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Impala Super Sport
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Moriac, VIC, Australia
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Left-Hand Drive
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1966 Chevrolet SS Impala – Genuine Super Sport.

All import approval paperwork, original sales receipt etc.

Bought from dealership in Chicago and shipped to Australia in November 2014.

Car was frame off restored in the states approx 10 -12 years
ago and was in excellent condition when landed here.

Just in case you don’t know what frame off restored means
it’s when every panel is taken off the car then the whole frame/chassis is
restored along with all components and every nut, bolt and rubber. Then the
body, interior, engine and drive line are restored and fitted back to the car –
so really it means every inch of the car is re-done to as or better than new.

Car was quoted as 650 HP but was well under when I got it so
I had Chris Dalton at Dalton Automotive in South Geelong put a TBS 8-71
supercharger on it to get the HP up and went through the car making the
changes I wanted. The motor in it had top notch parts and internals but wasn’t
well put together so Chris went right through it when fitting the blower. Chris
had built the motor, diff and trans for my last Impala also and had done a
great job – he’s well known in Geelong and drag racing circles for muscle,
turbo, rotary builds – anything that goes fast.

Car was driven with the blower for about 6 months until
motor broke a lifter and stripped a lobe off the cam. So I decided to sell the
blower set up and get the motor fully rebuilt and worked to get as much HP as
possible but keeping everything under bonnet and naturally aspirated as I was
always worried about being pulled over and done for the supercharger.

Motor is now a 454 stroked to 500 cubes. Engine cleaned,
crack tested, bored etc. etc. Heads, manifold fully ported and polished by
Johnny Dyno in Nth. Geelong. Motor and whole car has no expense spared. Gearbox
gave up and ate third gear not long after the new motor went in so I had it
fully rebuilt with Kevlar clutch packs, strengthened shafts etc. which cost
over three grand.

Last dyno pull was on 15/10/16 -  car gave almost 540 rear wheel horsepower which
is around 700 at the fly wheel with this set up. With motor leaned out Chris
got 570 odd rear wheel and said it’d go to 600 rear wheel HP no problem but be
too lean to drive on the street ( good for dyno numbers though ).

Car has a massive bucket load of torque and is very fast –
when doing 80 to 100 k’s – mash the pedal and it’s like a rocket ship –
couldn’t imagine too many cars keeping up with it. At low speed if you give it
heaps it does spin up but when you get the hang of putting the power down it
hooks up big time and drives straight. Good thing with this car is you can
drive it like an animal because everything is all billet/forged and won’t break
– the car loves it and is built to be given heaps - or you can just putt around
and it drives like a cruiser with no problems.

Below is a list of everything the car has – came with a lot
done but I’ve spent a bucket load getting it all upgraded and to handle the
power it has now. I really wanted the car for how straight the body was, how
good the paint, chrome and interior were and as it was frame off restored how
good all the under body, rubbers, nuts, bolts, frame etc. would be. I already
had another 66 SS Impala when I bought this one and had done the motor,
gearbox, diff etc. in that but the body, paint and interior were nothing
compared to this one so I bought it and sold the other one to focus on the
black one you see here.


MOTOR – all less than 6 months old

454 big block Chev bored and stroked to 500 cubic inches –
around 700 fly wheel HP

O ringed, copper head gaskets

Holley HP 950cfm 4 barrel carb re-jetted to suit motor

Victor Junior intake manifold – reworked to match heads

Scat stroker crank and rods kit

Dart Pro 1 325cc cylinder heads – extensively ported and
polished by Johnny Dyno

Mahle pistons 11.2.1 compression

Comp roller lifters

Comp pushrods

All ARP bolts throughout

Crane wide body Gold series roller rockers

Dart Stud girdles

Comp cams solid/mechanical roller cam – big and aggressive,
lumpy idle but with no problem just cruising at low speeds

Double row timing chain

Hooker Competition headers

5000 stall convertor

Separate fuel pump and fan switches, semi-hidden push button
engine start



Turbo 400

B and M Stealth shifter ( sequential type shift ) normal
pattern full manual shift

New Kevlar clutch packs, strengthened shafts, housing, bands

( gearbox rebuilt to handle at least 850-900 HP )



Twin mandrel bent 3 inch exhaust system with black tips

New mufflers

New exhaust cut outs – controlled by remote – when open the
car sounds crazy like a drag car but you can close the cut outs down with the
press of a button and the car still sounds tough but not like it has open
headers. I drive it open all the time – sounds mental when you accelerate but
good to know you can really quieten it down when you need to.


