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Ferrari 355 Replica
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Providence, Rhode Island, United States
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Kit Car
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Cadillac Northstar V8
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Air Conditioning, Power Windows
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Description 1900 Replica/Kit Makes Ferrari 355 Replica

I have a very cool project which I must regrettably pass on to someone else.  I have aspired to build this 1996 Ferrari F355 Replica for some years now as a Father son project. However we simply haven't had the time. Now I have graduated from college and started my own business, which consumes all of my time. With some work this could be one of the coolest cars around. Low cost to finish if you have some mechanical aptitude and low cost to drive, insure, maintain.
This car was running at one time. before I acquired it.  
No Reserve Auction!
Please read the entire ad before bidding. It is a bit long but all the information is relevant. 
Checkout all the photos, in high resolution here:
This is not your average Fiero Kit car. Titled in Vermont as a "Ferro Specco" which is hard to have done and is extremely important so you don't get pulled over every time you have your plate run by the Police and it comes up as a Fiero. This car is Registered and has its own custom Vin number issued by the state of Arizona. You will not require a custom vehicle safety inspection, simple as registering any other car. 
The car is built on what I was told was an 88' Pontiac Fiero GT and has been heavily modified with a custom stretch to match the Ferrari F355 wheelbase, the suspension has also been modified extensively and widened which is usually accomplished with giant spacers (dangerous and looks very cheap) with these kits. 
You will notice the wheel gaps on my kit are perfect in the photos thanks to the custom suspension and adjustable coilovers. Most kits look like monster trucks. keep in mind all this work was safety inspected in Arizona.
Now for the fun stuff, the car is customized for a high output 4.6L Cadillac Northstar V8 Motor, the Northstar motor currently in the car is seized. I am including a 1997 Cadillac Deville that runs perfectly with 44,000 miles which is the donor car I bought for this project. I planned on using the Cadillac Engine harness as well just because I don't know exactly what the previous owners did wiring wise. The swap is pretty easy as it drops down from underneath with a cradle holding it up. All the engine mounts are there as far as the mechanicals go this will be like a plug and play engine swap.  (Just to reiterate you will need to do an engine swap and wiring job) These motors make about 285HP Stock and with a few bolt on mods and the highflow exhaust you can easily see 300 + HP
The exhaust is a modified OEM Ferrari 355 exhaust, The plumbing for the radiators in the front etc is probably still usable I would just double check everything. 
The fiberglass kit is one of the highest quality kits available. The gel coated panels alone cost $8000.  Just installed brand new Windshield.
It also has an Interior kit with door cards dash tunnel etc which I believe was made by Mr. Mike. They were covered in black faux leather some time ago and could probably still be used as is or easily rewrapped for desired color. they are in the car. The car currently has Fiero seats with seat covers. I was planning on going for a racing look and was planning to buy racing seats. I am also including a Pontiac Fiero that does not run but will likely be useful in finishing up this build. I have various manuals for the Fiero, Cadillac Northstar engine as well as the original build manual provided by the kit manufacturer.
RIMS + TIRES + Brakes
The rims are Ferrari replica wheels, and the the chrome is beginning to bubble up on the inside of the wheel, I was going to sandblast powdercoat them.  The tires have great thread but are dry rotted they all hold air.  The breaks are Stock and and work, although the rotors will need to be replaced. 
-Miner cosmetic fiberglass work. The front Clip has some dings in it that will need to be straightened out (see photos) and there are numerous small stress cracks on the body from sitting. The benefit here being you can sort them out before you paint the car. And  then you won't have any problems going forward. Generally people build these cars. And then do an expensive paint job only to have the stress cracks happen in the coming months/years.
-Mirrors ( these pop up on Ebay for a couple hundred bucks frequently) A certain generation of Corvette mirrors also look very similar and can be adapted to fit.
-Headlight motors/assembly (saturn lights will work with minor modification) I was going to modify them and delete the pop ups to give the car an updated look see example image with flush headlights at the end of the photo gallery.
-Taillight lenses. (Chevy HHR lights look nearly identical, or you can get the real ones for $600)
-Door handle situation needs some work. (generally people employ door poppers here) the doors close and latch but reaching in to open them is currently a little tricky. 
-Engine swap/miscellaneous wiring
-Paint job after work is completed. 
-Tires are dry rotted. 
-Front blinker lenses. (If I remember correctly, lenses from a camry can be modified slightly to fit.)
-Cluster ( I was going to modify the digital Cadillac cluster to work as it is already designed to work with the ECU) should be pretty easy and will look great!
-Some kind of engine bay prop, the deck lid is pretty heavy. I was going to find a standard hood prop from another car, or just use the one from the parts fiero.
-Headliner and area around rear window and behind seats. I was going to use 3M super 77 and some black pleather from Jo-Ann fabrics for this.
-Interior finishings, Window switches (the stock switches are under the Tunnel so you can make cut outs where you want and choose your switches.)
-Seatbelts, The seatbelts are still in the car but are cruddy. I was planning to get 4 or 5 point harnesses.  
The body panels line up, We are talking about a motor swap some wiring and interior futzing and paint and you're driving. This car will be very fast. If you have any specific questions or want a photo of something I haven't included, or to talk on the phone please feel free message me and we can set it up.
If you are in New England I recommend you come checkout the car. Keep in mind this is custom built car and a project, it needs lots of minor little things and I may have forgotten a few of them in the listing. This sale is final.
This Auction is for a Project consisting of 3 cars. 
1.  1996 Ferrari F355 Replica
2.  1997 Cadillac Deville Donor car with 44xxx miles. Engine runs perfectly. 
3.  1985 Pontiac Fiero. 4 Cylinder 5 spd.  117xxx miles. Not running in rough shape for parts.
The Ferrari Kit has a clear Vermont title the other two cars have clear VINS but no titles they will be sold with a bill of sale. 
If for some reason your intention is to go a different route with the Engine and you do not want either the Cadillac or the Fiero I will assist in scrapping them and you can deduct the scrap value from the auction total. After payment is made and car is picked up.
Also the Fiero GT Donor was originally a 5 Spd car. So if you do not want to run the Northstar V8 and Cadillac automatic gearbox you could easily switch it back to a manual transmission.
Either way the project needs to be picked up and paid up in full within 10 days of Auction close as I am losing the parking space. If it takes longer than 10 days, storage fees will be added. (This is out of my hands)
If you want to have the cars transported by a 3rd party I will assist in loading the cars but you will need to make all other arrangements.
Thank you for checking out my listing. Happy bidding!

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