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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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351C 4V
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Description Ford: Mustang Sidewinder

     One of the rarest Mustangs on the planet, a well documented 1970 Mustang Sidewinder Special, 1 of 40 made 1 of 7 known to exist and 1 of 1 as per Marti Report.  For those of you not familiar with the Sidewinder Special I suggest going on to the registry at ponysite.del where you will not only find a bunch of interesting info about these cars but also pics of this very car from back in the 70's.  I have also included a picture of an excerpt from the book "Selling the American Muscle Car" written by Diego Rosenberg with info about these cars which includes his interview with the creator of the Sidewinders for Ford.  The picture used in the book of a Mustang Sidewinder is this very car while it was attending Mustang's 50th in Vegas in 2014.  The car was also featured in the magazine Muscle Car Review and I have included a picture of it as well.
      While in Vegas it was arranged for the owner of the dealership that sold the car brand new from his dealership in Primghar Iowa, Jim Norman and his family to meet up with the car.  Many photo's were taken of 86 year old JIm and the car as well as him signing the car on the inside of the trunk.  A complete history of the car was done up along with some classic old pics of the dealership, business card etc., as pictured.  There is also a pic of the recent engine build along with all the correct engine numbers. Pictured as well is a copy of an old dealership ad from Gabus Ford from 1970 advertising the brand new price of a 1970 Mustang Sidewinder.

     There are several things and features to a Sidewinder Special that make it unique.  They were all built for two days only in January 1970, they were all sent to the Omaha DSO, they all had the 351C 4V, competition suspension, 31 spline n-case, 3:50 traction lock, and they all had Boss style fenders with the rolled inside lip (which this one has).  An item not available after market.  They also have to have the correct sequence of VIN's and as mentioned on the Sidewinder registry site (ponysite.del) VIN's are not given out to help protect current owners with these super rare cars.  Thus the VIN for this car will not be given out under any circumstances, it will only go to the next caretaker if the car is sold.  So although I do have the deluxe Marti Report I did not include a picture of it due to the fact that the VIN is all over it.
     This particular car was restored about three years ago.  As you can see from the pics it was a complete restoration.  The non original 2V Cleveland was put back into the car while the correct 4V Cleveland was getting built.  The guy who built the engine has a 2 year waiting list (yes he is that good!) and the correct engine went back in the car this spring.  As the picture of the build sheet for the engine shows the block is a DOAE-J, the intake is DOAE 9425-L and heads are DOAE-N.  The same builder also built the toploader 4spd as well as the differential.   There is about 100 miles on the powertrain since build, and about 3 summers of driving on the car since restoration.  The pics of the car in my shop and of the undercarriage were taken the day of this listing and show its current condition.  So as you can see the car is driven on perfect summer days only.  The car was professionally appraised 3 years ago at $128K.

     For anyone that wants one of the rarest once in a life time Mustangs this maybe the car for you.  This is a reserve auction and to help protect the integrity of a "reserve auction" the reserve will not be given out so please don't ask.  Bid what you can afford or what you think it's worth.  A deposit of $1000 is expected at close of auction and balance to be paid with in 7 business days.  I can assist with shipping and also recommend transport companies.  Thanks for looking and good luck, email with any questions.   

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