Land Rover: Defender County Station Wagon For Sale

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C $27.995.00
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Alnwick/Haldimand, ON, Canada
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County Station Wagon
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v8 Petrol
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manual 4wd
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Description Land Rover: Defender County Station Wagon

Here we have a superb opportunity to purchase a genuine
Defender 110 County Station Wagon that was first registered on 22nd
January 1986, making it nearly 30 years old. The papers show it as having 2
registered keepers, the last being the owner since 1992. He has owned and cherished
this car for 24 years.
Now this is quite a unique opportunity. Being owned by someone
for so long he has really looked after it. He has had a galvanised chassis
fitted! It is a Designa Chassis and these retail at around $4000 new. Imagine
the cost of shipping that to Canada or America and you can see why this is such
a good opportunity. In real terms it adds nothing to the value of the vehicle
for shipping and it cost no more to ship! To get a chassis fitted is $2500 in
labour and shipping and the chassis would be $5000 at least. You are getting
$7500 worth of chassis for no extra cost.
The V8 engine was rebuilt a few years ago and was rebored to
3.9. It is the original engine. It drives really nicely and has loads of power.
Now this engine also has had an lpg conversion done on it. We have not tried
the LPG system but it runs perfectly on petrol.  We are more than happy to remove the lpg
system if this not something you want. It is a very cheap fuel in the Uk and
was a popular conversion but personally I prefer them running on petrol but
that’s up to you.
This is either a project vehicle that is well underway or
its good to go as an everyday drive. However you wish to approach this as a project
there are huge savings to make over buying from a dealer that has “restored”
this sort of thing. Get involved early with us and make the decisions about
interiors etc or buy as it is being sold and you have either a great spring and
summer project to get your teeth into or an everyday drive that is as original
as it comes. We can supply all the parts needed and make up a kit for you if
you like…. What better family bonding experience with your son/daughter.
Technical advice from us 24/7 is free of charge!
We are listing it as it stands but can happily quote for any
works you would like done. For me to have this vehicle on the road I would want
to remove, tidy up and galvanise the bulkhead. The sills have been done and are
perfect as are the cappings. I would redo the suspension and repolybush for
piece of mind. The doors are OK but new style ones or aftermarket replacements
would be worthwhile.  The rear door is
shot! It would look great with a retrimmed interior either using Exmoor trims
moorland retrim kits or with their later style seats and make amazing! The
choice is yours. We can ship with all the parts you need for you to do the
works or the garage of your choice. Exmoor trim parts without going through the
USA distributor and extortionate prices!
Full Land Rover Heritage Certificate included in the sale.
Price is plus shipping to your house and we can put it on
your drive at cost.

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