Chevrolet C31 Apache PickUp 1958 Hot Rod Patina Chevy V8 Not Ford F100 For Sale

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Description Chevrolet C31 Apache PickUp 1958 Hot Rod Patina Chevy V8 Not Ford F100

For sale,
the World Famous Muscle Truck. If you are looking for the
ultimate patina 50’s hot rod pick-up, then this is the truck you have been
searching for!
Here we have
a 1958 Chevrolet C31 Apache Pick Up which was originally brought into the UK
from the USA in 2014, having spent its working life in Texas. It even has the
last Texas tax-sticker in the windscreen!
The Chevy
has had a ‘body off’ to treat the chassis to a full ‘box ‘n’ brace’ in order to
handle the power and torque from the brand
new 450bhp 383Cui (6.3ltr) ‘stroker’ small block crate engine, built by
Blueprint Engines USA. This is teamed to a new Jegs TH350 Turbo 3 speed trans, which I am currently having uprated
with heavy duty clutch plates/torque converter for the new owner and the truck
has also just benefited from a full service including an oil drop and filter
change, 8 brand new iridium spark plugs and a brake/steering inspection.
All four
tyres on the truck are as-new, the truck having only covered approximately 1300
miles since its completion.
The Muscle
Truck is sitting on 20” polished-rim Billet Specialties rims at the rear and
18” polished-rim Billet Specialties rims to the front. These wheels just suit
the truck perfectly and their modern, polished look just contrasts so well with
the patina of the vehicle.
This truck
really is amazing and is to all intents and purposes, brand new underneath,
despite what the body says. OK, this look may not be for everyone but for me,
whilst I respect the ‘minted’ hot rods out there, for me the patina-look
rules…….it's taken 58 years to look like this, why paint over it?
So, what’s it running?
OK, so as
mentioned earlier we have a 6.3 litre ‘stroker’ small block built by Blueprint
Engines USA. This engine was a brand-new crate unit and has done 1300 miles
since the build was completed and the block is colour coded to match the engine bay. It features a 4 barrel Holley with custom
headers, electronic ignition and an amazing hand built stainless cross-over
exhaust with Magnaflow tips.
This truck
sounds beautiful!
The lump
puts out 450bhp and 469lb-ft torque.
I also have
a brand new Edelbrock 750cfm carb which I will include in the sale. I was going
to try this as the Holley is renowned for its, erm, over-zealous delivery and I
was reliably informed that the Edlebrock is more progressive in it’s delivery
and therefore more economical.
Still, if
we’re running a 383 lump, we kinda know what we’re getting into, eh? Lol.
The engine
is paired to a new Jegs TH350 Turbo, 3 speed auto which is being uprated to
heavy-duty spec to give the new owner piece of mind their trans can reliable
handle the power for years to come. This is hooked up to a Mocal 13 row remote trans-oil
cooler mounted under the rear bed.
The engine
is cooled by a custom-built Pro-Alloy UK, hand built aluminium radiator a with
new Kenlowe 17” fan.
The original
chassis has been boxed and braced and the rear is almost ‘space framed’ in
appearance. This handles the power of the Small block no problems at all and
there is no flex when you ask for those 450 horses and 469 bits of ‘twist’! The
chassis also features a ‘prop-catcher’ too for added security.
This is the
difference between this truck and the rest out there. Anyone can drop a big
engine into an old truck………it’s the attention to detail that sets this truck apart from the ‘also-rans’ out
Of course,
no trick-truck would be complete without ‘air’! The Muscle Truck features 4 way
adjustable Ride Tech air-bags and looks awesome ‘laying rails’ with the air
dropped out. This really gets people
The prop is
also a dedicated custom unit specifically manufactured for this vehicle and
features a ‘slide’ feature to ensure that there is always a safe amount of
splines in contact to handle the power and torque no matter what height the air
may be running at.
The prop is
hooked up to a reconditioned Camaro 10 bolt diff and the front end runs a TCI Engineering Mustang 11 front clip.
As you can
see by the pics, the truck looks totally awesome! Every one of its bumps,
dents, scratches and marks tells a story. It’s patina is genuine and represents
50-something summers of baking in the Texas sun.
cab-corners are all solid, as are the floors/bulkhead and windscreen surrounds.
The door-bottoms are showing their age but honestly, why would you change them?
The bed has a couple of holes in it but again, I’ve left these as they’re
character you simply can’t buy….nor fake!
So, to the
graphics……these are paint, not vinyl! These were done by hand by a guy called
Phil Anderson and ‘patina’d to look like they had been on the truck from the
day it left the factory ………Phil is more famous for painting all the trams etc
at Beamish Open Air Museum in Co. Durham. Needless to say is work is
outstanding…..and outstanding doesn’t come cheap!
Just another
example of the attention to detail this truck has had lavished upon it.
All the
window/door seals are brand new along with new door handles and lock.
Oh, take
note of the wing badges too. Highly sought after……very rare!
Under the
hood the engine bay features all-new paint and again, not the usual tatty
offerings with dodgy wiring and rusty fittings!
The interior
is kind of the same as the outside…….full of character and features the
original paint as it left the Chevrolet factory…….aged, of course.
The seat
