Honda XR75 XR 75 K0 1973 Rare fully restored motorcycle trail motocross bike For Sale

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XR75 1973 K0
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Clarence Town, NSW, Australia
Motorcross (Off-Road)
Exterior Color: 
Rubber Grey Metallic
Engine Size: 
Four-speed manual
Start Type: 
Kick start
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Private seller

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Description Honda XR75 XR 75 K0 1973 Rare fully restored motorcycle trail motocross bike

Here is a rare opportunity to secure a "scarce as hens teeth" vintage motorcycle.
THIS ONE HAS BEEN FULLY, PROPERLY and METICULOUSLY RESTORED. I have noticed many sellers on eBay claiming to have similar bikes on offer that have supposedly been restored to original, like new condition.... but from what I have seen, many of them are thrown together very poorly using incorrect, patched up, or modified parts. That is not the case with this one.

This one is a Honda XR75 K0, 1973 model. These were the first of the XR75 models produced. They are well known for the classic bubble shaped tank (which were unique to this first model XR only) and their "Rubber Grey Metallic" paint scheme. They are the most highly sought after by collectors, enthusiasts and restorers. They are arguably the best and most attractive of all the X75's too.

As mentioned, this one has been meticulously restored using many new old stock parts and/or restored original parts. The engine number and frame number are not a factory match but are definitely both from the 1973 K0 model.   The restoration is impeccable and I seriously doubt you will find one better than this.

Here it is from the ground up....
The tyres are brand new IRC's and are the closest available match to the original IRC Tractor Grips. 
The chrome wheels and spokes are brand new and the hubs have been highly polished and look better than new.  The handle bars and fork legs have been stripped back and professionally rechromed and the lower fork tubes professionally polished to look better than new. Forks were then fully rebuilt with all new seals, new boots, fresh oil etc.  The muffler is an aftermarket one but is an identical copy of the original. It has been ceramic coated in low sheen black and then ceramic clear coated... it looks sensational and should be hard wearing.  The seat pan is a re-stamped copy of an original and has a new correct replica seat foam and cover.  
It has new hand grips, levers, and lever rubbers. It also has a new kick start rubber and gearshift rubber and a new lower chain guard.  The frame and all the other black parts have been sandblasted and painted in 2 pack plus clear coat and they look better than new.  The tank and all other grey painted parts have been stripped back to bare metal and professionally painted in 2 pack paint. The finish is an exact match for the original  "Rubber Grey Metallic" Honda colour. They were also clear coated leaving a paint finish that is will not see better anywhere. All the decals are new. The inside of the tank has been cleaned, treated and lined with a tank liner ensuring that it will pretty much last forever if looked after. 
The rear shocks are brand new replicas of the original showa shocks. (I am happy to supply the original rear shocks instead of the replica ones if the buyer prefers but they would require rebuilding/rechroming). 
It has new front and rear sprockets and a new drive chain. The brake linings are all restored and new shoes fitted.The throttle cable and front brake cable which are very rare, are still the original ones in good condition, but the clutch cable is new. The engine itself has been fully stripped back. The cases and covers have been metal polished and are so shiny now that they look look like chrome. The head has been reconditioned and the bore was honed. It has a new piston and rings. The engine was already pretty good to start with but is now fully reconditioned.  The original carby has been cleaned and rebuilt. The original fuel petcock has also been cleaned and rebuilt using new seals, filters, screws etc. The air cleaner case is sandblasted, powder coated and rebuilt. Air cleaner foam is new. Air cleaner boot is as new.  Most bolts, screws, nuts, washers etc are new geniuine Honda or rezinced originals. 
It has a new coil, condenser and points. The stator, magneto and advance mechanism have been cleaned and rebuilt and are in great condition. 

The bike starts effortlessly...first or second kick every time. It runs like a clock and rides perfectly. Just like new out of the factory. 

Many of the parts for these bikes are very rare and difficult to get hold of but they are all present on this bike. For example, this bike has: 
The very rare rectangular front number plate.
An unbroken left engine cover. (these are normally broken around the 3rd bolt/screw hole but this one is as new)
The original inlet manifold and clip (these are normally gone or broken)
The original kill switch is there and is in excellent condition
The unusual original throttle housing is there too. These are rare and were only used on this first model of the XR75 series of bikes.
There is a sprocket cover mount on the left engine case that is usually found to be broken on this model bike. Unfortunately, this one is no different and the mount was broken. It has been machined down and rethreaded to allow the sprocket cover to be securely mounted. It looks very tidy and is only evident and visible if the left sprocket cover is removed. 
 It's obviously up to the purchaser what they wish to do with this bike, however, I would hate to see this one go to somebody who just intends to part the bike out for spares. These bikes are way too special and way too rare to do this in my opinion. I am selling this bike as I have many projects on the go presently and the funds from this sale will go toward completing these other projects.
Bike is for auction only. There is no buy it now price so if you want it you will have to be the highest bidder. Please only bid if you intend to complete the purchase. Time wasters not tolerated. If you have feedback score of less than 10, contact me before you bid or I will delete your bid. Bike is preferably for pick up only, however, I will assist in getting the bike to you via a bike transport company if need be, provided that you make your own arrangements with the company and cover the associated costs.
Frame number is XR75-1017923 and the engine number is XR75E-1023436.
Add $50 on to the final price if you are using PayPal (to cover the fees).
Reserve price is very reasonable and lower than what others on eBay have priced inferior bikes at. 
I believe that I have covered most aspects of the bike and its restoration but if you have any questions, please ask. 
Anyone wishing to inspect can do so on Friday 25th or Saturday 26th Nov. Please contact me to arrange. 
Thankyou and good luck with your bids!

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