Ford XA Fairmont 351 v8 350hp 4sp 9" matching nos suit XB XC GT GS XR XY XW XP For Sale

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Description Ford XA Fairmont 351 v8 350hp 4sp 9" matching nos suit XB XC GT GS XR XY XW XP

XA Info from previous owner - car was in storage from 2006 - 2012 with 20,000 miles on the engine rebuild at that time when I acquired it.  I have done less than 5,000 kms in it.
"The car started its life as a Cosmic blue 1973 Ford XA Fairmont GS with a 302 Cleveland V8 and T bar auto (according to build codes) .  It had a borg warner 4 spd manual when acquired.
The engine was then stroked and modified into a 350hp 351 capable of 17mpg on the highway. The drive train has also been upgraded with a toploader and a 9” diff
The engine was completely rebuilt by Ned at Hercules motors in Sydney (Campsie auto transmissions).  I chose him to rebuild the motor as he has the reputation for building the strongest naturally aspirated motors for competition drag racing.  Off the top off the top of my head I think this motor has only done about 20,000 miles.
After the rebuild the engine was measured on the dyno at 350hp at 5,600rpm and 360 lb/ft. First runs had the car sucking 12mpg on the highway. But a slight leaning of the jets (The original jets should still be in the ashtray), an electronic dizzy and surprisingly enough a better gearbox has got it running at about 17mpg on the highway.
The engine modifications include:
Cleveland motor stroked from 302 to 351
Ported 2V heads with 4V intake valves. Exhaust valves left at 2V as this only knocks about 5hp off top end power but gives dramatically more low down tractable torque making the
motor more streetable and actually giving better ¼ mile timeHardened valve seats to run unleaded.
Roller rockers
Crow cam
High capacity oil pan
HPC coated Genie 4-1 extractors
Holley 600 Vacuum modified so that the secondaries open more aggressively. This makes the carby almost as responsive as a mechanical secondary without sucking anywhere near as
much fuel. The choke has been removed
Weiand X-celerator high rise, single plane manifold.
3 core radiator.
Electric thermatic fan backing up the main fan to keep it cool in traffic in summer. I had only the electric fan when it was a worn out 302. But the original mechanical fan
and hood is absolutely essential to keep the new engine cool. Don’t mess with this, it took me a while to get the perfect combination to keep this beast cool in summer.
Braided radiator hoses.
Braided heater hoses.
Braided fuel line.
120A alternator.
GM Electronic Ignition. No vacuum advance. This one modification transformed the engine.
Better fuel consumption, better throttle response, more low down torque and smoothed out a couple of flat spots in the power delivery. So much easier to start in the cold too.
 Suspension, Drive-train and Underbody
Lowered 2”. The front has correctly shortened coils to lower it. The rear was just lowered 1” with lowering blocks when I got the car and suffered from major axle tramp and was far too
soft. I got the rear springs reset 1” lower and stiffened which fixed most of the axle tramp. I
then put the lowering blocks back on to make the car flat again. This dramatically improved the handling and stopped the rear wheels from locking under heaving braking, dramatically
improving the braking. But this brought back some of the axle tramp. My recommendation would be to ditch the lowering blocks and either reset the rear springs another 1” lower or
raise the front back up 1” to give better clearance
Bilstein shocks.
Heavy Duty anti-sway bars.
Nylon bushes.
9” diff with a final ratio of 3.25. For comparison, the standard ratio on a Falcon was higher at 2.75. A Mustang from a similar era is 3.55. Most strip cars run 3.75-4.10, but that would be
murder on the highway
Toploader 4 speed gearbox from about 1969 I think. But this box is rock solid. I didn’t get around to calibrating the speedo properly. But this has worked out ok because by coincidence
the speed it shows in mph is exactly half the actual speed in kph. So when the speedo says 50mph, you are actually doing 100kph. This makes life pretty easy, but messes with the
authentic feeling of driving a car from this era
2 1/4” twin system. The system is a bit old. A good, high performance stainless system would sound heaps cooler and probably give you an extra 5-10hp.
Wheels and TyresThe current wheels set the track wider.
Wheels: Bathurst Globes (Gold) 15x8JJ
Tyres:Yokohama 352
Front: 225/60HR15
Rear: 245/60HR15
Other features
After market electric sunroof. Switch is on the centre console. It doesn’t leak, which is the most important thing. The sunroof works fine, and hasn’t failed me in 8 years of
use. But you will notice that it is noisy
Brant Immobiliser.
DHL Deadlocks on the doors.
Line lock. This is set up so that you apply the brakes, then switch the line lock on. After releasing the brakes the front brakes stay locked on and the rear brakes release."
My two cents
This is an incredibly rare Cosmic Blue with white interior 1973 Ford.  It is matching numbers engine to chassis. This is an absolute monster and it gets a lot of attention wherever it goes and it makes me so sad to sell it.  I either sell it and please the wife with renovations or spend the money getting the bare metal respray done that it deserves.  The paint looks better in some photos than it is in areas.  There are some sections with crows feet and some small dints here and there (check out the video).  It has the white interior with black parchment.  The black parchment on the passenger seat is worn  The roof lining has a split near the back where it has been opened to access the electric sunroof motor. The car comes with a new roof lining not fitted as well as its original books and workshop manuals.
Walk around video

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