Disc brake front – new pads, fluid etc ( fully gone through
by Chris when I got the car )

Rear drum brakes – replaced with new when I got the car

New brake booster hidden under front left guard

New chrome fluid reservoir

Car stops brilliantly – brakes work great



New Billet specialties steering wheel

New/refurbished steering column and all components – super
easy to drive, turns really nice, drives straight and turns freely - no strong
arm – power steering is brilliant

New chrome power steering reservoir

Coil over springs in front gas shocks in rear

Car has a full 4 link rear end – installed when the frame
off resto was done and done so well it looks factory

All other components renewed with the frame off restoration

Car is what is called in the states a ‘semi back halved car’
– not fully tubbed but has a 4 link rear end


12 bolt Chev housing

New Tru Trac centre

Moser 3.7.3 gearset

Moser 33 spline billet axles

Heavy duty tail shaft, unis etc.

Shortened racing wheels studs


New custom made to order Weld ‘Vitesse’ RT series wheels –
15 x 8 front and rear

( these need to be special made to order in the states and
shipped over – not cheap )

New tyres all round 205mm fronts and 315mm Mickey Thompson rears

( 12 inch wide rears – inner rear guards are notched along
with small areas in the boot to make them fit – not tubbed at all  - all work to make them fit done very well –
hard to notice unless shown )


Custom made 4 row PWR radiator – car sits around 160 to 170
degrees for about the first hour of driving – after that I havn’t seen it above
180 to 190 on a hot day

New thermostat, hoses, clamps etc.

Trans cooler at front right

Radiator fan cut off switch in car

No heating/cooling in car – no heater box in engine bay (
I’ve never bothered with heating or air con in my cars )


New Holley black hi-flo fuel pump

New pickup in the fuel tank

Has a welded in surge/pick up tank – looks factory

New big breather

Fuel pump cut off switch in car

Car was running nitrous when I got it but we took off the
solenoids and spray plate – I had thought about putting it all back on but
never got to it so there is a full bottle of nitrous in the boot but not



MSD 6AL2 digital ignition – new

MSD distributor - new

New plugs, leads etc.

New big hi torque starter motor

New coil


All new black and chrome Aeroflow fittings and lines used

Autometer gauges – tach, fuel pressure, water temp, oil temp
– all work perfectly and light up when you turn car lights on

Looks to be original radio – not connected and I took aerial
out anyways – I’ve never bothered with 
radios in my cars - it’s all about the motor

All head lights, turn signals, brake lights, high beams,
under dash and in car lights work perfectly as all are new and all wiring fully
restored in resto

Original speedo and tacho not hooked up ( in miles anyways -
has big Autometer tach instead )

Interior all brand new and fully restored – only missing sun
visors which if you know your American cars is common ( lots of them have no
visors or wipers – especially Cali cars as they take them off )

Rear mounted battery cut out switch, fuel pump cut off
switch, and with the semi hidden push button start makes it hard to steal or
even start unless you really know what to look for

Battery in boot, water bottles and whatever else we could
hide have been hidden in engine bay, plug leads come from underneath, chrome
overflow bottles etc. to keep it looking as tidy as possible

Car comes with original restored steering wheel and centre
console which I took out for new steering wheel and shifter set up. Also has
indoor breathable car cover and high end Autotechnica outdoor fleece lined car
cover which I’ve never used as the car has always been garaged

There are also a few pieces of memorabilia – just some metal
Impala signs from eBay and 2 pics of Impala’s being built on production line
that I had mounted on board for the garage. I don’t want to be reminded I won’t
have the car anymore so it’s all going in the sale.

I’ve probably forgotten a heap of other stuff on the car too
– there’s so much been done that it’s hard to remember everything. Chris Dalton
who did all the work on this car ( and my car before this ) will be happy to
talk to any prospective buyers about the car as he knows more about it than I
do.  If any serious prospective buyer
would like to talk to him let me know and I can organise.

Google or Youtube his name and you’ll find vids of his 1600 HP
Alcohol fed HQ, 7 second rotary Mazda, 11 second XC, blown Mustang etc. The guy
has some crazy tough cars and really knows how to build them - some of the cars that go through his shop are unreal.

