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TR6 Trophy
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Ascot Vale, VIC, Australia
Chopper, Cruiser
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Four-speed manual
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Kick start
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Description Custom Triumph Motorcycle

Period Correct Triumph Chopper.
1963 Triumph TR6 Trophy Custom.
As featured in Greasy Kulture.

I built this bike several years ago as an authentic 1960's period correct custom using predominantly original aftermarket parts from the period. Since then I've ridden the bike about once a month in the drier months around Melbourne and it is a well known bike in the vintage custom circuit of Melbourne.

The bike started life as a 1963 TR6 Trophy which I added a David Bird 4" stretch 2" drop hardtail to. Added to this is an ORIGINAL Wassell Made in England Peanut Tank, not one of the new reproduction units, it was still in the original black primer before I had Steve May of Lizard Designs do a 60's style Candy Flake and Lace paint job on it. Fuel taps/Petcocks are brass period correct items. The tank is joined by the matching ORIGINAL Wassell Ribbed rear fender, again not a repop, that I painted to match the tank. The seat is a black leather Bates style seat with matching black leather P Pad, both were made by a leather worker in Melbourne. The P Pad was an exact replica of an original Bates Pad I had that I didn't want to risk using as it was starting to fall apart.

The forks are standard length Triumph Unit forks with ORIGINAL MCM fork shrouds,  they do not leak oil, the sliders are in excellent condition. The lower legs I shaved off all bracketry except for the brake stay and had chromed along with most chrome, at Prahan Platers before they closed. The headlight is an ORIGINAL Bates, NOT repop, that I had rechromed. There are two sets of risers and bars with the bike, a set of ORIGINAL Window bars and custom risers, however the real gem is the bars currently on the bike, an ORIGINAL and very RARE set of 7/8" Flanders solid brass dogbones that I searched for years to find in this size, as most are for standard US 1" bars. I had these rechromed along with the original bolts they came with, and also the Pike End Bar that came with them, added to this is a set of cut down drag bars about 40cm wide, Reproduction Tomaselli alloy ball end levers, an ORIGINAL Amal throttle and a set of funky 1970's Gold Glitter Flake grips. These are mounted using standard Triumph P Clamps.

The wiring is all cloth covered, and there is a Podtronics high output regulator rectifier with built in capacitor to keep the lights from flickering as this is a battery less system. The Podtronics is almost the only modern part on the bike but after burning out two Mity Max's I had to go with something a bit more bullet proof. The rear taillight is an original Lucas unit mounted to a custom made sissy bar and self made chromed taillight/number plate bracket. 

 I had Lightfoot Engineering make up a set of wheels, using English made rims, 19" on the back, 21" inch on the front. I believe the front is an WM1 and the rear a WM3. I also had him reline the brake shoes, machine the drum braking surfaces and rebuild the hubs. These drums work exceptionally well for single leading shoe Triumph brakes and I have no fears riding this bike in modern traffic conditions. To these wheels I fitted an Avon Speedmaster 21" x 3" front tyre and an Avon SM II 19" x 4" rear tyre. Both tyres have heaps of tread and will pass roadworthy.
The rear hub is an ORIGINAL Triumph QD  (quick disconnect) hub which makes dropping the rear wheel out of the frame a 5 minute job, I also have a spare drum.

The engine is TR6 that has had Bonnie cams put in, and I think a 20 thou over bore. Added to this are a custom cam timing setup, shaved head, and an ORIGINAL Joe Hunt Magnet with cast body, not the billet body the modern ones come with. The magneto still has it's original 1960's service stickers on it. This engine has very rare hand cast finned side covers, not only the more common primary side, but also the EXTREMELY rare timing chest cover which you never see. The primary's are currently reproduced but usually have two inspection plus on the side and look a little too perfect. This has the single inspection plug for the clutch basket screw as per original aftermarket finned primary covers of the period. Also has the matching finned rocker box oil feed bar, which is fed from an ORIGINAL Hexagon oil tank that I had chromed, once again this is not a modern repop.

All the small sundry items like footpeg brackets, rear brake pedal, headlight mounting plate, engine mounting plates, rear brake drum and backing plate, actuator arms for brakes, etc, etc were rechromed. Running big bore straight through exhausts that I've added a set of top shelf USA made internal baffles to keep it legal, although they are easy enough to remove if desired and really let this motor sound like a drag bike. 

Included in sale will be all the spare parts I've collected for it including brand new rear drum/sprocket, alternative front sprocket for highway gearing, both sets of risers and handlebars, spare cables, manuals, and anything else I find in the shed.
This bike has been on FULL rego previously but is currently on club registration. I can fit a horn and front mudguard and get a RWC if required but only for Victorian buyers. Bike starts within two kicks, is rock solid reliable, and is a blast to ride, motor runs true and strong, doesn't smoke, has great compression. Bike is ridden so expect signs of action but in great condition overall. This bike won't fall apart on you after a trip around the block, it's built to be ridden fast and hard.

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