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Description Ginetta g21 rare ,engine swap, g15, kit car,

Up for grabs is a rare Ginetta g21 13/1/1975 . If you are looking at this you will know what the car is .Regarded as one of the prettiest coupes from Ginetta , this one was removed from a barn in 2012 when I purchased it and started to get it restored but due to a slight lack of interest in it as I get impatient ,when things aren't done straight away (typical young lad ) its getting to the time where I want to get into racing more, and possibly on the housing here we go .
.Up too now the car  has been stripped back to nothing , the previous owner stated the chassis  was rebuilt /new, (I got it checked out when it was getting painted ) and it was absolutely fine.
.The paint was removed by hand and rubbed back ( took weeks of man hours and lots of blisters!)to a very smooth finish before paint it had any possible weak spots reinforced the rear spare wheel will not fit in now as there was some damage to the bottom of the well so I had it smoothed off so its equal on both sides. Personally I think it looks smarter  the paint is a very subtle baby blue with black  window frames, The bumper holes were filled as I didn't want any chrome work on but can be re-drilled if that was what you wanted. The front and rear screen are present side door glass is there too , the company moment should be cutting me some side windows in scratch resistant plastic (will confirm tomorrow), the doors have been hung with  new seals and locks, also the chrome trims that sit around the sides have been attached
The engine has been removed and replaced with a compact ca18et turbo engine which has been removed from our race car it had a lot of work done and off memory should be 168bhp (will confirm with paperwork wen I dig it out) the rad, water catch tank ,hoses and intercooler  are in also . There is no modification  to the chassis so can be changed back to original if desired, , the fuel lines and tank are in, the exhaust has been done and is custom fabricated.
The rear brakes have been done, they are a mixture of sierra carriers and vw calipers, and custom discs, the handbrake is in place the fronts have not been done yet but it is only a willwood kit you would require.
The interior has been left bare at the moment apart from a cage in powder coat black two kit car seats mounted in place and the original dash without the plastic covers on (wanted to experiment) but the covers are there, electrically the engine has been done with a custom made loom, the headlights will be in place soon and the car will come with a full set of rear pod lights (new )
To complete this car you have to finish off the brakes , trim the inside too your own spec.put some little trims on the ventilation holes, Put in the dials and put in the glass and your good for the road. Should be do-able in a very sort period of time if you have the time.
if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask . Happy bidding
I will add more photos tomorrow when I can get in the garage.

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