BSA B33 1959 rare alternator model For Sale

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Salisbury, United Kingdom
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Four-speed manual
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Description BSA B33 1959 rare alternator model

Hi and welcome to my very reluctant auction for my BSA B33.

She's a 1959, 500cc rare alternator model.

This lovely bike came into my possession 25 years ago after my brother died in a car accident.

He owned it for 4 prior to that.

This was the love of his life but he could never afford  to keep it on the road as it should be.

He would take it apart and put it back together on a regular basis (usually with parts from various other makes).

When i got it, it was a frame and 4 boxes of bits (yes, he had taken it apart again).

I made a promise i would get it back on the road as it should be.

I spent months researching parts, then years and many many hundreds of pounds 
tracking down the correct parts.

I put the bike back together and it has been out on the road and MOT'd a few times in 25 yrs.

But has only covered 79 miles in that time.

The engine and frame numbers match.

I love bikes and have owned many but for some reason i don't want to ride this one.

I am now suffering bad health and it has been sitting in the utility room for too long.

I would love this bike to be in the hands of an enthusiast who is happy to tinker and ride her.

Whoever buys her will love her too i'm sure, I just am not able to anymore.

There is a list as long as my arm about what has been done, so if you contact me through 
ebay messaging, i will either give you my number, or call if you leave yours and answer 
any questions you have.

I would prefer to keep her and watch her gather dust then to sell to someone who won't appreciate her. 

Thanks for looking and I am sorry for the epic.


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Do you have a BT land line number mine is 01743 873072




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