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Description 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 5 Speed. Air Conditioning and 5.0 liter V8

65 Mustang Fastback, V8, 5 Speed, Power steering, A/C, 4 wheel disk brakes
Additonal photos of Boot, inner rear quarters and engine here : 
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Although I import and sell Mustangs this was my private car for the past three years. Only being sold as I have purchased a 1967 Shelby GT350 replica, my dream car. 
-This car has received extensive mechanical upgrades to create a vintage appearing Mustang fastback in the style of a 65 GT 350 with modern driving characteristics
-Starting with a very clean 1965 Mustang fastback body the car was fully torn down and completely cleaned of all existing paint then POR15 Treated to the entire underside and interior. This forms a rust resistant and very hard and durable coating to the metal. POR15 is American Branded Waxoyl that hardens solid.
-Original rear quarters on this car as well as original doors. Car is very very solid with no bad areas.  Underside is very clean as is under bonnet and trunk area. Nothing ugly in wheel arches, no bondo or patches to be found. 
-The shell was seam welded then sub frame connectors were added. This makes all the suspension components operate as intended as the body no longer flexes with steering and cornering inputs. Just open and close the doors to feel how solid this car is. Even on a two post lift and up in the air, this cars doors open and close like a new car. Drives down the road at whatever speed you like straight and true. 
-A 5.0 liter roller motor was sourced from a 1990 Mustang GT and it was fully rebuilt in Daytona Florida and installed with GT 40 upper and lower intakes and stainless Tri Y headers. This motor is equipped with Forged pistons and roller rockers, Also a K&N filter on a cold air intake is present. 
-A 9 inch Ford rear Crossmember/Axle was sourced and built up with a 3.55 limited slip differential. Car pulls away very smartly and still can run 2000 RPM at 70mph on the highway with the 5 speed
-A custom under bonnet triangular bracing system also designed and built for this car. 
-A fully rebuilt T5, 5 speed transmission was added to allow for spirited driving with the 3.50 rear gears and also allow 70mph driving at 2000 rpm. 
-A Mustang Steve brand cable clutch system has been fitted to clear the Stainless Steel Tri Y headers. The headers lead to a 65 Shelby side exit exhaust on each side of the car exiting right in front of the rear tyres. You've never heard a tunnel sound this good!  
-Twin pot mustang brake master cylinder for more security over single pot found normally on 65s 
-A TCI front suspension was installed
-An Auto Power brand 65 GT 350 Roll bar welded in.
-Four Wheel disk brakes added, Stainless steel disk brake company supplied
-Borgeson self contained power steering make this the best steering mustang I have ever owned. 
-Classic Auto Air brand Air Conditioning was added to make windows up hot day weather driving a reality. 
-Rear mounted battery for better weight distribution. Super heavy duty battery cable running to the starter motor for instant starting 
-Electronic distributor 
-Brand new under dash wiring harness from NPD mustang suppliers.
-All new under bonnet wiring done by Tom Neuman of Mersea Island. Engine bay was completely stripped down of all wiring and a custom hand made harness and relay panels were built up by this firm. The fuse box features modern blade type fuses. 
-Headlights actually work and not dim beams as found on older Mustang vehicles. I researched and found the best recommended headlights for brightness, purchased them and Tom Neuman installed custom wiring including relays to allow for a cool running headlight switch and headlights that actually work. 
-Wheel Choice: Either the Coys 17 inch C67 wheels (5) shown in photos with excellent tyres OR the Paradise Wheels brand 65 Shelby Cragar wheels (4) shown in the photos on my Blue GT350. These exact style Cragars were fitted to the 65 Shelby GT 350s when they sold new.
-Brand new modern interpretation of the 66 optional wood steering wheel just installed. 
-"Tanks" brand fuel injection petrol tank with a custom built "issapro" $150 fuel sender and NOS fuel gauge to give true and accurate fuel readings. These were ordered and shipped from the USA. If you know old mustangs, their petrol gauges never read correctly, I spent what it took to ensure this one reads accurately. Many folks doing a 5.0 Liter conversion on a Mustang just weld bungs into the existing tank to mount the Fuel pump. I went the extra mile and purchased a custom made Fuel injection tank from "Tanks" who make vintage drop in tanks specifically for this conversion. 
-Fully sound proofed floors with silver backed adhesive sound deadening material
-Front Seat Choice. Either stock 65 Mustang seats in excellent condition or matching newly recovered Fox Mustang GT seats. 
-65/66 GT 350 Seatbelts. Just like the originals with huge buckles and leather guards. 
-Rear seat delete panel as per 65 Shelby GT 350
-Dash mounted Gauge Pod with twin gauges as per 65 GT 350s
-Side scoops with functional brake cooling as per 65 GT 350s
-Functional bonnet scoop as per 65 GT 350, Bonnet is fibreglass with steel substructure as per 66 GT 350s  
-AM/FM stereo/CD player with uprated Dash speakers and high quality speakers in the rear. 
-I have had professionally installed a 67/68 style quick disconnect on the main dash gauge pod for easy removal if needed. Always liked this feature on 67/68 Mustangs. 
-Car starts instantly, even after a winter slumber
I have had a ton of Mustangs, With every one you need to do a little trick or start it this way or drive it that way, Not this car. Four wheel disks, Five speed, Air conditioning, fuel injected V8. Its as close to a modern car experience that I've ever had in a Vintage mustang. Starts up and sounds like a 60s muscle car should and then settles down and just does the job. No more scary moments when stopping or ripping around a corner. Car is tight and settled on the road. 
I am only selling as I have purchased the car I have been wanting for twenty years.  Had it not been for this Unicorn I would keep this car in my garage without question. 
I have lots of detailed photos of this car. Let me know what you want to see. Pmustang@gmail.com or 07742 604906 

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