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Gold Wing
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Description 1982 Honda Gold Wing

My brother and I each bought one of these about 5 years ago as a winter project with the intentions of touring in Mexico for a few weeks the following spring/summer.   We had done this a few times over the years.  You will see a photo of a Gl1000 I went thru and rode the entire Highway 1 "PCH" from San Diego, CA to Port Angeles, WA twice.  This is my third one and I know these bikes well.  This bike was found in a shop behind a house in the country. It had belonged to an older man and he had removed all the bodywork to be painted, however he unfortunately died before he had a chance to reassemble it.  His family let it sit for years until they finally decided to clean out his shop. 
I went thru every aspect of this bike which I will detail.  My brother fell and broke his shoulder and needed surgery which postponed our trip and then further surgery the following year which ended his touring days and this GL has sat covered in his shop since.
I went thru and flushed every system, crankcase, final drive, cooling system, breaking system, fuel system, forks.  Replaced all fluids with full synthetic where possible.  All filters are new as well as sparkplugs and throttle cables.  I went thru the carbs using Randakk's rebuild kit.  If you are a Collectable Goldwing Enthusiast then you are aware of who they are.  If not go to randakks.com.  Their kits use Viton gaskets and seals which is necessary for fuel systems using modern fuel.  If you use something else you're only looking for trouble.  I had to source out Viton seals for other areas of the fuel system which wasn't easy.  I happen to live in Houston which is the center of the petro/chemical industry.  Otherwise I don't know how you could do it.  I also purchased Howard Hakasz' GL1100 carb repair guide thru Randakks.  Howard is pretty much the leading authority on these bikes. Once these tasks were completed my brother and I trailered the bikes to Harold Halasz' house who also just happens to live in Houston and he adjusted the carbs, this is another one of those things you'd have to be in the area to achieve.  He dialed in the carbs on both bikes and adjusted the valves.  They both purred which is just what you want with these bikes.
Although it sat in a dusty shop for years once I began to clean it up it looked great.  Any time I road it I got all kinna looks and comments.  If you attend "WingDings" then you might encounter something cleaner.  Maybe! The windscreen is new Slipstream, never even had a bug splatted on it.  The paint, bodywork, chrome, vinyl, all look great, not perfect.  However even sitting in my driveway taking these photos I had people stop to comment.
Here's the downside.  The bike sat covered in my brother's shop for about three years until he sold his house and I brought it to mine about a year ago.  Now I'm getting ready to sell my house.   The carbs will need to be cleaned, just cleaned.  As you can see the battery was new and even though I kept it on a tender the battery fluid evaporated.  I tried replacing it but nooo!  So it will need a battery.  The fluids are synthetic and should be good to go.  I will include Howard's carb repair guide and a Clymer service, repair, maintenance guide. It still has the original tool kit and I have keys for all bags, helmet locks, glove box.  The Electra Glide is not included.
I will assist with shipping, however arraignment is up to you.  I have tried to tell anything I could however if you have questions please ask.  

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