Retro Supermoto Enduro Scrambler 1984 Armstrong / CCM MX500 project, basket case For Sale

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South West Wales, United Kingdom
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Desert sand
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Kick start
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Description Retro Supermoto Enduro Scrambler 1984 Armstrong / CCM MX500 project, basket case

Evening folks, here we have for sale a very rare 1984 Rotax
engined Armstrong / CCM MX500 with current red V5c ( and wiring diagram), and stripped
for reassembly following some engine work and shot blasting & stove
enameling of the frame. Suspension is White Power, with Upside-down forks etc. It was cutting edge, and quite a thing in its day. See the first two pics - how I got it. And the others, its current state.
I got it in 2008, having been previously used as as a
field-bike. I got it started, got the battery charging and gave it a quick
ride, and I have to say it was a right handful – wheelying & spinning the
rear wheel on dry tarmac at the drop of a hat (well, a clutch).
I found a bit of a whirring noise coming from the cam
bearings so I had the top end professionally stripped and cam bearings
replaced ( and I think the cam belt too), and I sourced a complete identical second hand front end off of a KTM
250 as the fork sliders were found to be worn. I then shot-blasted &
painted the frame and… then forgot about it when life got back in the way.
I stuffed oiled rags in the ports on the engine to preserve it (it still turns over fine), and boxed it all away in a dry garage so (after a good clean)
it’ll basically be ready to put back together if someone has the time & energy,
and wants a nice, old-school retro stormer to ride. (For the ‘Anorak’s’ who want
to identify the exact model by the way, the frame number is CMX18**)
Rear shock is missing as it was knackered and went in the
bin, and the previous ‘moto wheels it came with (when complete) have gone to
another project, as I wanted a ‘green laner’ with dirt tyres. Apart from this
it’s all there as I’ve taken great care not to lose anything, but please check
the pics carefully – what you see is what there is. Nothing else. Only thing I can think of
to rectify prior to reassembly is an oil weep from one of the engine casings
before it all gets fitted back together. I'm sure there'll be niggles as with any basket-case, but bear in mind the main reason I stripped it in the first place was just to paint the frame.
Any questions
please contact me on 07890 792184 and I'll do my best to answer them (probably by text though, as I’ll be on holiday from 17th
to 24th). Viewing is also encouraged so you can see it's as
described and that it's what you want. (If it’s not too far from Wales I may
even be prepared to deliver it for 'a drink', provided of course that it has
been paid for in full first, including the 'drink'...)
Now for the dull
bit I'm afraid, due to the usual scammers and numpties you often find on Ebay:
It’s set well
cheap with no reserve. Winning bidder is to contact me within 24 hours of
auction close to sort out collection / courier, and to and send a deposit of
10% of the winning bid to me via Paypal within 24 hours to show they're
serious. (Oh, and scammers and time-wasters will be kneecapped & beaten, or
at least publicly vilified & reported to Ebay.)
Good luck, and
enjoy the auction.

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