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OK - back for one more go round, Rather than dealing with a reserve and everything that  goes along with that I have set what I think is a very reasonable opening bid of $17.000. If you bid on it you own it.

This is a very sweet running late model GT whichI have owned for 8 years. I pulled the bike out of winter storage a week ago and it started on the second kick. It was idling nicely off choke in less than a minute. I am selling it because for the last few years I have ridden only a hundred miles or so a summer. It is taking up valuable space and not being used. I have changed the oil every summer despite the low/no miles. 
It is pretty much original with a few sensible mods that I have made to it. The first was Dyna coils and ignition. The bike had charging/electrical problems when i got it and the Dyna parts cured all of these. The other major mod was to add a disc to the front. I love old bikes but I don't love the way they stop or more precisely don't stop. The second disc transformed the braking. While its not 2 finger modern its pretty good. The parts all came from Bevel Heaven. I also had the clutch actuator arm lengthened about an inch which decreased clutch pull effort majorly. The fuse box has also been upgraded.The tires are Dunlop K591. They have been on the bike for awhile but have little wear on them and are not showing any signs of weathering. There are no broken fins on the engine.
Cosmetically the bike shows very nicely. When I got the bike the paint was pretty bad so I had it professionally redone. It is still very nice with only a few minor problems which I have shown in the pics. One is under the fuel cap which you can't see if its closed. The other is a tiny nick on the front of the tank right behind the head stock. This is a steel tank and is clean and free of rust or corrosion. The dash is good with no cracks and the seat if fine. The rims are the correct Borranis in nice shape and the Contis are also pretty good. There are no dings in them but they do show a little of the wear you would expect on a machine that is 41 years old. The pictures accurately represent the bike. I wiped the dust off but have not pimped it up for sale. All the chrome and metal will buff up nicely with a little work. 
As I said the bike runs very nicely. It pulls very strongly as it should and shifts through the gears as you would expect. This is not a concours machine. It is a very good example of a late model GT and could function immediately as a daily rider.  Interestingly  as with some of the last GT's it has the crankcases that were used on the 750 SS (see photo of boss for oil line takeoff) so for anyone looking to make a clone this would be a good start. The bike has the somewhat rare kickstand as well as the centre stand.

The VIN # engine # is 755547. There is some confusion about frame/engine/vin numbers on these bikes. The GTs that were imported to the US came with a tinfoil sticker on the front of the headstock that denoted the date of manufacture and the vin # which is also the engine #. The frame # is hidden behind the tinfoil sticker. It is usually a couple of hundred out from the engine #. The frame # is not the number that is on the plate at the  lower right side of the frame behind the engine. This is the silencer homologation #. This is per Ian Falloon's authenticity and restoration guide for roundness GTs. This bike has the tinfoil sticker on the bike stating the vin # as the engine #. Obviously then this engine came in this frame. 

I am in Canada and will help with any US buyer but shipping etc is up to the buyer. I could help in getting it to a small border town in the US which is how I have sold bikes previously. (I purchased this bike from a fellow in Georgia and still have the US title it came with.) I am also happy to sell to you Ducati mad Aussies but again shipping etc is up to you.

$1000 due via paypal within three days of close of auction and the balance due within one week by bank draft or transfer.

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