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Accrington, Lancashire, United Kingdom
5th Wheel
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Description Reliant Ant 5th Wheeler and Original Trailer - Catering Trailer, Camper...

The auction is actually for two 5th wheel Reliant Ant'arctics
Only 12 were ever made by BTB in Blackburn and here we have two!
The orange Ant in the pictures had only covered 4,500 miles when it was restored. The restoration was never fully completed and it has remained wrapped in blankets inside the house. It just requires the doors re-fitting, wiring, lights and new window rubbers, along with a few other minor jobs. All of the hardwork is done but I have lost my parking space for the trailer, so it has to be sold.
Youtube Restoration Video: Restoration Video
The Trailer has a rear ramp, serving hatches on both sides, large front storage area where the roller shutters are, large water tank, water pump, two sinks, 240ac hookup, 12v solar lighting and permanent power from 4 large solar panels. The solar system alone cost over £1400. I have never used the trailer with the Ant but I have used it with my 5th wheel Land Rover. The rear loading ramp makes it useful for moving stuff, we have used it for catering at festivals and as a rather posh camper van during a particularly soggy weekend.
The Trailer Video: Trailer Video
The video link below shows the Ant as it was when I got it and the begininning of the restoration.
Youtube Barn Find Condition Video: Barn Find Video
The Ant in the video below is a part restored Ant that is also included in the auction as it was a 5th wheel Ant but has had the 5th wheel and vacuum brake system removed at some point. The chassis rot was replaced and the chassis was lavished in paint and then work stopped. The cab can be seen in the last photo and the chassis is nearly visible, sat on an industrial fridge at the side.Youtube Part Restored Free 5th Wheeler: The Part Restored Ant Video
There are also masses of parts, spare engines and gearboxes, re-tempered leaf springs and all kinds of bits and bobs.
These two vehicles have almost consecutive chassis numbers. The vehicles themselves are very versatile, easy to repair and maintain.
If you want to do catering at Classic Car Shows this is the rig to have ;)
The 2 Ants and Trailer must be removed within 1 week of auction end.

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