however is brand new leather and features diamond ‘quilting’ and very, very
subtle blue stitching that matches the factory blue colour of the body.
Likewise the
roof-lining which has a quilted leather insert with the skull &
barbell logo that’s on the doors embroidered in to it. The doors feature
quilted inserts too.
The dash
features new Chevrolet dials with an Autometer chrome rev-counter fitted to the
Adjustable chrome steering column with 14" steering wheel.
Also fitted
is a period-look AM radio which is actually a 300w digital Bluetooth unit with
hands-free telephone capability……yes, this truck has hands-free!
But the real
‘hidden gem’ here is the 2 x amps hidden under the seat and the 4 x 8” PSD4-8
PUNCH Rockford subwoofers mounted in a custom install behind the flip-forward
WOW! You
ain’t heard nothing like this thing when it’s hooked up to your iPhone/iPod etc
and you crank-up-the-volume! The Rockford P158 PUNCH 5” speakers give crisp
sounds and the subs deliver the bass like nothing else!
1958 could
only dream of this set up. It’s probably more powerful than the original
The cab also
features sound deadening and new carpets too. Little features like ‘push to
start’, ‘in case of emergency’ illuminated protein shakers and a brake pedal
from a Corvette really add to the fun and excitement of this interior.
connectors for iPhones and a 12v ‘cigar’ lighter (from a classic Bentley no
less) give auxiliary power for devices where required.
The interior
also features a heater and the original ‘organ-stop’ cable operated
‘crotch-cooler’ vents in the foot-wells.
The truck is alarmed and has a tracker fitted too.
The truck
features a lift up bed on gas-struts which when elevated shows off the
cross-braced rear chassis/diff/prop and oil cooler beautifully….yet another
trick feature you don’t see elsewhere!
Also fitted
is a genuine 1950’s Progressive Cooler Company Pepsi Cola cooler box. These are
bringing anywhere up to £500 on their own!
I use this
for things like tyre-weld (should there ever be a puncture) and a tool-roll
The truck is
now exactly what I wanted it to be…. A real head-turner that makes people
smile. Literally everywhere you drive the thing people smile and wave, take
pics and videos and give the ‘thumbs up’. They can’t believe that despite the
look of the exterior, everything underneath is brand new.
It’s also a
pretty damn cool thing to drive too. You can either kick-back and roll around
at 1500rpm or floor it, bang out some sub-6-second 0-60’s and embarrass modern
stuff. Perfect.
awesome parked up and slammed too!
But, it was
built as a business tool and despite my heart-felt love for the truck, she’s
gotta go :0(
rule unfortunately. We have had a year using the truck as a promotional tool
and now it is time to move on and re-invest the money elsewhere.
I’m totally
gutted in having to sell my dream truck but I can’t afford to buy it myself, so
I have to cut-loose!
If you are
buying this truck through your business, you will be able to get up to 100%
write-off against corporation tax if a limited company! (commercial vehicle)
The truck is
of course road fund licence & MoT exempt and the V5 is present.
The reg
number is age related and yes, comes with the vehicle. 
In total
there is well over £40k’s worth of build here. Please respect this if you’re
going to bid.
If you
intend to bid on the truck, please contact me if you have a feedback of less
than 10.
If you bid
on the truck, this is what you have committed to should you win. Pay up!
non-refundable deposit of £1000 will be required immediately upon sale. The
remainder to be paid in full before the truck will be released.
TIME WASTERS! I would prefer any potential bidders to view beforehand.
If you want
to view the truck before bidding, cool. View it! Do not make an appointment and
don’t show!
please bear in mind it is still a 58 year old truck and will not drive like a
2015 Navara!
No scams, no
fraudsters, no ‘I’m buying the car for my wife’ tricksters! I can spot you a
mile away!
people only please!
Many thanks
for taking time out to look. If you are genuine
and you genuinely appreciate what you
are looking at and would like more information or would like to make an
appointment to view, please call me:
Neil: 07969
570 728
The truck is
located in Co. Durham, North East England.
·       1958 Chevrolet Apache 31 Stepside
·       Brand new Blueprint ‘crate’ motor
383ci ‘stroker’ motor
·       2.5” straight through stainless pipes
with Magnaflow tips
·       Holley 750cfm Carb/Edelbrock Air
·       MSD Ignition
·       450hp @ 6500rpm
·       469ftlb torque @ 4400rpm
·       TH350 Turbo 3 speed Transmission
·       20” rear Billet Specialties rims
·       18” front Billet Specialties rims
·       RideTech Air-ride suspension
·       Ford Mustang 2 front clip
·       Chevy Camaro 10 bolt diff
·       Custom prop
·       4 wheel disc brakes
·       Mocal 13 row trans oil cooler
·       Pro Alloy Motorsport custom stainless
·       17” Kenlowe fan
·       300w head unit, Period AM/FM
Chevrolet replica with Bluetooth Hands-free phone kit
·       Bassmechanix custom install with 2
Rockford amps & 4 x 8” subs & 2 x 5.2” Rockford Punch speakers
·       Boxed chassis with rear cross bracing
and other chassis strengthening mods
·       Microwave alarm/tracker
·       Auxiliary rev counter
·       Push-to-Start
·       New window & door seals
·       Hand painted door and roof graphics
·       New quilted leather bench seat
·       Quilted Skull roof
·       Original 50’s Progressive Cooler Co.
Pepsi Cooler Box

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