1934 PA MG 4-seater tourer For Sale

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AU $45.000.00
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1934 PA
Previous Owners: 
Item Location: 
Eltham, Victoria, Australia
Drive Side: 
Right-Hand Drive
4 seat tourer
Exterior Color: 
Two tone green
Type of Title: 
Clear (most titles)
Engine Number: 
1072AP R
Registration State: 
Engine Size: 
939 cc
Unleaded 98 octane - hardened valve seats fitted
Date of 1st Registration: 
Registration Number: 
Club plates, unregistered
For Sale By: 
Private Seller

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Description 1934 PA MG 4-seater tourer

It retains the original
firewall-mounted pipe lubrication system, brand new Historic &
Vintage water pump, large radiator fan (a good hot-weather vehicle!)
and reconditioned (and rewound) generator, oil pump, ignition switch, odometer/trip
meter, clock and oil pressure gauge, all originals. A Bosch (VW) distributor is fitted and recurved to PA specs. Full workshop manual provided.
It has the deluxe dashboard with
mechanical clock, oil temperature gauge and grab handle. One dash light has been broken and repaired. It is a car
designed for touring although still very much a sports car in
appearance. If adults were to be put in the back it would definitely
need an extra leaf in the rear springs, as this was a 4-seater
problem from the outset. It also has its original 3-spoke standard
pre-war issue steering wheel, and a cheap optional 13" one with
mount to be substituted for the more portly driver such as myself.
The rear seat is great for luggage and avoids having to fit a rack.
The body type is B 252 and original body number 210/591. I believe
the car left the factory red originally.The white metal
bearings seized, and during disassembly it was found that the
original block and head were a bit sad after 75 years, so brand new
ones were acquired from England. It is now at 60 mm bore x 83 mm
stroke, i.e. PB specifications (939 cc), and the new block is
designed to be opened out to 62 mm if necessary. It has new pistons,
new rods and new Mini shell bearings fitted to mains and big ends. It
also has hardened valve seats fitted to the new head to allow the use
of unleaded fuel without additives, and new rocker gear. The twin SU
carburettors have also been fully reconditioned with new bushed shaft
and kits. The flywheel has been lightened and a new ring gear fitted.
The engine is now running like the proverbial Swiss watch! A lot of
this work was done by Crankshaft Rebuilders and finished by Historic
& Vintage Restorations. It has an excellent 2/hand windscreen
frame I bought from the UK and has new glazing and new wind protector
rubber at the bottom. This new screen has all been squared up, with
virtually unnoticeable 3 mm spacers to level and centre it to the
car. It has had a new quick-release filler cap assembly fitted as the
old dog-bone one was lost on a trip.Gearbox is in excellent
condition and with practice can be changed without excessive (or any)
crunching - the lightening of the flywheel helps with this. The front
of the crankshaft is fitted with a pulley so that an engine
side-mounted supercharger can be fitted. The Toyota SC12 is an
ideally sized and acceptable Roots blower for pre-war MGs. I can
provide one if desired and I get the right price.All 5 tyres are original triple block
pattern 4.00 x 19 Classicos in very good condition (now named
Blockley Tyres). Full new weather gear is provided, built as per original on the original frame, and
it even has the flap on the driver's side for giving hand signals
with the side curtain on, and includes roof, 4 side curtains and a
3-piece tonneau cover, of which I somehow seem to have misplaced the
driver's portion. This will be replaced once I am certain it is
permanently lost! I have only ever had the hood up once driving, preferring
the open air! It also has modern flashing indicators fitted, and the
original arm indicators still work, although the left could do with a
new lens and the right needs repositioning to avoid sticking. I never
use them so didn't bother.A new battery is
installed, and that has
extended terminal wires built into the rear seat riser for easy charging
when the car is not in use. This saves having to remove the rear seat
to access the battery for charging. The original coil voltage
regulator was a bit iffy so has been replaced with a specially
designed electronic one, a common practice for better reliability.
This can't be seen under the firewall mounted regulator/fuse box
cover. The engine photo shows the new H&VR water pump. A new
breather was fitted to the block also.The differential has a
new crown wheel and pinion, and I have had it serviced fully with all
new bearings and lock washers, as well as new wheel bearings, lock
washers and seals. Also a new solid state electronic fuel pump and
large Ryco in-line filter has been fitted near the reserve tank
outlet. This runs fuel through the deactivated original SU pump
(unreliable) to the twin SU carbies so it still looks authentic.
There is a spare distributor with drive dog fitted for a quick
change-over. I carried these on board along with basic tools, copper
hammer, jack, and fire extinguisher. Two correct
Tecalemit oilers also go with the car - one to carry on a trip
(smaller) and larger one for full servicing in the garage. The
original Tecalemit oil filter mount has long been replaced with an
early specially designed replacement to take a modern screw-in
filter.It has had aero screens fitted, but these were
removed before I bought it. The holes now have brass screws in them
so aero screens can be refitted, but I never saw the point - it's not
a true sports car as much as a tourer, and is ideal for long
leisurely trips away, not howling around a track or up a hill! All
original parts replaced from the engine and elsewhere will go with
the car if desired. I am selling because even though not a heavy car,
I find it awkward to get in and out of
having a bad back and both shoulders and a knee replaced due to
arthritis.Obviously, a car can't be posted, but eBay does not
have any other option for international exposure. Contact me
about pick-up, trucking or international shipping by shipping
container or air freight. If sold internationally, I can put the
buyer in touch with a very good international shipper that
specialises in cars. I used them to import the car from England
without a scratch for a very reasonable price. Sale point is Eltham,
Victoria, and all expenses from here are to be borne by the
purchaser.For payment I would prefer direct bank deposit or
certified bank cheque. Feel free to contact me for further
information about the car (I'll have forgotten something!), and for
confirmation of the condition please feel free to contact Historic &
Vintage Restorations in Cottage Street, Blackburn, Victoria 3130,
Australia. Terms can be arranged. Genuine enquiries only please. Will take NEAREST ACCEPTABLE OFFER.

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