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Delhi, Ontario, Canada
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Belvedere II
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426 Hemi
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Description Plymouth : Other Belvedere II

Attention all Mopar Lovers!! Up for sale is a rare, only
one of 50 built 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II hardtop, VIN RH23H61180429 The car
is a numbers matching 426/ 425hp Hemi-equipped Plymouth Belvedere II.
This car is a very solid, rust free, garage kept car with
only 11,700 original miles.
To break the car down.
VIN RH23H61180429 plate decodes as
R = Plymouth, 116” wheelbase
H = Belvedere II (high trim)
23 = 2-door hardtop
H = 426 Hemi engine
6 = 1966 model year
                    1 =
Lynch Road, Detroit assembly plant
180429 = sequential production number    Build plate has the
following codes:                    
u1 = sold car
A7 = 426 cubic inch
B3 = 2x4 barrel carbs
C3 = 4 speed transmission
G1 = 26” radiator
C14 = December 14, 1965 build date
32008 = shop order number
RH23 = Belvedere II 2-door hardtop
H4X =  “high” trim bench seats, black (X)
661 = mauve metallic paint (top & bottom)
B = black inside door paint
   Engine block has the
following markings:                     
2468330 = 426 Hemi block casting number
-1 = number of cores required for block casting
8-16-65 = August 16, 1965 block casting date
B = 1965
H = Hemi
426 = cubic inch displacement
490lbs torque.
10.25 compression.
+ (Maltese Cross) = .001”  undersize crankshaft main bearings
The features found only on Belvederes equipped with the 426 Hemi engine by the
factory. To help cope with the extra power of this engine, the factory
strengthened the unit body in several key areas, similar to a convertible body.
The proper gussets are welded to the front and rear attachment points of the
rear springs. An additional brace is also welded to the bottom of the rear floor
pan, where the rear axle pinion snubber could strike it under extreme
acceleration. A skid plate is also welded to the bottom of the front frame
cross member. The factory added this to protect the Hemi-only deep oil pan from
damage. The front frame cross member is unique to Hemi cars due to the special
motor mounts required to harness the extra power of this engine. A front sway
bar is correctly mounted to the front suspension. The floor areas and unit body
structures are all in excellent condition with no evidence of damage or repair.
Hemi cars built with a 4-speed manual transmission were always equipped with a
Dana 60 9 ¾” ring gear rear axle. This rear axle, as well as the front end are
shod with the expected 11” drum brakes that were part of the heavy-duty Hemi
package. It is evident that Chrysler over-built some areas of these cars,
expecting them to be raced, with a minimum of breakage.
   Under the hood, the car exhibits the 1966-Hemi-only bracket
mounted to the driver side inner fender that carries the horn and starter
relays. The original 1966 Hemi-specific wiring harness is also present and
correct. This car is equipped with a 26” radiator as part of the Hemi option,
as indicated on the trim plate. This larger than normal radiator requires a
special front bulkhead with a larger opening to accommodate it. This larger
bulkhead is correct and original to this car.
    The car build date is shown on the trim plate to be December
14, 1965. An examination of the engine block casting date shows it to be August
16, 1965, and date specific. The Belvedere II exhibits HP2 signs on the forward
sections of the front fenders. Only 426 Hemi-equipped Plymouth B-body
(Belvedere I, Belvedere II, & Satellite) built before January 1, 1966 had
these signs. With the December 14, 1965 build date of the car, these would be
correct. Legend has it that no more than 150 Plymouth B-bodys, across the three
different series were assembled with these HP2 signs. Hemi Plymouths built
after January 1. 1966 all received the 426 HEMI signs that Dodge used on their
Hemi-equipped B-bodys. These signs were attached to the lower section of the
front fender, behind the wheel opening. Only 280 Belvedere II 2-door hardtops
were built with a 426 Hemi engine and 4-speed for the 1966 model year.    The car does have aftermarket Edelbrock carburetors, and a Hurst
shifter on the 4-speed. None of these changes are permanent, and could be easily
returned to stock equipment.
The car is equipped with TTI hemi headers with 3”
A good many race cars had their rear wheel wells enlarged to accommodate larger
racing slicks. Thankfully such was not the fate for this Belvedere, as the
original wheel houses are uncut and in excellent condition.
   This Belvedere II demonstrated that the power train, brakes,
suspension, and steering all functioned well. This is a nice, tight-feeling
car. The standard drum brakes, non-power steering, manual transmission and
heavy-duty clutch all require some extra effort that modern cars have made us

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