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Description Volvo Amazon 122S with Overdrive

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Volvo Amazon 122S

I'm selling my beautiful Volvo Amazon, hopefully to someone that can give it the time and attention it needs.

I've had this car 5 years and it's run perfectly throughout that time. 

I'm no mechanic so I'm not going to try and list what's been done and hasn't done...suffice to say the car has just passed its MOT and is good to go.

Here's what I do know.....

I exchanged the gearbox a couple of years ago for one with an overdrive...on longer runs this definitely improves the fuel consumption as well as giving you that extra gear for a smoother ride. That said...when I went to put the car into overdrive last week it didn't work! As the light didn't go on I'm guessing this is just down to a loose cable.

Two new tyres fitted for MOT and substantial welding work done to the front and rear sills. The rear brake pipes were replaced for the MOT and the front brakes were stripped and freed off.

When I first bought the car I exchanged most of the door and window rubbers. Its also had a new fuel pump and washer pump. 

There is an oil leak coming from somewhere....but I'm guessing whomever buys the car will be stripping down the engine at some point and replacing gaskets anyway.

The paintwork as you'll see from the pictures isn't great...the roof has faded but this could be remedied with some time and some T-Cut...although it will need a respray really. The drivers side wing is bubbling and rusting so will need attention soon. 
Inside the condition is ok.....the stitching is going on the front seats, especially the driver's side. The doorcards are a bit shabby too as the elastic has gone in the pockets.

If you're reading this you're probably already genned up on these cars....they are awesome to drive! I wouldn't hesitate to buy another...and probably will as soon as I have more time to spend on one. Parts are still readily and easily available...and affordable too.

Any other questions please message me and I'll do my best to help...just don't get too technical on me!

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