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US $2.465.00
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Bright metallic red
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350SBC V-8
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Description Chevrolet : Impala

* * *   N O    R E S E R V E   * * *
Will sell and ship anywhere worldwide.
Because of the age and antique status of this vehicle, it is 100% exempt from any import/export restriction. 
It is as easy to ship from Canada to the US as from state to state.
Relisted due to ANOTHER "integrity-challenged" buyer... AGAIN. 
(Ebay wouldn't let me use the word d---beat, for fear of offending anyone)
PLEASE guys...  I'm selling a genuinely nice car here... Unreserved.   
I know there were some fair, honest, and truthful buyers last time.  Unfortunately, a dishonest one ruined a great auction for the rest of us... again.   
With that said, let's try once more.......
* * *   N O    R E S E R V E   * * *
This 1975 Impala is in spectacular original condition. 
It has been garage stored and, for many years, been exclusively pleasure driven only. 
It has only 64,303 miles original, actual, and genuine. 
Best of all.... It is selling completely   U N R E S E R V E D !!! 
Condition:  The body and paint show very nice for original, and the interior is nothing short of truly remarkable.  It is as nice of an original as can ever be expected.  I've avoided doing anything to infringe upon it's originality with something that cannot be undone.  The original steering wheel is wrapped in the trunk, along with tires.  There is a small area of chipping, and two small scratches in the original paint.  I've included pictures.  Generally, it shows very nicely.  Nothing has been restored, touched-up, monkeyed with, or otherwise changed.  Last summer, I had the original paint wetsanded with 3000 grit, and tri-stage polished to a very nice sheen. It's not perfect but...  It IS original and as good as can be expected.  It cannot be compared to brand new.  Even though the body and paint is probably a 1/100 compared to original.... IT IS ORIGINAL, and that is what is important!  I prefer original over restored.  If you understand, then you know the importance.  Dollar for dollar, this is genuinely nice, and a real no-excuses car that will make you proud.  It runs beautifully and drives perfect.  Just hop in, and enjoy!  The interior shows absolutely no wear whatsoever.  All of the seals and weatherstrips look as if they were installed yesterday.  There is no fading on any upholstery or trim.  Even the windshield is the original.   The car is started regularly to keep fluids circulated, and driven only on the nicest days.  It has attended many car-shows, and has scored well in survivor category judging.  Really great original cars are becoming very rare and represent the quickest rising segment of the market.
We've recently sold several pieces from our little micro-collection of classic American cars to the US, and garnered perfect feedback.  I will absolutely strive to make this an effortless transaction as well.  Please do not hesitate to write to me with any questions.  I promise to do my best to help. 
Have a great day fellow enthusiasts!
All the best for the New Year, and finest regards.
* * *   N O    R E S E R V E   * * *
If you have a feedback rating of 5 or less, have more than 2 negative feedbacks, or are a new member (less than 1 month), please contact me so I know your bid is sincere.  Otherwise, I will have to cancel your bid.  Obviously, and as originally stated..... I have had several undesirable experiences with brand new members and even a scam attempt.  Thanks.  I hope you understand.

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