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Hello and welcome to my auction for my 1988 Skoda Estelle 120L I bought this car in April 2015, as my 1st car. I wanted a classic rear wheel drive vehicle and found the Skoda on e bay. It was being sold from northern Ireland by a man who imports vehicles from Malta and then sells them on. Because it has spent the majority of its life in Malta the Skoda has next to no rust! Only a small patch of surface rust in the boot under the rubber mat. I say boot, whether you'd call it bonnet? As the car is rear engined. Because the car was a import I had to register it in the UK, and after sorting the paper work and spending a lot of time waiting for the DVLA to get back to me I received a new V5 and registration number (which is age related). The vehicle was registered on the 1st of June 2015,i proceed to drive it to work and back and use it daily,in that time the skoda got me to work every day and just required some fettling on the weekends. It isn’t the fastest of vehicles only have a 1200cc engine,but I enjoyed every journey thoroughly. Like I say the skoda is pretty much rust free and was wax injected at some point in the past,when I bought it I under sealed her underneath to keep her in the condition she’s in. The skoda has had a respray in the past,it used to be red but is now the brilliant orange that I love it stands out and turns heads,the paint is good quality,however there are some small runs and imperfections if you look closely. As you can see in the pictures I have fitted a genuine estelle body kit on the front,i have a matching one for the back but preferred the standard bumper on the back. I still have the orignal front bumpers and when securing the body kit used existing holes so the car can be returned to standard with out leaving holes or fixing points to be seen. As well as a body kit I have fitted a DAB radio/cd player and two 6 by 9 speakers in the rear parcel shelf as some one had previously cut out holes. The skoda has had a new set of spark plugs,a complete set of HT leads,a bran new battery and a new dizzy cap and rotor arm a new oil filter and regular oil changes using Halfords 20/50w . The points and valve clearances have been adjusted to the specs in the Haynes manual and the engine runs sweetly and starts well and has completed 85063 km (roughly 55000 miles) and is MOT'd till April and i have no reason to believe it wouldnt sail through its next one. I took the skoda off the road in later October as I didn’t want the salt and grit on the roads and bad weather to spoil her looks over the winter so I stored her in my garage. However after just purchasing another motor bike the garage is starting to fill up and due to needing the room the skoda will unfortunately have to go. Thankyou for reading and happy bidding

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