains its original 6-volt electrical system and has a new battery. The wiring is all original, and the charging system works as indicated by the amp gauge.
It has an attractive gauge cluster, black background with gold accents and Auburn script, and the instruments are original. Oil pressure, amp and temperature gauges are in working condition, fuel gauge is not.
Speedometer works but seems sticky over 30 mph.
Original choke knob to the left of key is missing, has brown replacement.
Ignition cable from key is disconnected at distributor, ON/OFF toggle switch left of steering column controls power.
Cigar lighter mounted above steering column.

Original Spartan horn in working order.
Headlamps and brake light work, cowl light wiring is not connected.
The glass lenses on the headlamps and cowl lamps are correct Monogram and all in good condition. A spare headlamp lens is included.
Rear tail light ‘STOP’ glass lens is also good. It is not equipped with turn signals.

The mohair upholstery is totally original in all respects, and although far from perfect, it has survived well all things considered. It could still be enjoyed as is if you don’t mind a few tatters, or it would be ideal for restoration patterns.

The under sides of both lower seat cushions, meaning the wood framework and springs, are in very sturdy and clean, rodent free condition.
Left front kick panel is in place, right side is missing, and there is no front carpet. Rear carpet is in place.
Flooring throughout is very solid. Original body tag located near left sill, original serial number tag located near right sill.
Rubber pads are missing from the brake and clutch pedals, and the gas pedal appears to be later period.

Original wood graining on the dash and window garnish moldings remains, although aged to varying degrees.
The steering wheel is in very good original condition with no cracks. The spark, throttle, and headlamp levers at the hub are nice and intact. Horn button and bakelite surround are nice.

The original headliner is not torn and shows no signs of water leakage or staining. Original dome light is present, along with the rear corner compartment lights.
There is a pull down privacy blind for the rear window, and exit assist pull cords on both sides.
The original vacuum wiper motor is present and has a lever for manual operation as well.

All glass on the car is in good condition. All windows roll up and down, and the windshield crank is particularly smooth and easy to operate.
It has unique small side windows on either end of the windshield, which have interior trim moldings retaining the glass. The passenger side is missing the bottom and rear vertical piece. These would be very easy to make using the other side as examples.

The car retains all original inside door handles and window cranks except for the door handle on the left rear door, it does not match, however, a spare is included that requires a repair. Other spares included are 4 escutcheon plates, 2 quarter window cranks, and an exterior door handle.
The latches, door sill plates, and all other hardware is present and in good order, including the door stop straps on all 4 doors.

All brightwork on the car is present and in good to very good original condition.
This Auburn is equipped with Balcrank chrome bumpers front and rear, in nice original condition showing only minor flaws and blemishes to their chrome.

The radiator shell has a very nice patina and is without dents, cracks, or rust. The same applies to the head lamp, cowl lamp, and tail lamp buckets and rings.

The original rad cap hood ornament has nice detailing and only minor pitting.
A couple of tiny chips on the enameled Auburn rad shell emblem.

Both running boards are equipped with dual boot scrapers, which are all in nice condition with no cracks or broken ribs. All 4 aluminum toe kick guards on the side aprons are nice and not dented, same for the aluminum edge trim on the boards.
All 4 aluminum sill plates bear Auburn script and are in nice condition, straight and not beat up or corroded.

All other brightwork items such as door handles, hood latches, cowl molding, and spare tire brackets are in good original condition.
The original luggage trunk is straight and solid, and retains its original corner guards and latches, although there is no key for the locks.

Literature with the car includes an original sales brochure, and a reprint of the Care and Operation Instructions which is a combination owners/shop manual. There is also a collection of ACD Club Newsletters and a Membership Directory as the doctor was a member.

This is an excellent car to get you into the Classic Car Club of America, or to add to an existing Auburn or ACD collection. It has relatively low miles, is very complete, original, and very solid, key elements when choosing a vintage car, and more so if considering a restoration. These are the qualities that save time and money over the course of a restoration, or maintain a car’s value if kept as a survivor, or just doing the necessary things to keep it roadworthy and reliable while just driving it.

Once the master cylinder and the muffler are attended to, this Auburn could be enjoyed as a driver. Further restoration tasks could follow over time while still having fun with it. There should be no hidden secrets or horrors with this car.

The basis is here for an easy, inexpensive, highly correct restoration. You won’t be spending years or tons of money trying to find missing parts, or performing extensive woodwork or rust repairs.

If you are considering a higher end quality car from the late ‘20s early 30’s era, then this could be it!
Due to their quality of engineering and distinctive design, Auburn automobiles will always maintain a following within the classic car world.


Please email ‘’ or phone Rick at (403)534-2222 for additional honest and accurate information from a professional auto restorer. A total of 220 pics are available for viewing at . Additional specific pictures are available upon request. No warranties expressed or implied. Successful bidder to make a minimum payment of 50% of closing bid amount (US funds) within 5 days of auction closing, with the balance payable upon vehicle pick up within 21 days (international) or 14 days (US/Canada).
Payment must be in certifiable form such as cash or wire transfer. PayPal for deposit only. Other forms of payment only acceptable with time allowance for instrument to clear bank prior to vehicle being released. Any deviation from, or changes to the preceding terms must be reasonable, and should be requested, discussed, and agreed to prior to bidding and auction closing.


Please submit all inquiries prior to bidding, and please only bid if you are able and willing to conclude the transaction should you be the winning bidder.
This vehicle is being sold with a Bill of Sale and a province of Ontario registration document.
The car is located in Mossleigh, Alberta, Canada, about 3 hours north of the Montana border. Please be aware of your shipping costs before bidding, quotes can be provided upon request if necessary. We can help make this a smooth, hassle free experience by arranging all-inclusive international transportation and brokerage for you. References relating to similar transactions are available. Cars Gone By has sold and shipped numerous collector vehicles to the USA and worldwide, the majority through Ebay transactions.
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