Honda 1987 VF 700 Magna cruiser For Sale

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AU $4.200.00
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VF Magna
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Melbourne, Rowville, VIC, Australia
Chopper, Cruiser
Exterior Color: 
Blue - Black
Engine Size: 
Six-speed manual
Start Type: 
Electric start
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Private seller

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Description Honda 1987 VF 700 Magna cruiser

I have up for auction my 1987 Honda VF 700 Magna.
I purchased this in April 2014 as a non running project.
When I first got the bike home I managed to get it going, but it was very smoky
and running pretty rough. The bike has only done an original       15, 046 miles. speedo is in miles. Needle pointer is mph and Kph.
It is a genuine Californian
import and has been registered in Victoria previously, and only recently
cancelled in 2014 just prior to the time I purchased the bike.                                   (I have that paperwork.)
I dismantled the bike, down to rolling frame, and pulled the
rocker covers and heads off, and dropped the sump. The bearings and big end
were inspected and not an issue, same with crank and con rods, barrels were
perfect, rings and pistons the same, (can still see perfect hone markings in
barrels and zero oil/heat glazing in sump, however the valve stem seals were
almost non-existent, valves needed re-seating and the cams had pitting on most
of the lobes.
I sent the cams away got them professionally reground, once
they were returned, new gaskets, and the heads were re-assembled and timing sorted
out, engine remounted into frame.
Most of the exposed aluminium parts had corrosion and
pitting, these were all buffed and polished (except for the wheels)  see note
Almost all chrome items had minor to mild rust pitting
(highway bars, headlight bracket, engine pipes, mufflers, rear shocks (springs,
top and base mountings) etc.) mufflers got a double dose as I wasn't happy with
the finish 1st time around. The aluminium fork legs were polished and buffed,
but I wasn't happy with that finish either, so I had them chromed instead and
Complete rebuild on master brake, and front slave cylinder.
rear wheel pulled down and braking system cleaned, checked and adjusted.                                                    
Complete rebuild on master
clutch and slave cylinder.                                                                                        
Carbies were pulled down, fair bit of residue
from fuel over the years, a good service and jets cleaned, new set of plugs and
re-balance the carbies, new battery, a few globes, all the electrics work, and
it was good to go.  
The bike starts,
runs, idles and rides really well                                                                       
Note: My original intentions were to get the bike
going, get it registered, then ride it for a couple of months, this would
allow me to decide how much I liked the ride, which would then determine how
much I would spend on tyres, polishing and buffing the wheels, and a custom paint job.
I've had plenty of bikes over the years, road, trail & dirt, but never a
cruiser. (Had never even ridden one, till this one was going) I bought the bike
cause of its originality, and, if you like something that's different (as I
did)  check out the exhausts, side view,
and also, the rear end photos, looks awesome.
The seat is in near perfect condition, same with pillion,
the paint is original, With fair to average paint condition for its age, but definitely NO rust or bog,
you can see a small ding on either side of tank, but not an issue as I was
going to do a full custom paint job. No rust or weird welding repairs on frame. 
have the original owners book, and complete original Honda tool kit in pouch. I
also have electronic version of detailed workshop manual.
My starting
price is my reserve, next dollar buys it, but it owes me much more than that.

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