AMC "Pimp My Ride" Customized Pacer. Vintage, New Interior, Skulls, Pinstriping For Sale

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US $4.300.00
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Ventura, California, United States
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Matt Black, red pin stripes, painted Skull etc
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Custom,New Seats,Red Shag Carpet,Crome Chain Stear
6 Cylinder
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6 Cylinder
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Automatic Transmission
Regular Gas
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Air Conditioning
As Is.No Refunds. Suggested-Can Visit/Preview Car
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Private Seller

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Description AMC "Pimp My Ride" Customized Pacer. Vintage, New Interior, Skulls, Pinstriping

 Can't believe we're selling our unique "Pimp My Ride", AMC customized 1976 Pacer.  Sad for us. Moved to Ocean... Selling because Ocean Air starting to cause lite rust spots.  Easy to touch up now... but need to sell before more.

It was started for the TV Show but not aired.  BUT do a google search... "Pacer Skull Pimp My Ride" you can see more about the car.
I put a ton of money into successfully getting our Pacer California Smog compliant (July 28, 2016)... but have not used car in a while. 

Then decided to just keep going with the mechanical updates and new interior.
Originally paid $4,500 without new interior and smog and engine work. I've now put close to $11,000 plus in updates to the car .... you can see some of the receipts in the pics.

AUCTION IS "AS IS". Suggest coming to look at car before bidding or buying.
The Car is beautifully pinstriped in red. 
The Interior is redone...
New awesome Red Shag carpets. 
New Black and white custom seats both front and back.
The steering wheel is custom chromed chain... really stunning.
The photos were taken before washing car to spiff it up.
There are more custom skulls on the inside... like the door locks, Cigarette lighter etc.
While the interior and exterior have been custom done up, the inside of the hood is not painted and the engine compartment is not painted or chromed and inside moulding area of hatch back also wasn't painted.  Easy to complete...Lots of things have been upgraded and replaced.  

Car has been not used in 5 months so needs engine tuning and probably more a/c freon. 
The black matte paint and custom red pin striping, along with awesome hand painted skull on the hood, really looks cool. They didn't bring body to perfection before customizing... intentionally.  Way cool interior, awesome steering wheel. Some fading to matt black because of ocean... but really very cool looking and easy to spiff up.

There was a female Devil decal that was on the passenger door that had faded already when we got the car... Might want to put a new one over it (or not).... we like it as is.
Car runs nice.  Lots have been replaced (see pics of receipts).  Been sitting for a bit... so will want to tune engine so starts and runs as smooth as it did before moved to Ocean.

Drives really fine on the freeway. Passed California Smog after lots of restoring.
The Air conditioning works.  Have replaced a lot of it's air conditioning components, but may need recap of air conditioning fluid  One driver side window handle and one mirror needs replacing (easy to find).  You may want to touch up here and there.  Really would like bidder to see car before buying as being sold "As Is".  
We don't have a garage, so the car really wants a new owner that can keep her looking good, as the sun and sea air has had a little effect on the black matte paint. But still looks great. Moved to the beach and a custom car like this should not be sitting out right next to the ocean.  By all means ask questions, come check it out... have someone else come check it out... or put a really low bid on it and come out smiling.
WOW... talk about a head turner.  You will get stared at with envy.  People will always want to hear about the car. NON  It's a blast to drive around.
Again, before buying it I have No Problem at all with you coming to check it out first... we're in Ventura, Ca.  
Always a good idea to do that.
We've kept the auction starting price Really REALLY low.
No matter how I try to describe the car, it may not be how you see it in your mind, so ask question or come visit or buy it and watch the smile when it arrives.  WE DO NOT DELIVER ... YOU WOULD NEED TO PICK IT UP OR ARRANGE ON YOUR OWN FOR SHIPPING TO YOU.
We've had so much fun with her...this is a Fun and Happy Car that really wants a new fun owner.
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