Volkswagen Campervan T25, Camper, 2.1 DJ (was a DG) Autohome, Automatic EMPI RAT For Sale

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Description Volkswagen Campervan T25, Camper, 2.1 DJ (was a DG) Autohome, Automatic EMPI RAT

For sale is our T25 Autohome, bought about a year ago and used for 1 week only. it's a working project, but roadworthy.

We paid £2500 if I recall and have since spent approx £2000 and countless hours, but she still needs work.

Original engine was a 1.9DG but one of the heads was a little dodgy and was mis-firing, so I put a 2.1DJ engine in (bought from a fellow T25 forum member), using the original 1.9 carb etc. I threw it in the day before the one holiday to Cornwall that we used it for, and so I cut a few corners and it will need a little fettling to complete (exhaust bolts missing, that sort of thing). It once chucked some steam out the filler cap when we were sat in a Q for 45 minutes, after about 150 miles down the motorway, but didn't do it again, not sure what the cause was.

I originally lowered it to the floor, I have added photos (2nd and 4th photo) to show how low it got and will include these springs in the sale FOC, but it was too low to be used 4 up as a daily camper, so I replaced it with the H&R 60mm lowering springs and shortened shocks all round. Sits and rides much better now, but sadly not as 'cool', but thats just my personal choice.

Reconditioned Porsche alloys all round, tyres are practically new, and will also include in the sale the very low profile tyres that were on it when it was scaring the floor.

The current front tyres are too wide in my opinion and makes low speed steering a bit of a chore.

Interior, well this where I spent months, I stripped out the roof and replaced with new insulation/boarding/new window and made good where possible. I then put alfa leather seats in and a swivel seat base on the passenger side.

I spent hours drilling the holes for the LED lights, which my children love, as do other children on campsites! Its like a disco on wheels when strobing!

We took a trip down to cornwall for a week last summer and she performed well, but lacked a little power up hills, I planned to take her to a VW specialist to have the engine finished off, but after the holiday we sat her on the drive, and thats where she has stayed since. 

Bodywork. Well, I started to sand her down with the intention of roller painting, problem was someone had hand painted her before so it was a bit of a challenge sanding the old paint off. I started sanding about 4 months ago, and of course the winter weather has made her look like she is in the first photo. Will need some welding around the rear windows and then a respray.

Bike carrier comes with the van.

EMPI twin exhaust, was new and only done 3-400 miles, looks like its done 3-4000! Bodywork was cut to make it fit, once sprayed would look rather cool, in my opinion again.

Upgraded speakers in front and rear.

Upgraded door cards and front carpet (secondhand from a higher model)

New lino floor

New curtains throughout

Surfboard shaped dining table

Fridge currently not fitted as worried me with the children.

Hob and grill work fine.

Huge folder of work, and also has original owners manual etc.

I think it had a recent new auto box, I remember seeing a receipt for it in the folder.

We're not trying to make money, just recover enough for another project.

Feel free to come and take a look, she is currently SORNED.

If you hit the BIN button, please contact me promptly to arrange collection, if you hit the button then change your mind, it will just irritate me so please, only do it if you're serious.

Many thanks everyone.

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