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Xs 650
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Description Cafe racer bratstyle classic xs650 one off blacked out

This motorcycle was build by me when I was part of Relic Motorcycles (instagram: relicmotorcycles). 

It is a ground up, hand crafted custom cafe brat style bike. This is one of a kind and a total head turner. 

Everthing on the bike is custom build and designed with an oldschool racer in mind. Just with an modern bratstyle twist. 

Original Xs650 | 1977
Built | 2015-2016
Currently registered in Denmark and totally street legal


Custom classic race fairing made specifically made for the XS650. Painted in glossy black with Relic motorcycles logo underneath the lacquer. (See pic)
One off speedometer with hair removing details. (No numbers. See pic)
Hand made tail carved in oak. Brushed with thick lacquer. Logo details burned in the wood. Perforated leather seat with details. 
Dime city cycles rearset with modifications to fit above the upwards pointing pipes. 
Custom made alu perforated sidecovers to hide the eletronics. 
Legal rearlight drilled and hidden in the wood tail section. 
Modified and hard front fork. Classic race adjustable rear susp. 
Professional glossy tank paint with custom logo. 
Cnc custom made tripple tree with intergrated speedo. 
Oldschool classic looking pipes. Sound awesome. 

Wheels and brakes
Avon classic 
Front 17" x 4.0
Rear 16" x 5.0
Glossy black sand blazed. 
Dual front brake caliper. Ventilated. 

Hand & foot controls
Dime city rearset modified. 
Performance Machine clucth and handbrake. Glossy black. 
Performance gX brake fluids resevoir. Aluminium mat black. 

Bodywork and finish
Hand formed racing fairing made specifially to the mighty XS650. Made by a japanese glassfiber artist. 
Hand made all in one seat and tail section in dark oak. Oxalic acid and lacquered to give a shinny proffesional look and finish.
Proffesional made perforated leather seat. 

Eletrical & Ligting
GM performance front light. Low/high rewired. 
Shin Yo Mini tail light hidden in the wood section.
No other lights on the bike as it is not an requirement to be street legal in Denmark. 

Engine & Airfilters
Mikuni velocity stacks. These stacks can swallow small kids. 
Engine is very weel maintained and runs spins a pussycat. 

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