1965, Riley Elf Mk-2, fully restored, 65,190 miles - Like Mini, Hornet, Imp etc For Sale

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Description 1965, Riley Elf Mk-2, fully restored, 65,190 miles - Like Mini, Hornet, Imp etc

Gorgeous, fully restored 'Riley Elf Mk 2' in unusual powder blue or Dove Grey. 
The MOT has been renewed on it's earliest anniversary date, giving the car a full year's MOT. With 65,190 miles on the clock it's a clean and original car throughout. The floor is good and rust free, the interior is excellent, with the passenger and rear seats not even sat in since the restoration! The dash is excellent, as are the carpets and boot. Really nice condition and starts first time and runs well.

The only bad points are firstly THIS IS NOT A £6000 RILEY ELF THAT YOU COULD COME IN AND NICK, SELL THRU' AND MAKE DECENT MONEY ON. It has been restored and it is a beauty but it does have a few issues - the bonnet doesn't close as tightly as it should and the catch either needs adjusting or replacing with a better one. The bonnet does stay down safely for driving and the catch and doesn't rattle or anything, it just needs adjusting or realigning in order to get it to shut more tightly (you can see this in front end photos). There is also one or two rust bubbles, one on the bonnet rear edge and one at the bottom of the drivers door, in the corner below the lowest hinge. The exhaust has a blow, the main manifold is fine (has been done properly with the brass nuts etc) but about four inches lower where the outlets have become one single pipe there's a coupling that's blowing. The clutch also needs bleeding or possibly replacing as sometimes the 'magic wand' gear stick feels sort of stubborn, but it does go in to all its gears, passed its MOT and is perfectly drivable.  

 The car is located in North London and can be driven away, any questions please call Tom on 07787812571. Viewing is welcome and perhaps recommended. I say that cos we've already sold the car twice! Once to a guy in Hong Kong who was operating some sorta weird scam which didn't even make sense (he wanted my bank details, but NOT my PIN number or security number on the back of my card and also a faxed copy of the V5 and MOT before he paid any money, so I said fine but pay for the car and we'll fax you everything at which point things went dead!?Maybe he's cloning them in Hong Kong, China or India, who knows!?) and a second buyer who was a classic car dealer swiped it last time at the last minute, thought he was coming for a six grand Elf, getting it for four grand and said as much too whilst pulling out on collection day! He was a knowledgeable guy tho' and told us that it'd been restored in its original colour and that the mileage was genuine, just wished he'd come and looked at it whilst it was on its ten day listing.

So anyway, this lovely little car is being relisted for a third time but just for a week and to deter messers we're now knocking £500 off the price it's been achieving (£4,300 each time) and asking just £3800...........basically it's now a steal and still has the 12 month MOT, new tyres, brakes just done, all electrics working, old MOTs, V5, etc etc.   

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