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427 S/C Continuation Cobra
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Langley, British Columbia, Canada
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427 Side Oiler Aluminum Shelby Block
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Leather Seats
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Description Shelby: 427 S/C Continuation Cobra S/C

CSX4133  427 Shelby Cobra



In the world of exalted, championship-winning, awe-inspiring sports cars, the Shelby Cobra requires no introduction. From its design and performance to its heritage and competition history, there's truly nothing like it. Few cars are as collectible as the snake that conquered the prancing horse in 1965. According to the Shelby American Automobile Club, only 311 of the "big block" Cobras were built from 1965-1967. In answer to the prayers of countless enthusiasts worldwide, Shelby Automobiles has been manufacturing continuation cars with 4000 and 6000 CSX serial numbers since 1995. Not to be confused with Cobra replicas, these are genuine Shelby Cobras, authenticated by Shelby Automobiles, Inc. with proper CSX numbers and a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO), signed by Carroll Shelby himself. Only a small number are built each year and every car is listed in the official Shelby registry. While true to the cars built in the 1960's, improvements over the original include a stronger steel frame and better alloys utilized in the components, improved cooling and additional heat shielding, all of which renders these cars safer and more drivable, but with all the authentic Cobra character. Outfitted with the proper 427 side-oiler, these Cobras are capable of zero-to-sixty runs in under three seconds and 10-second quarter mile times. Performance figures on par with contemporary supercars.  CSX4133 is fully documented with a copy of the original MSO signed by Carroll Shelby himself. The fiberglass body is strikingly finished in exquisite black paint with ghost rookie strips a particularly rare color and one that complements this performance icon very well. It's all there, from distinctive Halibrand wheels to the classic wood-rimmed steering wheel, CSX4133 is fitted with every available factory option. Power is proven by a Shelby aluminum block 427cid side-oiler V8 motor, which sports medium-riser aluminum heads and a Shelby-style side-winder intake, producing an earth shattering 600hp on standard super unleaded pump gas. Given the strong sums commanded by 1960's era Shelby Cobras in today's market, CSX4133 offers an alternative that is at once eminently usable and fully authenticated by Carroll Shelby.

For Sale, Continuation 427 Shelby Cobra.  Custom ordered and delivered as a turnkey car with warranty by Shelby American Dealer "Nostalgia Motorcars Ltd." in SC. This is an early continuation car that was manufactured and fabricated by Shelby American Inc. in Las Vegas. Fabrication of frame, chassis, body and components were produced in Las Vegas.  During that time Shelby had contracted a team of approximately 12 inmates at Las Vegas Indian Springs Penitentiary to receive components and construct the rolling chassis, less drive train in the prison’s renowned restoration shop.  The restoration shops work was considered of exceptionalquality and makes for an interesting story.  Later continuation cars, approx. after CSX4200 were contracted out to Mexico and then South Africa to increase output capacity as the prison program could not keep up with demand. This car was ordered as a well optioned car and all documentation from original bill of sale, MSO signed by Carroll Shelby November 10th1999, build sheets, warranty document, delivery document, dealer sales package, general information, wiring diagram, owner history, historical USA Title are included. This car has just received a show quality paint job, wet sanded and polished to perfection.  These early 4000CSX continuation cars are the most period correct with Smiths Gauges, Lucas Electrics, original style wiring harness and other details that differentiate it from current CSX6000 cars, not to mention they were made in the USA and not overseas.  This car’s options include period correct turkey pan, oil puke tank, Girling hydraulic reservoirs, Aviad oil pan, legend correct fuel rail and mechanical throttle linkage.  It is a low mileage car with 9,000 miles on the odometer over its 15 year history. The car is registered with SAAC World Registry and Shelby American World Registry. Recently awarded 1st place Trophy in Shelby American Automobile Club, Hallmark Ford Show and Shine.  


Under the Hood


• Shelby 427FE side oiler aluminum block.  Engine was race prepared by Jomar Race Engines in Mi.  Heads were ported, polished and flowed.  Intake and Heads port matched.  Engine was blueprinted and balanced. Valve train is fully rollerized with a custom ground cam shaft.  MSD distributor and Mallory electronic ignition with RPM limiter set to 6,000RPM.  Aluminum Heads, Block, Intake, Water Pump, Aviad Oil Pan, Cylinders CC’d.  Mighty Demon 850cfm 4 barrel carb, double pumper mechanical secondaries.  11:1 compression.


Produces approx. 600HP and 600ft.lbs torque.


Period correct, (Turkey Pan, Oil Puke Tank, Girling Reservoirs, Throttle Linkage, Expansion Tank, Lucas Electrics).




• Tremec TKO 5 Speed with O/D ( 60mph @ 2,000RPM ) or 

(180mph @6,000rpm).  Shelby Aluminum Center Section with Dana 44 gear set.  Axle Ratio 3:78, with two Spicer splined halfshafts. Lakewood bellhousing, Centerforce Clutch, Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder.  Drive Shaft safety girdle.


Rolling Stock, Suspension, Brakes


• 15” Trigo-Hallibrand pin drive original style wheels with knock off spinners, safety wired.  Wheels coated with graphite to mimick appearance of original magnesium wheels. Goodyear Sports Car Special Billboard tires as per original. QA1 aluminum shock absorbers. 18 settings for dampening and rebound, fully ride height adjustable.  Coil springs custom as per Shelby Specifications. Willwood Superlite disc brakes, vented rotors and hats. Rack and Pinion steering.




• Main frame rails, 4 inch diameter D.O.M. round tube with .125-inch wall ( wall thickness on the 1965 427 S/C Cobra was 0.95 inches ).

Racing style quick jack bumpers. 1.5 inch roll bar. 



In the (Legend Correct) Cockpit


15” Moto-Lita hardwood rimmed steering wheel with rare engraved Shelby Logo at 6 o’clock on the metal spoke. As per original Smiths Guages with reverse wind Speedometer and fuel gauge, plus Lucas Ammeter. Optional Leather Seats and Dash.  Optional Door MapPockets.  CSX4133 dash plaque.  Visor with Carroll Shelby signature.  Correct forward facing shifter, shift boot and optional emergency brake.  Onboard Safecraft Halon Fire Suppression system passenger compartment and engine bay, bottle in trunk. Floor mats.  Raydot driver’s side mirrors.  Wind Wings and Visors.  Under dash Heater.  Simpson 4 point racing harness. Electric kill switch between seats at rear bulkhead.  


Other Particulars


23 gallon (87 liter) fuel cell, chromed roll bar, 3M rear fender spats.  Hand laid fiberglass body.

Aluminum close out panels in wheel wells.  Trunk fully lined with aluminum panels.  Optima battery in trunk for safety.  Side pipes and headers are ceramic coated.  Original style Lucas head lights. Tonneau Cover, Custom Car Cover. Weight distribution 48% front, 52% back. ( Shelby Aluminum FE Engine weights 250/lbs less than iron block 427FE engine.  Also Tremek TK0 is only 99/lbs much less than top loader.  This car shows better than new and is super tight, at idle sounds like WAR! and when you open the secondaries you better hold on to your hat.  I’ve built a Contemporary Cobra in the past and have restored, customized and rebuilt several vehicles and motorcycles myself besides having personally owned over 70 vehicles in my life.  I have to say this is my favorite and fastest car I’ve ever owned.  If I could afford to keep my cars this would be a keeper but my next project is calling and I need to sell to move on.  

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