Pretty much this Impala has everything you could think of
done to it. As above I bought the car as a frame off restored car – I bought it
just from photos and the original sales video – so took a fair chance that the
car was as good as advertised. It definitely was and the only thing that wasn’t
as advertised was the horsepower figures. If you look at the car yourself or
have it checked out you’ll see just how good condition everything is on the
car. Almost the whole drive line of the car has either been replaced,
reconditioned or at the very least fully gone through by Chris to get it to all
work super well with the horsepower I wanted. Motor, gearbox, diff are all
almost brand new – there’s so many new parts on the car the I had done – put
all that with the frame off resto of the chassis, body, paint, interior etc.
and this car is pretty amazing – everything works and it drives so well. It is a
very fast car that you can drive anywhere anytime, turns every head and draws a


It’s definitely a regretful sale and a bloody hard and long
decision to do so and I’m only selling to help fund the reno’s to our new
property. I probably won’t be able to afford a car of this quality and power
again or at least for a long time and it’s as close to a dream car as I can get
without bringing in a full over the top Pro Street car from the states – which
I wouldn’t be allowed to drive here anyways!

This is a super quality car that will not disappoint and you
can drive anywhere at anytime - big power and massive torque that you can
cruise in too. Not too many cars around like this one – super tough, stylish
and everything done – I havn’t seen another 66 SS Impala around like mine and
it stands out big time from all the Aussie muscle and all the Camaro’s and
Mustangs that are out there.

The car is having a full photo shoot done by Chris Thorogood
from STREET MACHINE after this week once Chris is back from shooting Drag Week.
I’m hoping the car will photo well enough to make the mag – have to see how the
pics come out. Chris has said it’s definitly good enough but just have to see
how the pics come up and if the big wigs at the mag put it in. I’ll put more
info and some of those pics on once the shoot is done if the car hasn’t sold

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE - 23/11/16 - Mine and Chris's schedule didn't work out as he had to go to shoot the Bright Rod Run not long after getting back from Drag Week and I couldn't get away from work in between. Hoping to catch up with Chris next week after Geelong Revival Drags and get shoot organised. If car sells before hand I can still have the shoot organised for the new owner no problem.

For 12 videos of the car click on or copy and paste  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD845jqnzP1BFFRTDd1ahsw  which is my Youtube channel. Put some headphones on
and turn it up for the vids - especially the ones on the 24/10/16 and the for the other vid on the 23/10/16 of me coming down the
street and into the drive ( the one I stuffed up by turning the ipad sideways )
and you’ll hear how bananas the car sounds with the pipes open. Theres early vids
of the car when it was supercharged, more recent ones with new motor and
exhaust cut outs at our old place and a couple new vids just taken showing the
car driving down our street and into the shed. There’s even the original US
sales vid of the car and also a vid of my last SS Impala ( red ) too which I
sold to fund this car and a quick one of Chris Daltons blown alcohol HQ.

For over 70 photos of the car click on or copy and paste https://www.flickr.com/photos/impalabarn  

This is every photo I’ve ever taken of the car since I’ve owned
it – over 70 photos. They work backwards from most recent from the other day to
when I got the car. Some of when car was supercharged, some at car show and on
trailer for show etc.

Note the dyno figures in pics are both real wheel horsepower
– the recent one is NA power and the other one is from when it was


Viewing of car can be arranged by appointment – we are
located about 15 mins south west of Geelong in Moriac 3240. Please don’t be
offended but anyone coming to view the car will need to let me take a photocopy
of their licence before they get to look at it – non negotiable.

No Poopal. Cash or bank cheque is preferred method of

$1,000.00 deposit required straight away as down payment to
hold the car if you commit to buy it.

This is non-refundable so make sure you have the money
organised and any permission from the wife or whatever before you commit as I
won’t be giving it back if something goes balls up for you and I’ll be taking
it as a fee for wasting my time.

Payment will need to be in my hand or cheque cleared until I
release the car. Payment and pick up within 7 days if in VIC and I’ll give 10
days for interstate – after this the car gets re-listed or offered to another
person and I keep your deposit. If the car is mostly or fully paid for then I
may be able to keep it here in the shed for a little bit longer if need be
which can be discussed with buyer.

No low ball or stupid offers – if you know cars then you’ll
understand how much money has gone into getting the car to where it is – motor
alone is easy 25 to 30 grands worth.

Any questions just send through Ebay or call on 0411 233
671. NO text messages. Leave a voice message if I can’t answer – I will get
back to you.

Car is on non-transferrable club reg – buyer will need to
get own rego and roadie.

Cheers and thanks for looking.










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