Citroën Traction Avant 11BL, light 15. 1948 French built RHD For Sale

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Description Citroën Traction Avant 11BL, light 15. 1948 French built RHD

If you don't know anything about these, then head over to Wikipedia to find out. They are easily as revolutionary as the DS in 1957 and just as beautiful.I don't know of another one of these in Australia. There were very few RHD French built cars ever. The Austrailian delivered ones were all 1951's I believe and have lost some of the pre-war charm of this car. I bought this in 2009 as a reasonable drivable car, used it for a couple of years before I decided to pull it to bits and start again. There are some photos and a big file on what I did but I'd say I spent twice the asking price and 1000 hours making this car far better than it ever would have been new. I think the photos show the standard of this car but I'd welcome any inspection to verify that its emasculate. Every single thing has been rebuilt.The Amazing thing about these cars, if you haven't driven one, is how a car designed in 1933 can be driven as a daily driver. I've been driving this old girl to work regularly since I've owned it and using it for all sorts of general stuff. I've taken it 1000km across the country and the large space in the back makes it great for carting my bike, parents or anything else that won't stain the carpet.
The whole car is largely factory spec but I've done a few upgrades to improve driving. If you know these, you'll see that I've used a ID19 cylinder head on the Perfo block. There are also ID19 conrods inside with white metal bearings. The head and SU carby give the engine fabulous torque allowing it to be driven in top gear almost anywhere. The rods mean it will rev all day without wear. If you know Adelaide you'll understand that you can happily drive this car up the freeway from the toll gate to Crafers at 100km/h. There is a heater hidden under the front seat which is great in winter of course, lots more sound deadening and insulation also improve driving. There are no seat belts but I have added a second tail light and indicators. I love that the French thought that one was enough! Upgrading the drive shafts to CV joints was worthwhile too.
What I haven't added is, mono-cock construction, independant suspension, full hydraulic brakes, radial tyres, telescopic shock absorbers and front wheel drive because Citroën had already done all that. I better say something bad about the car so I seem honest and balanced. The seat fabric isn't the original. I bought enough of the pin-stripe fabric to do them but the existing velour was in fine condition so I left it. The speedo cable was noisey because the new one I bought from Holland was for a LHD and was a bit short. I disconnected it. If I get a rush of blood I'll get a longer one made. I put 2CV wiper blades on it and they're a bit long. Using it for 4 years has taken some toll on the paint. There are a few chips in the leading edges of the rear guards mainly. Apart from those things I reckon it's spot on and if I didn't have 5 Citroëns there is no way I'd be selling this one.
Of course I'd help with freight by delivering it to a trucking yard. There is a couple of crates of spares of which the iron head is the biggest piece and they could easily pack in it.
The original build plate has been removed and replaced with a 17 digit VIN. I have the English DVLA papers. They say; it was owned by Nigel Wells of Somerset. It arrived in the UK in July 2001 and left for Australia in Jan 2004. It was Taxed in the UK as a 1948 with the modern chassis and engine nos. although some the MOTs show it as a 1949. I'm told by the previous owner that the owner before him took the car from South Africa, where it was originally sold, to the UK. This figures because of the 17 digit chassis no stamped on it as the DVLA do. He then brought it out here where he died before registering it in Australia. When I bought it, there were plenty of bodges and crappy modifications but it was clearly an original French built RHD with a very sound body. I was also told that it was originally a French Consulate car in South Africa but I see no evidence either way on this and as I said, none of this is documented. It's a nice story though and I hope it's all true. What I do know is that it is a immediately post-war body shell according to the books I have. The Perfo engine is stamped 1947. It has no holes in the LHS for steering etc. It has 6V French electrics. The interior is all French. It has never been welded before I did some on the LH sill and floor. Whoever restored it, probably in the 60s or 70s did what we'd call a crap job by modern standards. It was originally black. And the original plates and Chassis no were gone when I got it. I wish I knew more but that's it

Thanks for looking and thanks Andrew from for the action shot.

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